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Name the poison

Sadly Pat is right  on the money here.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Name the poison! CHRISTIANITY is the most materialistic of all great religions——William Temple. ISLAM bashing seems to be bordering on mass hysteria on all blog sites this week. Alleluia, are we all singing from the same hymn book? Nobody can hate like a Christian. Shalom, Richard Ryan.

  2. Luzu says:

    Christianity’s founder said that a man cannot serve both God and Mammon. Don’t look at what the supposed followers do. Check out what the founder said.
    I have a question: If I told you that I was a vegetarian while at the same time consuming a large steak, would you believe me? So why do you believe Christians who say they follow Christ but show the opposite by their actions? Is it because you don’t actually know what the teachings of Christ are and therefore have no point of reference?

  3. PKD says:

    For Christs sake, Luzu – Jesus was Jewish, his disciples were Jewish, all the people he died on a cross for were Jewish. The guy got done for claiming he was the King of the Jews, not the King of the Christians!

    He did NOT found a religion. You can thank the Romans for that. And what did the Romans ensure when the appended their New Testament onto the Jewish old Testament. To found a religion that would spend the next 2000 years persecuting Jews – the very people Jesus was meant to be the king of!

    Smelll the freaking coffee!

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