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Jeremy Sear’s Own Goal Hat Trick

Blogging is a funny old game, especially when you write about politics and engage in ongoing sniping across the political trenches. Now our learned friend was quite peeved when the Herald sun took up the story of Andy Blume and when that chap lost his job with Yarra Trams now our man at the bar thought that there was something terribly wrong and unjust that poor Andy has been forced into the ranks of the unemployed for the things that he has Tweeted and posted on the internet. It would seem that Jezza really likes to think that there should be no consequences for dising your employer on the net or for posting pictures of Tram passengers   to mock and deride them to your twitter followers. Anyway one of the elements of the Andy Blume saga was the fact that he was taking pictures from the cab of his Tram so our learned friend thought that he had the perfect counter strike when Andrew bolt published this post, another in his “from the window of a typical blog reader” series:

A fairly innocuous post and not something that really meets Pure Poison’s Mission statement (not that it ever seems to matter to Dave and Jezza) none the less our learned friend decided to write about it any way seeing an opportunity to “even the score” and this post was the result which in turn led to Andrew Bolt putting up this post  which is where I come into this picture because I posted this comment to Andrew’s post:

Jeremy Sear is a sad venial man who is seeking a revenge of sorts because the Herald Sun quite rightly highlighted the case of his personal friend Andy Blume’s very bad internet behaviour while he was employed by Yarra Trams. The delightful irony is that on this occasion he has completely misunderstood just what goes on at the pointy end of a modern Jet airliner and just how his attempt to draw a comparison between a jet cockpit and Tram’s driving compartment is just a total FAIL.
Its good for a laugh though LOL

This resulted in our learned friend sending me an email complaining about my comment and posting this comment in the thread of his Pure Poison post:

I would dearly love to share the email exchange but our learned friend is rather coy about what he had to say but the gist of it was that he claimed that I misrepresented him because I had no evidence that he was a “close personal friend” of Andy Blume, he maintained that he had met the man only twice at blog meet ups and that Blume was just one of the many people that he follows on twitter. In the exchange that followed (over several emails during the afternoon) he insisted that he did not want me to write a correction, and when I asked him why he was emailing me rather than posting something at Bolts Blog  to set the record straight on the nature of his relationship with Andy Blume Jezza made comparisons between Blume and syphilis and the communist witch-hunts. All rather entertaining on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Then I made a point of rereading my comment at Bolts blog and I noticed that I had not in fact used the adjective “close” at all (like who remembers the precise wording of every comment that posted on the internet?) After a hearty belly laugh at the realisation that our learned friend had spent the afternoon chiding me about making sure that one has evidence for the claims made on the internet. I wrote back to him pointing out that I had never suggested that he was a “close personal friend” at all. Top marks to the chap though for editing his comment (cited above) to correct the error, however you just can’t escape the fact that the whole episode is a great example of crusading blogger scoring a hat trick of own goals. In the first instance he was wrong to assume that the picture posted by Andrew Bolt represents any sort of pilot negligence or misdeed which makes his comparison with the Andy Blume affair  pointless, secondly he spent some effort trying to shame me into making some sort of retraction and public apology for something that I have not done, and finally it was he who has made a “correction” to what he has said about this matter (at my insistence) rather than yours truly.

Amusing stuff indeed Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    That has to be one of PP’s most stupid, meaningless, childish and logically invalid posts they’ve ever written. How’s the way Jeremy tries to change the context after copping a lot of criticism some of it from his own sycophantic followers? He adds this update:

    To help out some of the slower-witted visitors from another site, I’ve added bold tags to two of the critical sentences in this post.

    And these are the two “critical” sentences he’s highlighted after the event:

    He can’t possibly be making that decision sensibly in full knowledge of the risks! That picture, taken out of context, can conceivably be portrayed as something dangerous, if worded in a deliberately cynical way!

    The implication in that being (at least I think it means this because, let’s face it, the two “critical sentences” are rather obtuse) that had the Herald Sun been out to get the pilot and have him sacked (as Jeremy seems to believe they did with Blume) then they could have also put a much more cynical and concocted slant on the pilot’s photo like, “Why wasn’t he doing his job. How safe would passengers feel, blah, blah, blah”. However, there’s just a minor detail that Jeremy seems to have overlooked here, namely that Blume was not only taking photos while working as a tram driver he was (a) doing so quite regularly (b) also posting them to his Twitter ‘Twitpic’ account (c) adding derogatory comment. Add to that the fact he had been previously warned about this practice and the fact he ran a personal blog that was rather vulgar and you’ve got some, er, juicy grounds to go for the jugular as the Herald Sun did. The fact is Blume, rightly or wrongly, brought all that on himself and was subsequently (rightly or wrongly) dismissed for it. To suggest, as Jeremy clearly has, that he was sacked as a result of the Herald Sun putting a different slant on his on-the-job activities and the pilot is just lucky that they didn’t do it to him (because he’s a Bolt fan!) is a real stretch of the imagination. Just what precisely could any media do to so contort the pilot’s single photo? Well, er, nothing, Jeremy. Storm. Tea. Cup.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Btw, Iain, ditch the gif mate – whoa!

  3. Sax says:

    UPDATE: To help out some of the slower-witted visitors from another site, I’ve added bold tags to two of the critical sentences in this post.

    Hmm, a bit of self analysis perhaps guys ?
    I don’t know if this post was aimed at us guys, but it’s a bulls eye if it was ? 😉

    Geez Jeremy, I do wish you would do some research, before you have some of these sprays ? From a slow-witted visitor from another site Got five words for you, digest them well. You might learn something.

    Ever heard of auto pilot ?

    One of his commenters brought that to his attention, and he attempted to fob the argument off. Obviously our ‘friend’ doesn’t know just how advanced our current jet aircraft are these days.

    Hmm, if he only knew the half of it ?

  4. damage says:

    Clearly JS isn’t old enough to remember the days – before 9/11 (which we all realise was nothing if one listens to leftys)- when the pilot would come to the passanger cabin and visit the kids. Or would take them into the cockpit to have a look.
    Of course as Iain pointed out he also neglected to mention the many other transgressions of his mate Andy B.
    Is that intellectual honesty Jeremy?

    Oh and how ironic that Jeremy both loves and loathes Andy B?

  5. Leon Bertrand says:

    There’s quite a few differenes between the case of Blume and the pilot, as Ray points out. Wasn’t Blume also openly talking about his maturbating while also broadcasting that he was an employee of the trams?

    I’m afraid Jeremy is comparing an apple with an orange.

    Epic fail.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    He sure was and If you check back through my earlier posts about his foibles (the first Andy Blume link) I’m sure I posted a screen shot of one such tweet.
    And you are right about Jeremy being unable to differentiate between different fruit

  7. GD says:

    Good call, Iain, an own goal for sure. The title of Bolt’s post says it all really….

    ‘Back Away Slowly’

  8. Janne says:

    Jerry may or may not be a good barrista, but every so often his Slanderyounew blog goes apeshit and you can’t post comments. Legal minds, and I use the term loosely, can’t cope with the intricacies of the Net. There is a lot to be said for Jerr sticking to the law…

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Are you seriously suggesting that Jeremy Sear runs the ‘Slanderyou New’ blog?

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