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Gaza regatta time again

Ah it looks like its that time of the year again, yes folks its time for the Gaza regatta where latte sipping Anti Semites all do their darnedest to show just how much they love the Islamic fundamentalist regime in Gaza run by Hamas. They want to make it easier for this despotic regime to import the materials of war hidden in the wrappings of secular need.

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Our friends of the Latte sipping persuasion seem to endlessly fall for arguments that encourage them to lend support for truly despotic Islamic theocratic regimes  like the one  Hamas runs in Gaza. I just can’t imagine any reason to do so if you have any real liberal principles. The attitude of such regimes to women , homosexuals, atheists,  anyone who enjoys a drink or a bacon sarnie is just utterly despicable. But they do have one thing in common with so many of our extreme Latte sippers and that is a totalitarian heart. Maybe that explains the inexplicable here then Our Latte sippers just dream of having the same sort of life and death stranglehold over the community that Hamas enjoys in Gaza…

Shalom Comrades



  1. Richard Ryan says:

    I wonder what David Irving would make of all that, maybe we can get him on the Bolt progam, Bolt just loves free speech——to his requirements of course. The way I Iook at this little drama, every action causes a reaction, or it is the oppressor who dictates the tactics of the oppressed——which will keep wordsmiths in political fodder for eternity.

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    I often wonder what have the Jewish Race done to deserve nearly total destruction, by a so called Christian Nation Germany, as the rest of the so called civilised nations looked on with the excuse, ‘we did not know’.

  3. Luzu says:

    Why am I not surprised that you think the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves?

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