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Have a Stiggy day folks!

Cars, Oh how we can love them and how they can vex us at the same time, I’m happy to report that a new set of wheels now sits in the garage here at Chez Hall and since the transmission was fixed it is an entirely different and far nicer one to drive than it was on Monday when, Augusto first delivered it. I must say that I am so very pleased that Peter Roberts Honda from Toowoomba have been so efficient at sorting out the problem with the car. As I said to Gus in response to his copious and sincere apologies about the problem, its not there being no problems that matters when you buy a car (although that is most desirable) but the way that any problems are addressed once they become  evident that really matters .  Top marks to Peter Roberts Honda on this 😉

While we are on the subject of cars I could not fail to notice that a Judge in the UK has thrown out the major part of the case that Tesla motors is running against Top Gear:

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I have already poisoned the minds of my children so that they sneer and jeer when ever they see a Prius but I will be balancing that by explaining that our new chariot weighs in at just a little over 1100kg and uses around 7.8 litres of petrol for each 100km of travel which is pretty good in by any measure, it is a good example of what I have been saying here at the Sandpit for ages , namely that light weight and good aerodynamics, coupled with optimum use of interior space can make a petrol or diesel car  a far better proposition than an overweight hybrid or battery electric machine and with a 55 litre  tank you can bet that we will be travelling somewhat  further than 55 miles between fills.

Cheers indeed Comrades



  1. Craigy says:

    …..for the times they are a change-ing…….

  2. Craigy says:

    I note this one mentions light weight design Iain….some funny comments as well.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Hmm I does not quite vindicate teh Hybrid in my eyes Craigy, in fact the system is nothing at all like that in the Prius so maybe I can still bag it with impunity especially as the vid does not show the technology actually helping them to win any races...
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

  4. Iain Hall says:

    You are right about the times changing though Craigy, here at Chez Hall we now have two cars that were both built in 2007, that are both light weight for their class and that are both very fuel efficient.

  5. Angel says:

    Im not one to have any knowledge about cars and their workings, I only drive them. What I don’t understand is that if these hybrids require a battery to be recharged from power then are they not being targetted by the Carbon Tax when petrol will be exempt?

  6. Craigy says:

    Angel, while a full electric car requires charging, the current crop of hybrid racing cars use energy generated by the cars mass to charge up. I won’t go into all the ways they do this but this technology is already finding its way into road cars and is a big part of the research into the future electric cars that will replace petrol only vehicles in over the next few years.

  7. Craigy says:

    Iain, I believe hybrids are winning races…..

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    Haven’t you petrol heads got anything better to do on such a beautiful day? It’s nearly 30 degrees up here.

  9. GD says:

    Well Ray I suggested watching the Bolt Report, but you didn’t want to do that…..

  10. Craigy says:

    I’m in and out Ray, it is nice isn’t it…… V8s are on the tele soon.

  11. Angel says:

    So the racing ones charge themselves? Thats pretty cool.

  12. Iain Hall says:

    Are you talking about regenerative braking here Craigy?
    and if you think that Hybrids are winning races would you mind citing where they are doing this because I have not heard of it.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    I bet Craigy & Iain watched ABC1 @ 7.30 pm tonight – the history of the car in Oz, or somthing like that. Petrol head heaven.

  14. Ray Dixon says:

    Oh, that’s 7.30 pm normal Aussie time, Iain. It’s over now and you might have missed it because your clocks are wrong.

  15. GD says:

    I might check out iView for that program, see if my first car, an EH is in it. Or my Dad’s first car, a Ford Pilot. Cheers, Ray!

  16. Ray Dixon says:

    My first car was in it – a Beetle.

  17. Sax says:

    With the rumoured twenty plus percent increase in electricity prices coming in the next months, there is another industry that Labour (both state and federal), can proudly boast they have killed ?

  18. GD says:

    Yes, Sax. Labor reckoned on a 10% rise in electricity prices. Already it’s going to be 20% and the tax hasn’t even started. This will end in tears.

  19. GD says:

    Ray, the Beetle, or the V-Dub, as we called it, played a role in my adolescent years, although not so much as the V-Dub Combi. One mate, had a combi. Cat’s Combi, as it was known, was a party on wheels on the weekends. It toured the beaches in the day and the main drag at night. Girls lost their virginity, boys pretended they did, and a lot of chemical and organic consciousness altering research went on in Cat’s Combi. All totally illegal today. We were obviously scarred for life.

    My Dad bought me a used EH Holden, I was a spoilt kid, and he put a mattress in the back. I think he told Mum it was to protect my music equipment.

  20. Iain Hall says:

    My first car was a Morris Minor and I learned to drive in a Beetle …

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