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Le Tour de Cadel?

Update: Cadel Evans has done the impossible - he's won Le Tour by over 90 seconds !!

Let’s take a break from all the usual political argy bargy (and personal attacks from anons) and turn our attention to a really uplifting and (potentially) magnificent achievement that is about to culminate around midnight tonight when Australia’s ‘road warrior’, Cadel Evans, attempts to take the coveted Le Tour de France title in what is effectively the last stage of this truly gruelling, gripping and incredible test of strength over 3 weeks and more than 3,000 kms, including scaling The Pyrenees and The Alps to heights of nearly 3,000 metres. Think about that!

No Aussie has won this event before in its more than 100 year history, and apart from USA’s Lance Armstrong’s 7 consecutive wins in recent times (which I regard as suspect) and Floyd Landis’ win in 2006, which was more than suspect (he tested positive and had the title stripped), the race has always been won by European riders. Let’s face it, until Armstrong came along  – after receiving steroid treatment for testicular cancer – it was mainly a European event. But now, in my opinion, the annual Le Tour is the world’s premier sporting event, even exceeding the standing, attention and status of the FIFA World cup, the Olympics and, errr, the AFL Grand Final.

Cadel Evans sits third, just 57 seconds behind Luxembourg rider Andy Schleck and just 4 seconds behind Andy’s brother Frank. Tonight’s stage is an individual time trial over 42 kms where the riders go out one at a time to race the clock, as opposed to a road race, which most legs are. It’s effectively the last leg because the next one is a procession into Paris and traditionally the leader (in the famed Yellow Jersey) is not attacked on that leg and just pedals in to stand on the podium in front of Le Arc de Triumph to claim the crown – and the worldwide honour and adulation as a HERO.

And Cadel Evans is a renowned and world-class time-trialler, whereas the Schlecks are not. He just might do it, in fact he’s favoured to. And if he does, no one will deserve it more after being an unlucky runner-up in 2007 & 2008, then failing in 2009 when he started as the favourite and took the lead but, ultimately, lacked team support. In 2010 Evans fractured his arm early in the race but still rode it out to finish 17th overall. At age 34, his performance in this year’s race has been incredibly consistent, winning stage 4 by beating off 3 times champion, the highly suspect Alberto Contador from Spain. Contador is only in the race subject to appeal against a positive dope test when he won last year’s event. I reckon if it’s proved true, he should also be stripped of the 2007 title and that then be awarded to Evans.

But that’s another story. Evans has burnt off Contador this year and also the heroic French cyclist Voeckler, who held the lead until last night. Now only the Schlecks stand in his way of what would be the greatest sporting achievement of any Australian in history.

Make sure you stay up and watch it. Cheer ‘our boy’ home. That includes you, Iain.

As SockPuppet might say:

“If you don’t get excited by this and stay up all night getting pissed and rooting for Cadel (yes you can have sex in the lounge room while you watch it) then you are just proving your unAussieness and you should be deported or detained in Nauru with all the other non Aussies.”

Go Cadel. Cheers.




  1. Iain Hall says:

    what time is it on Ray?
    You know I’m not a night person, but if me Rooting for the bloke is what is needed to get him over the line…
    But 57 seconds is a lot to make up…

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    It starts @ 10 pm on SBS, Iain. I think Cadel won’t ride until around midnight. Worth the wait, I suggest.

    And he CAN pull that time back. I hope so anyway.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Oh, btw, I wasn’t suggesting you should be rooting a bloke. But then again, if that’s your choice ….

  4. Leon Bertrand says:

    Yes, let’s hope he can do it. He’s had another very good Tour and would deserve the win.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Will there be any thing on ABC radio do you think?

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t know, Iain. Maybe check the ABC website (I couldn’t find any reference to it but you never know). I think you can get a live stream via the SBS website.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    Oh, I forgot to add – Cadel is a Victorian!

    Well, he lives here now and has for sometime so, if he wins, we will claim him. If not, we will simply refer to him as that NSW-born loser!

    (Actually, he’s a winner regardless of what happens tonight)

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Its just the set in my bedroom does not receive broadcast TV, I just use it to watch DVD’s… anyway I may just have to drag the ole’ doona onto the couch then 🙄

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Do what we do, Iain.

    Open a bottle or two, get your wife out too.

    Have a cuddle and … whatever, and enjoy a great event.

    Then, when it’s over, roll on into bed and … again, whatever.

    It’s the way to go.

    Oh, we put the puppies to bed first.

  10. damage says:

    Cadel lives in the same area as me. I was at the local footy today and the genuine hope for him is really warming. The people of Barwon Heads are truely wishing that he wins even though he’s really not a local as such. That said it’s great to see the unity of the people when this country is so un necessarily divided by this ranga.

  11. damage says:

    Actually Ray Cadel was born in Katherine in the NT not NSW. He’s better than that.

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    Thanks for that correction. I read somewhere (at PP I think) that he was born in country NSW. I should have known better than to trust that source.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    HE WON !!!!!

  14. Luzu says:

    This guy just showed the most incredible guts.

    The video has commenting in Spanish. Sucks, my Spanish just isn’t that good.

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