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She ain’t no lady

This scandal is probably of more interest to Ray, our resident expert on all things AFL  but I find the way that this drama is playing out via the media in general and the social media in particular quite interesting. In particular the way that AFL tries so hard to paint itself as a exemplar of good solid respectable values and yet time and again those who the AFL want to present as role models have been revealed to have the proverbial feet of clay.

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 Now I’m going to make a rather off the wall suggestion here and that is that the problems being experience by the AFL over this and related scandals is analogous to those that the Catholic church has experienced over recent years, to put it bluntly when you set yourself up as an organisation selling moral virtue to the public it is unreasonable to expect perfection from all of the members of your organisation because experience tells us that no matter how hard you try there will always be people who can’t live their lives on message.

As For Ms Duthrie, all of the times that I have seen her in the media suggests that she is just a rather vapid attention seeker who brings nothing but disrepute  to the sport that so many people are very passionate about . I can’t help thinking though that  some people just take  chasing a misshapen air filled leather  ball altogether too seriously

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I think it’s got hardly anything to do with AFL now, Iain. This sordid mess is just about two people with no moral compasses, 47 yo Nixon & 17 yo Kim. There are a lot of those types in all walks of life.

  2. damage says:

    Thought it said Dixon for a moment.
    Wasn’t a shock though.

  3. damage says:

    Seriously though, does anyone elses nose smell photoshop?

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Oh I agree that its more about the celebrity culture than it is about sport Ray which is what makes it so interesting in my book.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Well I don’t Damage, and I have played around with such things a bit I could not detect any obvious give-aways like errant shadows that fall the wrong way or elements that are not consistent with the sort of distortions that you get form the wide angle lenses in a phone camera.

  6. damage says:

    That’s where I don’t agree Iain.
    Look at the light on her arm and on his chest.
    Everything about it say fake.

  7. Blinded by the headlights of knowledge says:

    Photoshop or no she clearly has a photo of him in bed…which she got…how I wonder?
    Good on her, keep up the good work.

  8. Luzu says:

    Yuck. The whole thing is sordid.

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Whether or not she photoshopped herself in, the photo still shows him in bed. But hell, I’m beyond caring about it.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    That’s from the flash I think Damage

  11. Craigy says:

    She’s one hell of a smart young girl, playing a major personality in the biggest sport in the country as the biggest sucker of all time.

    I think this is why we stare at this car crash in wonderment. Is this how modern young people are now able to function? Has the technology they now have at their finger tips giving them abilities that have them flying past previous generations in tactical situations? Should we all be afraid at how these youngsters use this ability they have to destroy people around them?

    It’s an interesting thing, a girl could not have done this to Nixon 10 years ago. Well not without serious money.

    That said Nixon has been very stupid and has not behaved like a responsible adult in his position should. How many others have been getting away with this kind of thing for years? One has to wonder. Do all our emperors have on clothes?

  12. Craigy says:

    Oh and no photoshop…not that it matters, he has admitted being in the room…..I think he currently claims she drugged him with GBH….Yeah right.

  13. Craigy says:

    And a short comment on your comparison with the Catholic sex abuse scandal.

    1. The AFL didn’t cover this up – the church has been covering up abuse for years.

    2. The players association has de-registered Nixon as a player agent and referred it to police – the Catholics would just move the abuser to another place to continue the abuse and deal with it ‘in house’.

    3. Nixon has never claimed to be a guardian or teacher of moral values, he is a player agent – Catholic abusers did their worst while telling others how to live and teaching morals.

    I don’t think you can compare these issues Iain.

  14. Iain Hall says:

    Well Craigy I just think that its no accident that the same sort of mindset that pervades AFL is evident in Catholicism, becuse in this country both are largely artefacts of large scale Irish imigration

  15. Craigy says:

    What makes you say that Iain, I didn’t think Melbourne Grammar or Scotch Collage was Catholic?

    If you read what I wrote again Iain, the point I was making was that they don’t have the same mind set at all.

    BTW the game was played first by local indigenous Australians.

  16. Iain Hall says:

    My understanding is that AFL owes a great debt to Gaelic football which is why I think that Irish immigration is significant and I appreciate what you say about the transgressions of catholic minions but that is not really what I am alluding to at all its more about the one eyed passion for the faith that I’m thinking about here I see it in both practising Catholics and AFL fans

  17. Sax says:

    The picture looks faked, but that doesn’t seem to matter these days does it ? Perhaps from a competitor to Nixon, looking to nab his “client list” ?
    Look what this sort of behaviour has done to people’s careers. Wayne Carey seems to ring a bell. His sleaziness has highlighted the problem, and the media, keen to oblige, and sensationalise, are only to pleased to show the “brain f*rt” to sell papers or whatever. Did Clinton’s career wonders didn’t it ?

    The difference between this, and the Catholic church kiddy fiddlers ? Exactly that. They are children that are defenceless against this sort of predatory behaviour. Even though probably teenagers, I wonder what their parents are thinking, (apart from the possible big payday ahead), as to the reasons why their daughters are in this situation in the first place ?

  18. Richard Ryan says:

    NOTHING is a crime till your are caught, it would be interesting to note, how many of our media sleep around—to get a story, the morals of the Australian media would be much lower then the standards of this girl.

  19. Sax says:

    Good points !

  20. Richard Ryan says:

    NOW that’s what we need: A photo of some media queen in bed with some high profile politician. As the old saying goes, don’t tell mum I’m a politician, she thinks I’m a piano player at the local brothel.

  21. Richard Ryan says:

    Yeah! That like the story of the Catholic Priest in bed with his girlfriend, when she says to him, Father you are a paedophile, and he replies, golly that’s a big word for a girl of twelve years old.

  22. Sax says:

    They wouldn’t pay any money for the photos, or bother to photoshop them, if they were just the average Joe would they ?

  23. Sax says:

    BTW, being in sort of photography here, one of the guys (who is a master at this s*it, not me), has looked at the photo, and just chuckled. He said, the tip off is the difference in skin tones between Nixon and the girl, and it has nothing to do with lighting.

    Also, with the flash. Look at the girl’s face, it is totally bathed in flash light, where is the corresponding shadow, behind her, that should be on Nixon’s left shoulder, and left side of face ? There is a slight shadow, being formed by her right shoulder, on to his, but no corresponding shadow from her head ?
    Oops ?
    Back to the drawing board perhaps ?

  24. heavykevvie says:

    wrong again iain. can i suggest that you read ‘a game of our own’ a history of aussie rules by geoffrey blainey. gaelic football had very little if not nothing to do with the creation of our game. also the idea that the game has indigeonous roots is i’m afraid a ‘seductive myth’. cheers comrade

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