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A Cunning Plan, well maybe

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Just a quick thought on one way that Gillard can keep the keys to the lodge a bit longer and stave off her removal from the leadership of the Labor party and that is for her to tell her party  that if they repalce her as leader then she will quit politics altogether, precipitate a by election and by necessity destroy Labor’s wafer thin majority….

Just a quick thought for those who are wetting themselves with the thought of Brother Number One making a comeback or any other Labor faces  making a grab for the poisoned chalice of minority government at the behest of the Greens and independants…

Cheers Comrades



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    Good theory, Iain, but in practice it wouldn’t work:

    1. I don’t think Gillard wants to go down in ALP history as the (former) PM who brought down her own government.
    2. Lalor is a very safe Labor seat and they’d probably win a by election there anyway.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Don’t forget that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and the state of Labor’s fortunes suggests that NO seat will be safe in a by-election

  3. Sax says:

    I don’t think that would happen Ray.
    I think she would do “a Rudd”, and just sit quietly on the back bench. You know as well as I do, that politicians come standard with great survival tactics embedded deep within their dna ?
    She/they have to do something, and quickly. Every policy, that they thought they could hang their hats on, in the upcoming election, is unravelling before their eyes ?

    It is pretty tough to see where their next leader is going to come from here. Remember, with these suvival tactics, and over inflated egos, who would want to touch the leadership now, with it (and the Labor brand in general), being so much on the nose ?
    I know I wouldn’t.

  4. damage says:

    Yes bad theory Iain.
    The end of next week should see me with a bottle of red from Craigy, but I doubt that JG will quit all together and the seat is safe in the middle of the tattoo belt so the ALP will never lose it.
    Jillard, for all her faults, is a loyal ALP/Union/Socialist foot soldier and would never do that tho the moomnt. God half of the moomnt seems to have had her as a girlfriend in past years so she’d be pissing off a lot of old boyfriends by doing that.
    I think she’ll sit in the back bench and retire at the next election. Probably go into private practice attacking Abbott’s industrial relations re-reforms when he’s PM.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    It may not happen, I acknowledge that without any compunction or distress, but that is not really my point.
    My point here is that Gillard only has to suggest or imply that course of action is a possible reaction to any move to remove her for some nervous Nellies to think twice and not move against her.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Further I think that there are a lot of Labor hopefuls who don’t want to take over from Gillard either because they know that they would go down in history as the leader who lost government to Tony Abbott in a landslide of NSW proportions

  7. Frances says:

    LOL Ian, I believe you are correct about why Gillard is not being removed. Really does any Labor Party member apart from Rudd want to drink from the poisoned chalice?
    Maybe they will just appoint Bob Brown as PM in her place, he would love that. Then he and his boyfriend would be able to take over from our unwed PM and her boyfriend. Of course any subsequent ‘actually elected’ PM from the Opposition would need to have the Lodge fumigated afterward. 😛

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    Sax, I think you meant to say “I don’t think that would happen, Iain“. It’s Iain’s theory not mine.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    This seems strangely apt :

  10. cano says:

    So short-arse ABC Insider Milne got the arse——Mark Latham will e- mail him out a cheer-up card shortly. What is it about short arse people?

  11. Iain Hall says:

    Richard Ryan
    Please stick to one identity when you comment here 🙄

  12. Richard Ryan says:

    Sorry!That’s my trouble with a open computer——I have a few other idiot here, fooling around, it’s got me into trouble on other blogs.

  13. Sax says:

    I was referring to your very first comment at the start of the thread.

    Iain and gang

  14. Richard Ryan says:

    Sorry mix up here—-too many people on the one computer.

  15. Iain Hall says:

    OK Richard that’s fine I have to fight with the wife and kids for time on the computer here as well 😉

  16. Ray Dixon says:

    Buy them a notebook or laptop, Iain. Pretty cheap. Leanne has her own and she doesn’t touch this one (costs no more as I have a wireless router).

  17. Iain Hall says:

    I won’t let my children have access to the net from their own computers Ray, only from this one in the main room of the house, for their own safety 😉

  18. Richard Ryan says:

    Good thinking Iain! Children are not to be trusted——-speaking from experience——–my own youth.

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Its not about me trusting my children, which I do, but I am rather suspicious of other people on the net who I am well aware are not always what they claim or seem to be.

  20. Craigy says:

    Sorry this is off topic…..

    .. So Milne gets the sack from the ABC, but the Oz keeps him …for the moment.

    Alan Jones in Sydney has made a total arse of himself at the ‘truckies’ rally with his paranoid ranting.

    Price and Bolt are destroying MTR which will fold soon….

    And the Gina report (staring Bolt) has now fallen below 100k viewers across the nation and would have been axed except that it is not subject to the need for normal viewer numbers or any commercial pressures, as it is clearly just a piece of propaganda and misinformation to support Gina’s mining interests.

    It is good to see – these right-wing-nut-jobs, along with their leader Abbott, should be exposed to the public as much as possible, so that people can see them for the damaging, childish, twats, that they are.

    Now that’s a cunning plan.

  21. Iain Hall says:

    Yet despite such reports your favoured left-wing government is diving even faster in the Polls Craigy 😉

  22. damage says:

    While being propped up by the tax payer funded ABC. Which has few shows that rate higher than any of the above mentioned.
    Adams as an example rates a * in most surveys. Only John Faine would be competative on the open market and he’s really only a left wing version of Bolt.

    But who’s counting Iain?

  23. Craigy says:

    I am not an ALP supporter Iain, if this Government falls the winner will be the Greens, as every poll is now showing.

    Your alternative in Tony Abbott, well he’s just as unpopular and if it wasn’t for the ALP and Julia being on the nose, it would be Tony facing the bullet.

    The only thing wrong with Julia is her popularity level. They are doing a great job in the areas that matter and clearly should abandon the overseas processing, which has been shown to break the law.

    The fact that so many people support what Howard and Abbott did to refugees just goes to show that on the right the rule of law only matters if it supports the racist views of the fearful few.

  24. Iain Hall says:

    Actually Craigy the latest polling shows the Greens down by 2% so I would not expect that they will benefit that much form Gillard’s popularity melt down In fact for many of the most anguished ALP supporters the Greens are the problem not the solution so they will be jumping ship towards Tony rather than Bob when they next get a chance to vote (which will be much sooner than 2013)
    When it comes to the high court decision it was specifically about Gillard’s crazy Malaysian trade deal but I predict that Tony and the coalition will come to the aid of The ALP and get legislation through both houses to remove any legal impediment to off shore processing .

    Finally it has nothing to do with racism and it demeans you argument to keep suggesting that it is .

  25. Frances says:

    Craigy. What Polls are you seeing that show the Greens will be the winner? I haven’t seen any that favour the Greens. Bob Brown is very unpopular with anyone with common sense. If Julia falls her Labor successor would still need the Greens and the Independents to hold office. The only thing left is to call an election asap. The public wants it!

  26. Damage says:

    When the dog whistle is blown Iain Craigy always hears it.

  27. Craigy says:

    It’s always been about the fear of other Iain. Hanson started it, Howard and now everyone except the Greens is beating up on refugees to keep the racist vote.

    Frances, the newspoll last week had the Greens at 15% up by 3%. The odd poll has shown less than that but the trend is up and has been since the electon.

  28. Craigy says:

    Iain, you want to comment on Tony’s approval rating and how he should step down as opposition leader because he is so unpopular even amongst his own supporters?

    I mean, if it’s good enough for the PM to step down because of a bad poll then Tony must go.

  29. Iain Hall says:


    It’s always been about the fear of other Iain.

    No I don’t buy that at all, Its about not wanting to be taken for a ride by chancers IMHO.

    Hanson started it, Howard and now everyone except the Greens is beating up on refugees to keep the racist vote.

    This country has always been pretty willing to accept migrants when they come on terms that are acceptable to the majority of people already here, I know this from personal experience even though I have experienced the odd bit of anti immigrant prejudice myself in the sixties, it was the exception rather than rule then and it is still the case now.

  30. Iain Hall says:


    Iain, you want to comment on Tony’s approval rating and how he should step down as opposition leader because he is so unpopular even amongst his own supporters?

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Really you have to be joking !!!!!

  31. Frances says:

    For Craigy:

    Who would you prefer to be the Prime Minister of Australia right now?

    Answers Votes %
    1. Julia Gillard 45 5
    2. Tony Abbott 348 41
    3. Bill Shorten 19 2
    4. Joe Hockey 74 9
    5. Simon Crean 25 3
    6. Malcolm Turnbull 91 11
    7. Kevin Rudd 100 12
    8. Julie Bishop 12 1
    9. Wayne Swan 3 0
    10. Barnaby Joyce 38 4
    11. Bob Brown 6 1
    12. Someone Else 92 11

    Should the Federal Government resign?
    Answers * Votes %
    1. Yes 1135 94
    2. No 75 6

  32. Craigy says:

    3AW, just a light version of MTR, for brain dead wingnuts who need to be told what to think….no suprise there Frances.

  33. Craigy says:

    Iain, laugh away, it’s what the polls say mate, the same ones that show Gillard must leave in your view, show Tony is almost as unpopular.

    So the hypocrite word comes to mind when you claim she should go because of polls but Abbott should stay.

    Neither Abbott nor Gillard are popular at the moment in fact Abbott has never been popular with anyone but wingnuts.

    This is why, come the next election in two years time, should Gillard be still low in the polls, it will favour the Greens, not the failure Tony Abbott.

  34. Iain Hall says:

    The Polls don’t say that at all Craigy when you reconcile those who disapprove of Tony Abbott with those who approve it comes out marginally negative compared to very strongly negative for Gillard. To me that suggests more grudging respect than outright disapproval from Labor voters who are not as yet entirely willing to jump from the sinking Labor boat but that is likely to change once the water laps around their ankles on the SS Gillard
    I think that at the next election there will be a bigger increase in informal votes than an increase in the Green vote, Adam Bandt will definitely lose his seat because the Libs will preference him LAST (the ALP being the lesser of the evils) but more importantly Gillard is not going to last ’til 2013.

    as for 3AW strangely we don’t get that up here 😉

  35. Craigy says:

    So a negative response to Tony is positive in wingnut la la land…..right Iain.

    3AW was the Melbourne shock jock station, out shocked by the appalling MTR. It is great to see MTR will be gone soon, it’s radio for those with an IQ of a 5 year old, or those who think Alan Jones is a sensible man who cares for his country.

    Thank goodness I live in Melbourne, where shock jocks are not popular. I guess we have less rednecks and racists down here.

    Good bye MTR…..now only the Gina report to go and maybe just maybe the removal of the near monopoly of the corrupt and discredited News ltd and we may see an improvement in media reporting of politics and a return to the high quality we used to enjoy before the Murdoch’s so polluted our MSM with the likes of Bolt, Milne, Albrechtsen and others.

  36. GD says:

    Yeah Craigy, one government radio station, one government newspaper, no private enterprise media, a completely unpolluted MSM. 100% socialist. No other opinions allowed.

  37. Ray Dixon says:

    GD’s gone off on his everyone-to-the-left-of-Atilla-The-Hun-is-a-socialist-commie tangent.

  38. Iain Hall says:

    The only radio stations that I listen too are Radio National and 612 local ABC because I detest adverting and the strident and desperate talk on commercial stations . I do on occasion listen to MTR’s Bolt pod casts which are generally very measured and calm and much more intelligent that you give them credit for. anyway how do you know what the station is like, as you insist that you NEVER listen to it?
    Anyway I don’t think that MTR is going to disappear any time soon and if its owners succeed in their desire to acquire one of its rivals in Melbourne you may well find that the likes of Bolt and Steve Price moved to the new station which has a better signal footprint in Metro Melbourne!
    Now wouldn’t that just float your boat big time!!!

  39. GD says:

    everyone-to-the-left-of-Atilla-The-Hun-is-a-socialist-commie tangent

    pretty much so 🙂

  40. damage says:

    Yes. Synopsis of Craigy’s rant above.
    All conservative thought is stupid.
    All conservatives are also stupid.
    There should be diversity of media and this is accomplished by reducing the number of outlets.
    Non Victorians are stupid and racist.
    Conservative commentry should be removed from the MSM forth with.
    Long live socialism.
    Mr Gorbachev – put back that wall!

  41. GD says:

    I’ll try again ‘Mr Gorbachev – put back that wall!’ 🙂 🙂

    great comment!

  42. Craigy says:

    LOL, thanks GD and damage, I’m off now to my CPA meeting followed by a collective dinner of lentils and rice on my commune in Nimbin. Tonight I’ll read the little red book twice before nodding off.

    BTW. Reducing News ltd’s 70% newspaper control in Australia might just make way for more private newspapers, don’t you think? What about a sensible non-shock-jock paper from the right or a good centre right paper, we just don’t have one. While the left and centre left have the AGE and SMH and great mags like the Monthly.

    We need good writing from the right, we just don’t have any now.

  43. damage says:

    Quadrant, Melbourne Herald Sun 3AW all centre right and all very moderate and polite.

    You couldn’t possibly get more polite than Ross Stevenson or more centre than Niel Mitchell.
    And never forget that it was the Melbourne Herald Sun’s Jill Singer that said sceptics should be gassed.

    Hardly pure poison or the RMIT review, are they?

  44. Iain Hall says:

    Well the times that I have listened to Bolt and Price on MTR (via the net) they too have been polite respectful and affable even when they are confronted by lefties out for the Gotcha like our old pal Jezza

  45. Frances says:

    I listen to MTR1377 every day and they are always very sound. And without them there would have been no opposition to Julia Gillard’s plans to destroy the economy of this country altogether. They helped people to get together and plan the demonstrations in Canberra against the Carbon Tax. I listen in the car while driving and at home on my digital radio.

  46. Frances says:

    Is John Laws still alive and around. I haven’t heard Lawsy for years. What station is he on these days?

  47. Iain Hall says:


    BTW. Reducing News ltd’s 70% newspaper control in Australia might just make way for more private newspapers, don’t you think? What about a sensible non-shock-jock paper from the right or a good centre right paper, we just don’t have one. While the left and centre left have the AGE and SMH and great mags like the Monthly.

    And what makes you think that the political bias of any paper that you would force Murdoch to sell would change?
    To be honest with the decline in profitability of the medium who would pay a lot for the privilege of owning a well known mast head?
    Now I read Fairfax and some of it is OK but the main paper that I read is the OZ and it is a quality paper with in depth articles

  48. Iain Hall says:

    Are you being honest there Richard or do you just covet the contents of his Garage?

  49. Richard Ryan says:

    Yes I like listening to John Laws on 2SM. Unlike Bolt, Laws has a heart——a true Aussie, unlike Bolt.

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