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Andy Blume succeeds in career suicide via twitter

The new uniform for Yarra Trams that Andy Blume will never wear 😆

I have coped a bit of flak (yeah like that is a new thing 🙄  ) recently because I have taken a certain amount of delight about the self inflicted woes of one Andy Blume . Heck I have even been cited as the author of the complaint that has now seen him dismissed:

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At the risk of repeating myself I think that it could not have happened to a more deserving guy, now while a few of Andy’s electric friends have been trying to champion his cause it has very obviously failed to convince his former employer who is probably quite happy to be rid of this troublesome spot on its reputation with the travelling public. It is an  irony is that the news of Blume’s dismissal should appear as a rather strange footnote to a piece about the new uniforms for Yarra Trams  that Andy Blume will never get a chance to wear or  complain about on twitter.

But in the more extensive piece at the Herald Sun I just love this quote from one of the people that Blume has so viciously mocked on the Net:

Mr Blume had posted offensive rants via his blog on subjects ranging from blind school boy Tyler Fishlock to former child star Sarah Monahan.

Monahan, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her on-screen dad during her years on ’80s sitcom Hey Dad, blogged last week that she “just had to laugh” at Mr Blume’s plight.

“Oh Andy, I guess now you’ll know what it’s like to be on the internet and have people judging you,” she wrote.

What I find really smile inducing is this:

Others had rallied to save him, with 91 of his more than 1100 Twitter followers joining a Save Andy Blume campaign. Many argued Mr Blume’s rants via social networking should not have impacted on his employment.

That is less than one in ten of his followers on twitter who care enough to join a campaign to “save” him that might well be because most people, including his followers, think that he is just an objectionable idiot who deserves his fate. Now of the 91 who want him saved (praise the lord!!!) I know that at least one deserves to share in Andy’s career outcome, but that is a story for another day.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I’m not sure how much he deserved to lose his job, Iain, but as I said in the earlier post, I don’t think his Internet activities alone justified dismissal. Maybe he had other ‘black marks’ on his record and that was also taken into account? I dunno and neither does anyone else.

    Btw, who are his “electric friends”, fellow tram & train drivers?

  2. anonima says:

    You are a disgusting human being, revelling in both the defamation and unfair dismissal of someone you have a petty grudge against.

    Private message to anonima posted and subsequently removed by blog owner

  3. anonima says:

    My own name is something that I prefer not to use on blogs or forums as is fairly standard practice. I don’t think it diminishes what I say at all.

    Someone can be a dick and we can disagree with their opinions or content that they post without wishing ill upon them. It may surprise you, but despite being disgusted by your celebration that someone has lost their job due to a hate campaign by the Murdoch empire (and little disconcerted that you took the effort to look me up), I actually do not wish any ill upon you. I doubt Mr Blume did either. It is frustrating when the people cheer them on when they go after someone who causes no others harm, while a man like Alan Jones (as an example) can incite violence and get off scot free. First world problems, I guess.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Thank you anonima for a more considered and civil comment than your first effort which I found abusive. which inspired me to do some cursory checking upon who was having a go at me it was never something that I would have made public BTW.
    But lets be real here Andy Blume would not be unemployed now if he had not put so much effort into disparaging the travelling public and his then employer Yarra Trams not just once but many times over the last few years.The fact that this behaviour finally came to the attention of the Herald Sun only a few weeks ago really undermines your suggestion that the paper has been running a hate campaign. But you are certainly wrong to suggest that Andy Blume has not wished me ill he posted this on twitter finally I agree that Alan Jones is a rather nasty piece of work but he is actaully paid to be a shit stirrer where as Blume was paid to drive trams and chose to be objectionable on the net.

  5. Angel says:

    Andy run a fairly controversial site given that he mixed private life with his work. He was employed to serve the public and obviously his image is not one his employers wish to encourage and associate with the industry.

    As for his twitter post, his mother should have washed his mouth out more often. Foul mouth little cretin.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    he appears to have deleted his blog now, probably in the hope that it won’t hinder his (slim) chances of finding alternative employment.

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