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The Greenies and their schemies

I am a big fan of efficiency in engineering, and in the way that our energy utilities work as well which is one reason that I abhor the whole concept of a Carbon Tax. The notion that it is a good idea to make a proven energy technology artificially more expensive, so that an unreliable and unproven technology can be artificially more competitive/attractive to consumers just strikes me as being economic madness and nothing more than making the ground fertile for the spivs and shysters who are utterly gleeful at the prospects of the green religion and the schemes to “save the planet”. But what do you expect when the Profits of the Green religion are using the selling of papal indulgences as their business model?   Anthony Watts points out the essentially evil sort of scheme that now exists in his home state of California (cited just recently  as a Green beacon by “JM”) . Just look at the way that this particular scheme is designed to gouge money from both the Tax payers and the electricity consumers:


I’m no accountant but the whole scheme would create serious lustful trouser staining for some members of that profession. Talk about evil scams by the uber-rich to sting the common people this one is just so evil that it beggars belief, and worse still its being done in the name of saving the planet.

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What worries me is that under the Gillard “clean energy future” we have the perfect ground for similar scams to be perpetrated upon the Australian public do I hear anyone saying “it can’t happen here?” well I will utter just one name and if you think about you will agree that we should be afraid, very afraid… Christine Milne … This Zealot is going to be in control of the 10 billion dollar “Green energy fund” and there are none so susceptible to the spivs and schemers than an ideologically driven zealot with their hands upon taxpayer’s money…
Its a worry Comrades, a big worry

Christine Milne; away with the fairies

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  1. GD says:

    It’s not looking good for the alarmist crowd. With such heavily subsidised ‘green’ ventures and so little to show for it, (see the first two graphs on the Watts Up article), the scaremongers are being revealed as the scammers. Electricity generated by renewables (solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass-generated) is less than 3% of the world’s total electricity production. Not a promising figure. Worse still, all energy produced by renewables is an abysmal 1.3%.

    Perhaps that’s not a bad start for a new industry, and one we should encourage, but financing it with schemes and scams like this in California are ‘reprehensible and indefensible’. After twenty years of scaremongering and heavily subsidised green schemes, it is sobering to see that this is all the loonies have achieved.

    Craigy is fine to quote California as a leader in green initiatives, but with the example of the California Valley Solar Ranch, it’s clear that this is a rort for investors.

    Perhaps it’s time to step back from carbon taxes and other useless gestures, and concentrate on research. At a rate of 3% uptake over twenty years, or even ten years, the population are going to be funding this racket for a long time without seeing a result. The Californian economy cannot survive with this level of government subsidy on green dreaming schemes.

    This is yet another example of why Gillard’s carbon tax is a wealth redistribution and revenue raising scheme, and has nothing to do with the climate.

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