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Well that’s another fine mess you’ve got us into Christine

I’ll let you all in on a little secret comrades, my vision on the political maelstrom that we comment on from our individual perspectives   here at the Sandpit  is that it is all just one big soap opera and like soap operas we have a number of different story arcs that intersect and weave in and out of each other. Some times there are moments of high drama, at others there are the political romances, there is love, hate, manipulation and behind the scenes machinations enough to keep fans like us endlessly arguing about the true meaning of every plot point and new moment of intrigue. But there is also little asides that just give us a damn good laugh.

Frankly the recent attempts by Julia Gillard to sell her  toxic Carbon Tax have had more than a dash of the Greek tragedy about them as she tries to convince a cynical nation that this piece of, ah- hem, “Creative accounting” will bring about a great and grand “clean energy future ” when it just looks like a dogs breakfast with a sweet sauce to disguise the fact that it has no nutritional content all. Like all good soaps our political drama has some, err, “colourful”. minor characters which is one of the things that Ray and I have been having a bit of fun with, hence our various pieces about Christine Nixon recently. If ever a woman was the perfect comic bit player in a larger drama it is Nixon. The script writers could not draw a more convincing caricature of an idealogical leftist if they tried and her whining promotional efforts for the book that she has written with Jo Chandler trying to disguise her utter incompetence on that fateful Saturday is quite rightly being seen as the biggest joke of this political season:

click for a good laugh!!!

With Jo Chandler taking on the role of Stan to Nixon’s Oliver at tomorrow’s Book launch we should all look forward to a few more laughs as the members of the sisterhood try their darnedest to pretend that any criticism of Nixon’s incompetence is all about sexism, fatism, Rangaism, or any other ism that can be imagined except that one that really matters: competentism  and Nixon’s obvious lack in that department, ah well we don’t expect the comedy arc to be serious now do we?

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