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The Richard and Criagy show


One for Richard Ryan and Craigy  I think

Cheers Comrades



this seems oddly apt and I’m not quite sure why:



  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Iain! Yes I like it. America where 25 million people now, depend on food stamps. America where flying lessons were given to terrorists. Ah yes, God bless America.——-but let’s not love them to death .

  2. Craigy says:

    Tis true!!!

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Does this mean that you endorse Pat Condell Craigy?
    Maybe you will like this then:

  4. Angel says:

    I’ll endorse it. This guy is brilliant.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    subscribe to his you tube Angel, he seldom disappoints in my experience

  6. GD says:

    He is brilliant, Angel. However just try getting one leftist to agree. They will never denounce Islam but are always so ready to hate the USA. Go figure…

    Richard, so the US gave flying lessons to terrorists did they? Bugger, that means 9/11 is all the fault of the Americans. How could I have not seen that? The sooner we get rid of the US as the world’s leading power and install China or the Islamic states as numero uno, the better off we will be.

    We can forget individual rights, women’s rights, freedom of speech, but that won’t matter because the awful US will have been eradicated. Utopia abounds. No USA, no John Howard, no capitalism. Just the free spirited green socialist Orwellian future you fools are carving out for yourselves.

  7. Richard Ryan says:

    GD! The demolition of the twin towers was an “inside job”——-carried out by people living in the USA, less then 3000 lost their lives, over 100,000 innocent people lost their lives in Iraq, over 4,000 USA servicemen lost their lives in Iraq. America’s greatness was built on slavery and ” arms deals”———America is making capital on it’s September 11 drama even now, with it’s selling of T-SHIRTS, and other ghoulish souvenirs——the principle of the dollar governs all in America. While 25 million Americans depend on food stamps, thanks to the “Economic Terrorists” ( Wall Street Criminals)—-lets not get carried away with all things American. My American idol, Al Capone said, “war is a racket”—how true. While Saddam was at war with Iran, America was supplying to the Iraqi Regime, America supported Pol Pot, America supported that Libya leader, America supported Marcos—America supported the Shah of Iran–etc. etc. etc. Terrorists were given flying lessons, terrorists were allowed on those planes—–who ever planned those demolitions of those symbols of capitalism the twin towers—–they had a PhD in destruction. Years of planning went into this “demolition job” and they say it cost only 500.000 dollars, as they say: Terrorism: the poor mans War, War the rich mans Terrorism. Shalom.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Who would have thunk it Richard you are a “truther” eh?
    The thing about you conspiracy theorists is that you think in terms that are so ridiculous and so convoluted that reasoned argument can’t penetrate your silliness. Frankly Occams razor demolishes all of your theories so I won’t bother trying to convince you that you are wrong on this occasion, besides which I have more important things to do , like visiting the dunny this morning.

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    Not sure about the American September 11 souvenirs,they could could come from China—-the pursuit of profit are the “America way”.

  10. Richard Ryan says:

    AND another thing! Do the Australian media continually have to replay episodes of the September 11 demolition drama in New York.It did not happen in Australia, it’s history, get over it. Enough is enough. I like the American torture replays best, maybe that’s what I will watch on Sunday—replays of the torture committed by the American forces, at Iraq’s Abu Guraib prison——puts a bit of balance on the war drama. Shalom.

  11. Iain Hall says:

    There were Aussies killed in New York and subsequently in Bali
    For someone one who constantly whines about events in Iraq I can think of Nothing more apt than to remind you , in your own words:

    “it’s history, get over it.”

  12. Richard Ryan says:

    AS Nelson Mandela said: “It is the oppressor who dictates the tactics of the oppressed” was he a good Terrorist? For the record Afghanistan is doing a roaring trade in heroin to supply the West. So we have people dying from the effects of September 11! we have Vietnam service people dying and suffering from the effects of Agent Orange—–and you want to see the effects, it left on deformed children in Vietnam As I said it did not happen in Australia, as for the old media mantra: where were you on September 11? for myself, I was in Vietnam, unaware of the September attack—–it was two days old when I was made aware of it. They say September 11 changed the world—-I say humbug, maybe America,but not the World. America is not the world, not in my eyes anyway. The symbols of America’s might came tumbling down on September 11, it’s history—move on, let’s not keep on about it like a “nagging wife”! Shalom.

  13. Iain Hall says:

    You cite Mandela: “It is the oppressor who dictates the tactics of the oppressed” in a rather weak attempt to reason that as Mandela is now considered a “good guy” then all that he has said in the past must be good. Frankly I think that the claim is in fact quite a nasty piece of sophistry intended to give a blank cheque to any sort of violent revolutionary. Personally I have never bought the notion that the ends justify the means as you seem to do with anyone who goes up against the west in general and the United States in particular.
    You hold those entities to an impossibly high moral standard yet you are willing to excuse or ignore the atrocities committed by the other side. Frankly this suggests to me that you lack any real moral centre to your thinking.
    Personally I am very well aware that the USA and “the West” are far from perfect, that many bad things have been done in their name or by agents of their hierarchy, However the alternatives that you are so keen to champion are certainly no better and in most instances they are orders of magnitude worse so when it comes to making a choice between who to endorse I will choose the lesser of the evils and hope that they can be improved upon rather than the truly despicable which I tend to think are far too often a long way from any redemption at all.

  14. Ray Dixon says:

    Actually, Mandella qualified that statement by saying, “the oppressed will always use the weapons of their oppressors”. I don’t think commercial Boeing 767s were the weapons of the US so to draw parallels with Nelson Mandella’s form of terrorism (which was actually genuine freedom fighting) with the Sept 11 events is a real stretch. I agree that the way the buildings fell (so neatly) very much resembled a planned demolition job. I also think it’s very likely that the plane that crashed in Philadelphia was actually shot down, as it was headed for the White House. But there seems no doubt that the planes were genuinely hijacked. If this was an ‘inside job’ then how did the USA convince the hijackers to commit suicide in the name of the USA? That’s not consistent with a Jihad. Furthermore, there is no doubt that subsequent terrorist attacks such as Bali (twice) & Madrid were the work of Islamic terrorists inspired by the 9/11 event.

    The USA is no saint in its international dealings but the reality of war is that there are no good guys and no real rules. I think the world is actually a safer place courtesy of the USA but the way they’ve gone about it has been rather brutal to say the least.

  15. Craigy says:

    Umm….Sorry Richard, but I would like to very much disassociate myself from your views about the US, as posted above.

    Not that I was ever associated with those kind of views or communism for that matter,….. Except by Iain and GD when desperate for a smear.

    And just to knock a hole in GD’s theory, I am happy to state that I am totally apposed to religious extremism, especially Islamic extremism and support the US in it’s pursuit of freedom and democracy.

  16. Iain Hall says:

    Go forth and sin no more Craigy 😉

    I of course realise that your views are certainly more* moderate than Richard’s 😀


    Well by a little bit anyway
  17. Ray Dixon says:

    You can add me to that list too, Iain. I’d say there are very few people who support Richard’s extreme views on the USA, regardless of political leanings.

  18. jozub says:

    I have a brother-in-law who is an atheist cultural Muslim Tartar who despises everything American. When he was at my house one day, we got on to the topic of China. I asked him politely if he would like to live in a world where the only superpower was America or one where China ruled. After a brief moment, he answered “America’.

    The USA’s days as the world’s policeman are numbered. The ability of the Americans to intervene wherever they perceive their interests to be threatened will not exist much longer. On that day, the Richard Ryans of this world will exult in the overthrow of the world’s only superpower.

    However, they may find that a world run by the Chinese or a revivied Islamic caliphate even less to their liking. But by then, of course, it will be too late.

  19. Luzu says:

    “Go forth and sin no more”. You make me laugh. And you are the spitting image of my nephew’s father.

  20. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for that Luzu 🙂
    I am the product of an Atheist father who got me hooked on arguing with various Catholic friends about religion from an early age and following his lead I have picked up the odd phrase or three that use the lexicography of that faith to tease and gently mock …
    I can dig where you are coming from, growing up the Yanks were never that big on our family hit parade but I appreciate precisely what you were saying to your friend. I don’t think that The USA’s days of intervening to protect their interests are entirely over but I do think that the use of unmanned drones will increasingly take over from putting their people into harms way.

  21. Richard Ryan says:

    America’s huge wealth is in the hands of the few, much similar to The Roman Empire, before it’s fall, as the huge blow-out on warfare, which is similar to America’s huge blow-out in warfare today, the crumbling twin towers, the symbol of America’s greatness, ten years ago, due to lax security, is not the only problems America faces today, it’s economy is also crumbling, with around 25 million of it’s citizens depending on food stamps. Another bloody revolution, maybe the way to go, for a change, fight among themselves. Meanwhile the “sleeping tiger” China bids it’s time. Shalom.

  22. Angel says:

    How were the towers “due to lax security”? You have an extremely twisted mindset Richard.

  23. GD says:

    You’re really on about those food stamps aren’t you Richard? Do you have nightmares about them?

    Another bloody revolution, maybe the way to go

    Why do you sound so happy about that?

    Are you a traitor?

  24. Richard Ryan says:

    America’s mantra for September 11: Don’t get mad, get even. Shalom Richard Ryan.

  25. Richard Ryan says:

    Strange is it not? Travel alerts and warnings, for Bali, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.etc.etc.——-but zero travel alerts for Aussies flying in to the USA,this sounds political to me, no warnings for travel to America, ah yes! The United States Of Australia, must not upset our American allies——-hey Joe, All The Way With the USA.

  26. Richard Ryan says:

    If I hear anymore about Ground Zero—I will go bonkers, all at it today, TV,shock-jocks, newspapers, and fxxx-wits, all feeding off it and getting paid and living off the misery of others, as they feed of it, like a wild animal on a dead carcass, media harlots——that’s it I had enough. Shalom.

  27. Iain Hall says:

    Well my post today specifically tries to avoid that Richard, But I warn you that I won’t tolerate any anti USA rants or comments to that post OK??

  28. Angel says:

    Hey Richard


    Now we patiently wait for the men in white suits with straight jackets to arrive for him.

  29. Richard Ryan says:

    Angel! America has the highest rate of mental illness in the world—cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo. Shalom

  30. GD says:

    In that case you may feel quite at home in America, Richard.

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