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The morning after the night before, thrill seeker edition

So how are your heads this morning Comrades?

Personally I slept through the night as if it were any other and as not a drop of alcohol passed my lips last night I am bright eyed and brushy tailed this morning and ready to face a new year here at the Sandpit and Oh what a year we have had eh?

I feel that little is to be gained reiterating all of the highs and lows of 2011, so I  will instead look forward to the future. Here at Chez Hall our number one child will be starting High School and she will become a teenager as well, that is something that I look forward to even though popular wisdom suggest that both changes are to be feared. HMM we will see. Around the house here my wife has been attacking the lantana and I must say that she has been most successful in changing the feel of the place, especially as we have now burnt much of the resulting branches and some accumulated rubbish over the last few days. There is something very satisfying about burning stuff that is no longer useful and as I have reduced to ashes all sorts of old timber,  broken chairs, obsolete speaker boxes and anything else unwanted and combustible, I have felt  liberation from the raising smoke and it is good…

Anyway today the crew and I are off to a family lunch on the Sunshine Coast so all I will do now is invite my dear readers to suggest just what they hope for the coming year or to share their best hangover cure depending on how they feel on this morning after the night before.

Cheers Comrades

Hang on because 2012 promises to be one hell of a ride 😉


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