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Crazy bloggers are better


There are lots of poor souls out there who think that their blogs will “succeed” if they try to be serious commentators on politics or if they write about their much loved cat (that sometimes works just because there are plenty of loving slaves to their Feline masters 😉 )  but mostly a blog gets read if it provokes some sort of response from its readers. there are plenty of well written but boring blogs out there who languish in their tiny corner of the web entirely unread and unloved. Frankly the biggest sin in blogging is to be boring, which is why The Sandpit tries to be “not boring” above all else and judging from the readership we are succeeding. It helps That this site has become a group blog where there are three of us providing new posts on a regular basis, like Leon’s excellent analysis of the changing opinion of the Bolt case from our Learned friend and his giggling side kick posted yesterday. Or Ray’s critique of his favourite local member. Anyway this is really all just a bit of a lead in to sharing with you a link to an interesting article that basically says that the best blogs are written by Crazy People:

click for source

Amusingly the tip off came from the Good Doctor Jason Wilson who sent me the tip via Twitter. Of course I am unsure if this means that he thinks that I am one of the Crazy ones. So dear readers what do you think about the proposition in the Forbes piece?
Are the best bloggers Crazy?
I await your judgement.
Cheers Comrades



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I would have commented on this earlier, Iain, but I had to take my meds. I’m okay now and, yes, I agree – mad is the new black.

  2. GD says:

    Iain you missed one author in your post, the Sockpuppet! He was the most engaging author of all. Ray, perhaps you should stop taking your meds and let the Sockpig re-emerge. 🙂

  3. Iain Hall says:

    You are right GD I should have mentioned Socky! I hope that he and Laura will forgive me 🙂

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