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Andrew Chan should have realised that the house always wins

We can debate the justice of a death penalty for drug smuggling until the cows come home but there is no doubt that it has been well known for years that Indonesia shoots drug smugglers that it catches and Andrew Chan must have known that before he hatched his ill-fated scheme to import heroin into Australia via Bali. Apart from the shock of being caught, It can’t have been a realistic expectation that he would receive any other sentence. Further it can’t have been a reasonable expectation that appealing the sentence would succeed in cancelling the firing squad either. So I find the tenor and tone  of the reporting  of this very as  expected decision to be rather silly and quite ridiculous.

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I can’t help thinking though that there may just be a bureaucrat in the Indonesian  department of justice with a heart though because the decision to tell Scott Rush that he won’t face that post in a jungle clearing at the first opportunity meant that he was spared some measure of fear and loathing for his fate and in a strange kind of way not telling Chan immediately that his appeal has failed has given him a brief period where he could maintain some measure of hope that his fate was not  a last walk into the jungle. There is no reason to expect that the final appeal for clemency will succeed either, so it now becomes a matter of when rather than if and I don’t think we should shed any tears for the very silly man who has gambled with his life and lost.

After all everyone knows that the house always wins in the end and only the most desperate gamblers think otherwise.

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    The ghoulish Australian media, may well ask why did the Police Commissioner Mick Kelty,inform the Indonesians, and “exporting” them there,instead off ambushing here. I wonder how Chan feels about Kelty making the Queen’s list this year.

  2. Leon Bertrand says:

    I think we just have to accept that our Asian neighbours are very harsh on drug smugglers. It’s sad that Chan has to die, but he was a ring-leader, so the sentence for him was always going to be harsher than for the others.

    We need to try and prevent Australians from going there with illegal drugs.

    Mind you, Chan had nothing to lose in his final appeal which confirmed the death penalty.

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