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Julia Gillard”s “Own Wedgie”


Its hard to feel any sympathy for Labor on the asylum seeker issue, in the first instance  they created the rod that has been so effectively bruising them since Kevin Rudd decided that he  could tinker with the successful regime that he inherited form John Howard. Now that Labor have nearly got back to where they started from they seem  desperate to retain the poisoned chalice of the Malaysian solution, probably because they know that not being able to send 800 boat arrivals to Malaysia whiles still being obliged to take 4000 refugees form there is going to do a fine job of reminding the voters that this is an inept regime.  Gillard has been trying to wedge Tony abbot on the issue but I think that result will be (if you can forgive the mixed metaphor) an “Own Wedgie”:

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Tony Abbott is right to be reluctant to give Labor a blank cheque here because if he does then he has to take some ownership of the government policy success or more likely failure and the opposition position that they want the act amended so that the minister can only forward asylum seekers to offshore locations that are , like Australia, signatories to the refugee convention is far more ethically defensible than the blank cheque that Gillard is asking for here.
We shall see how this unfolds in the coming week, I’m hoping that Gillard et al see sense and accept something more qualified and sensible that the opposition will support because apart from deciding to go commando there seem to be no way that Gillard can escape some sort of widgie here its really just a question of just how painful she wants it to be.
Cheers Comrades




  1. Sax says:

    Hate to burst everyone’s bubble here, but there is a little thing, everyone seems to have forgotten, over the last few years, called the ASEAN Treaty !
    Another perhaps ? The UN !

    Acceptance of genuine refugees, is mandatory under both.
    Australia cannot renig on ASEAN treaties, or it’s duties as a signatory to the UN charter. The only way they can send refugees away, is :
    1. If it is ascertained that they aren’t refugees
    2. If they are “wanted felons”
    3. If you fuel them up, and point them to a country better prepared for refugees. i.e What
    Indonesia, Malaysia have been doing for years, for example.

    Other than that, all they can do, is just “suck it up”, and hope to hell, the boats stop coming.
    That’s the reality of it.

  2. Frances says:

    Gillard seeks to entrench carbon tax laws

    Next post: Josh on the Goreathon
    US CO2 regulation on hold indefinitely

    Saturday, 17 September 2011 13:53 pm · 9 comments

    by Simon

    No action

    You see? Australia IS slipping behind the rest of the world. Slipping behind in abandoning action on climate, that is. Only Julia Gillard, Greg Combet and the rest of the Labor no-hopers think that the world is still rushing ahead.

    Europe’s economy is heading down the pan, and very soon they will be rueing the day when they set in stone ridiculous and unachievable emissions cuts and renewable energy targets, and that leaves just a few tiny contributors with emissions trading schemes, like New Zealand. The US is far too nervous about a possible GFC II to take any action that might damage its economy further, and as for China and India, well, apart from a few transparent gestures to keep the eco-tards happy, it’s business as usual thanks very much.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is again delaying a plan to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants, saying it needs more time to propose the rule. The move comes amid intense pushback from business groups and Republican lawmakers who complain a recent slate of EPA proposals are chilling business investment and hindering the economic recovery.

    “I am very pleased by today’s announcement that one of EPA’s most economically damaging rules will be delayed,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe said in a statement, adding that Republicans would work to block other EPA rules from coming into effect. (source – subscription)

    So, Julia and Greg, how long can you keep up the presence that the world is “moving forward” with climate action? Just until the carbon tax bill is passed, perhaps?


  3. Richard Ryan says:

    AH YES! As the old saying goes, all animals equal, except some animals are more equal than others. Even the word processing has a sinister tone about it, like processing chickens in a factory. No processing of the whites from South Africa, or England—-these welcome guests are over stayers. Yes we process our refugees overseas, just like moving our factories factories to third world countries, all in the name of capitalism. I see Iain Hall comes from the “deep south” but as one old redneck Premier use to say, “never you mind that” Yes we have a climate change in America——25 million of it’s citizens depend on food stamps. Shalom, Richard Ryan.

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    And another fact, in Australian political history The Bjelke Petersen Regime was the most corrupt Government this country has ever endured, but never you mind that. Not saying that I not accept a brown paper bag, if it happen to come my way.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Richard I was no fan of Joh, and I still don’t rate his government very highly at all, however as you want to draw the comparison can I ask you a simple question? Which is worse an essentially competent administration within which there is corruption, or a less corrupt administration that is incompetent? In my book both constitute bad government , both are to be avoided if possible but most importantly the former does not excuse the later.
    Shalom comrade Rick

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