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Schadenfreude trifecta

Its a good time to be on the conservative side of politics, especially when those on the left are doing such a good job of entraining us as they flail about like a fish out of water, desperate for some oxygen and sadly doomed by their circumstances. So without further ado I offer a trifecta of reasons to be cheerful on this fine November morning.

Polling still looks bad for Labor in Julia’s home state, in fact despite the Slipper thing there is no new dawn for the red team, its all doom and gloom even it seats previously considered safe.

Click for source (pay-walled citation)

Not to be out done the Greens are having their own problems and somewhat bitter machinations over the future direction of their party:

Click for source (pay-walled citation)

All of which just makes my day more lovely!
The final leg of this trifecta is the rather sad piece in the Age this morning form my “favourite” senior writer Jo Chandler who seems really desperate to play the Hanrahan, “we are all rooned” card on the Climate Change issue in the face of the bound to fail talk-fest in Durban.

click for source

Perhaps she should consider this piece*which suggests that the assumptions about climate sensitivity to increases of Co2 are not as high as her favourite panic merchants have been claiming:

Of course in her usual sycophantic style if someone has a suitable qualification  in “climate science” and is consistent with the doom and gloom liturgy  then Chandler accepts uncritically almost anything that they say. I can’t wait to see how Jo Chandler grinds her teeth to bloody stumps when the Durban summit falls in a heap as it inevitably must.

So that concludes my Schadenfreude trifecta and hopefully that will give Sandpit readers some thing to mull over while I an swinging the angle grinder today because my aim is to get the mods to the Corolla diff done (well at least tacked together) so that I can slip it under the back of the car in preparation for the arrival of an engine donor car  in a few days.

Cheers Comrades

*Hat tip to regular reader Lin for this link


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    So Bob Brown’s successor as leader of the Greens is likely to be either the ‘sour faced whinger’ Christine Milne or the extremist Lee Rhiannon? I think they’ll go the way of the Democrats – i.e. decline into obscurity once their original & charismatic leader is no longer in charge (although I admit that calling Bob Brown charismatic is a bit of a stretch).

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Spoilt for choice they certainly aren’t Ray 😉

  3. Iain Hall says:

    This made me laugh so I thought I would share it.
    Strangely I wonder if “feul” means Fucked up in Labor speak 😉
    this is from the ALP email newsletter that I get 🙂

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Spelling mistakes aside, Iain (and you should see the ones Sophie makes in her newsletters), he’s right that the mining tax will help spread the benefit of the mining boom among ordinary Australians, and more fairly. These guys don’t actually own the minerals, they just extract them and then, when they’re finished, they just piss off. And there will still be plenty of profit left for Twiggy, Gina, etc AND the shareholders.

  5. Damage says:

    F^%$ Economay Under Labor.

  6. Damage says:

    My delib speeling BTW.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    My concern about the mining tax is that it seems to be an exercise in the feds taking from the states rather than putting any new money into the system Ray

  8. Luzu says:

    To whom do the minerals belong ? Are they state or federal? What are royalties? What is stopping anyone from working in a mine and thereby getting some of that benefit for him- or herself?
    Let’s be honest. Any extra money taken by the MRRT will not be saved or invested prudently. Labor will piss it up a wall (pardon my French) by looking after their mates or using it to fund recurrent spending. This lot have absolutely no idea when it comes to basic economics. Looking into their backgrounds, it quickly becomes obvious why.

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