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Getting close to cyclists

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Some cyclists are nicer than the others

Generally I have a live and let live attitude to my fellow road users and I try very hard to be laid back even when they do things that deserve my ire. Its an unfortunate fact of life though that cyclists are one class of road user that I tend to think are more often contemptible than virtious when it come to the way that they share the bitumen with the rest of us. Its their arrogant disregard for the road rules that pisses of so many motorists. Things like ignoring red lights, riding more than two a breast and blocking the roads to faster traffic by doing so that gets up my nose. Now they want the nanny state to create more unenforceable laws that favour them.

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Frankly,I can see no way apart from a massive increase in video surveillance that any legal instrument such as this could be workable,especially when cyclists can and often do wobble from side to side by a good half  of a meter when they are trying hard. There are already enough incentives not to hit cyclists with your car. Firstly panel work is expensive, secondly blood is not something that you want to have to clean off your family wagon, thirdly as these loonies tend to fly in flocks so if you hit one you run the risk of their pals getting belligerent if you clip one in passing. The risk of getting a ticket for passing too close to one of these luvvies? That is no disincentive whatsoever to the very natural desire to send them into orbit when they follow their usual and very   annoying behaviour.

Cheers comrades
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  1. GD says:

    Why are cyclists even allowed to ride two abreast?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yes that behaviour is very annoying GD,now its not so bad on multi-lane roads but when it comes to country roads its just despicable, and deserving of a capital sanction IMHO 😆

  3. GD says:

    Capital sanction, indeed! And at the behest of the affected motorist to boot! On the spot!

  4. Iain Hall says:

    To be administered with extreme prejudice!

  5. GD says:

    Of course, ‘on yer bike’ just became ‘off yer bike’!

    And get off the footpaths too. If you are riding at a safe speed on a footpath you may as well be walking.

  6. damage says:

    good pins

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