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“penis enlargement” would make life rather difficult if it worked this well.

Like most mature grown ups I’m more than happy with my own equipment and I find the endless emails spruiking ways to make bigger that which is entirely adequate annoy rather that entice or even amuse these days. However this vid is quite funny in a nicely understated way.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Angel says:

    Most annoying are the radio ads that always seem to be on at 8am on the school run in the car.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    They advertise “penis enlargement” on the radio up your way, Angel? That’s real class.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Hey, Iain, adjust your time settings – it’s 10.17 am out here in the real world, where most of your readers come from.

  4. Angel says:

    After 3 weeks with no power from Yasi, the expected births for Nov have risen 40%. Maybe the enlargements aren’t needed just good old fashioned no tv to watch.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    No Ray my clocks are staying on the real time rather than the ersatz time that you poor Mexicans have at present…

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    Okay, Iain, stay out of step with the rest of us then. Queensland is like that.

  7. Frances says:

    I would use real time too Iain, instead of ‘Daylight Savings’ time, except that I would not be able to keep appointments. I am very annoyed that I have not been able to find a single place where I can withdraw my ‘savings’.

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