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Ray should be cheerful today

As Carlton thought ever so slightly about self-preservation, the hardened Saints made them pay for their sins. St Kilda kicked eight of the last 10 goals and the Blues' forward line became more inept as the night wore on. The Blues led by 17 points, 11 minutes into the third term, when Setanta O'hAilpin nervously slotted a set shot from 15m, and if not for stupid lapses the lead would have been beyond 30. But the Saints responded via goals to Stephen Milne and Sam Gilbert in the space of five minutes and momentum shifted. Marcus Davies missed a howler from close range for the Blues, joining earlier offenders O'hAilpin and Jeff Garlett, and the Saints' onslaught continued. Zac Dawson, thrown to full-forward, found himself alone 20m out from goal and converted 21 minutes into the term and Justin Koschitzke snared another from 40m. St Kilda took a six-point lead in the final change, but there was a strong sense it was already over. (click for source)

Cheers indeed Comrayde


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s good to see you’re becoming an AFL fan, Iain. Yes, the Saints are in the finals despite a terrible first half of the season. Everyone had written them off but they just kept coming and now, after last night’s win over highly-ranked Carlton, have the benefit of a home final against Sydney next week. How far they can go this year I’m not sure, but they’re in with a a chance.

  2. Sax says:

    It was good to see St Kilda win the game, as an underdog, but the ultimate winner in the end was AFL football.
    It was a great game to watch, who ever you barracked for, and great for the code.
    The 55 odd thousand, paying the odd $45 a ticket to watch it, plus the television rights monies, wouldn’t hurt either ? No wonder the AFL is laughing ?
    Who said footy is a dying past time ?

    A pity NRL can’t whip up the same amount of hype ?

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Ray but I have not yet got the faith, though they do play the game at my children’s school which is rather worrying 😉

  4. GD says:

    Sax, the NRL whips up too much hype and crap as it is 😦

  5. Sax says:

    The NRL games certainly cannot attain the same amount of crowd numbers, or ground character and atmosphere that the AFL gets can they ?
    Don’t know why not, but that has been the Sydney Melbourne historical battle for bragging rights for years hasn’t it ?

    Doesn’t matter really which code you follow, bet everything I will be watching both g/finals when they come on, whomever is playing ?

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