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The cold caller cure, Or bringing the wrath of Shiva upon them

I don’t know about other readers but if there is one thing that I hate its the annoying telemarketers, especially the ones form India, Now its not that I have any dislike of the Indian people or culture. I’m very frond of both (as one would expect from a yoga enthusiast such as myself) but I hate the fact that when you ask them where they are calling form they will almost always lie to you and insist that they are calling form within Australia. Worse still everyone that has ever called will insist that their name “Alan”, “Peter”, “John”or some other culturally English name but of course you know from their accent that they are lying about that as well.  Anyway with that off my chest I draw reader’s attention to this story where we discover what these call centre pests are being told about Australia and our culture:

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Just maybe if they were told instead that we as a rule hate telemarketers because they are a vile intrusion into our daily lives they might get the message.Personally I’m thinking that a very loud whistle left handy by the phone might just work better than my usual polite “please take my name of your list” request. Ah well even if it doesn’t work It will make me feel better, maybe if enough of us were to take up the whistle in response  to these intrusive  calls then we might just encourage them to put our numbers on to a blacklist….

Cheers Comrades


  1. Sax says:

    Got four words for you kids !
    Do Not Call Register

    Put our names and numbers on that when it first came on line. From memory, the website nearly crashed, under the load for the first week. But, once doing that, and these companies realised the government were serious about it, the calls stopped nearly stone dead !

    Of course, there is this method ? Wonder if it worked in the long run though ?


  2. The Other Iain says:

    The Do Not Call Register is a joke. It is up to the consumer to complain if a company breaches it. Then the govt has to track down the company. And if the call comes from overseas, they never bother. And the few companies that have actually been caught breaching the DNC act have been flogged with a lettuce leaf.

    Like Iain I hate telemarketers. But this story about racist Indians is a beat-up. There are racists everywhere, here and there.

  3. Sax says:

    True enough. But, even thought he call centres are usually o/s, they represent Australian companies, and products. Otherwise, why bother ringing us in the first place ? That makes them finally liable under Oz law. I have complained about a breach, once, made the call to complain, then the calls stopped cold.

    Your name, once you complain, must goe on a serious “do not call list”, that circulates around these call centres, even in India. That is the way it works. You only have to complain the once. At least that has been my experience.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    I can’t even get the bloody thing to work TOI now as they won;t let you do it in person or by phone I left with the whistle !

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    I get heaps of them, every day. Probably because we run a business, I dunno. They always ask for “the business owner”. It used to annoy me but now I don’t mind it so much (unless I’m busy or eating) as I’ve worked out a few responses such as:

    1. “The business owner is not here – state your name, business & telephone number and I’ll get him to call you back”. Response is usually they hang up.

    2. “You’re from Telstra? And you’re giving me free benefits? Thank you. Thanks so much for your call – goodbye.” And then I hang up.

    3. “No, I’m not the head monkey but I will get him for you, please wait”. I then pause and start making chimp noises. They get much confused. I’ve actually only done this once.

    4. Just hang up straight away.

    It’s no big deal anymore. And it’s no secret that Indians think we are racist. And a lot of Aussies are. They’re just as bad (or worse when you consider how they treat their own lower classes). And they’re right – a lot of Aussies are stupid, slow & dim witted. They know their market.

  6. The Other Iain says:

    I can’t even get the bloody thing to work TOI now as they won;t let you do it in person or by phone I left with the whistle !

    Not sure I agree with blowing out their ear drums with a whistle Iain. But a short sharp ‘NOT INTERESTED’ followed by a hang up probably takes just as little effort.

    To my mind the Indians aren’t as bad as the charity telemarketers who work for orgs like the Heart Foundation, Starlight Foundation, etc. They are all Australians and are VERY pushy. They want to just talk over the top of you and tell you about little Johnny who is 6yo and who is dying from something or other so they can tug at your heart strings. But what is even sadder is that the charities only get 10-15 % of whatever they collect.

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