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Good cop or bad cop?

The political assassination of Victoria’s Chief Police Commissioner Simon Overland  is complete – he’s resigned.

Ostensibly, the reason for Premier Ted Baillieu accepting Overland’s resignation is over a “damning” Ombudsman’s report  that, in a nutshell, says Overland released dodgy crime stats prior to the State election last year that favoured the then ALP government.

Well, I have 2 words to say about that: BIG. DEAL.

I seriously doubt that Overland was playing political lackey or favourites. I judge the man on his record as a cop. A bloody good cop too, who headed up and cleaned up the “war” against the gangland murders. Who took over the top job from the clearly incompetent and disgraced Christine Nixon and who actually went out into the streets himself and did something.

As a Victorian, I felt safer (and prouder) with Simon Overland protecting us. I reckon he was bloody good at his job, a fair man and a decent bloke.

I also reckon Overland was an honest cop. And they’re hard to come by. God knows who or what we’ll get as a replacement. Amen.



  1. damage says:

    What you mean “We” Maroone man

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    I’m the author.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    As ray says its his post Damage and BTW there is no e on the end of “maroon”

  4. Craigy says:

    Ah damage, on the ball as always.

    I don’t know Ray, Overland has always had a smell and they need to be squeaky clean. It was a small stuff up, but not one a PCC can afford to make.

    Also, he pissed off the English cop who would probably have made a good CC and gone even harder at corruption in the force. It is an issue Victoria police is yet to deal with in the way other states have done.

    Your right he could have stayed but I think it best that he has done what he has done.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Fair enough, Craigy. My opinion is based more on what I’ve seen of Overland the person in the media, and he has always impressed me. No one is perfect (don’t I know it?) but overall I reckon this was one good cop and a great loss.

  6. brad.k says:

    you are kidding right? thanks for the laugh

  7. damage says:

    My bad sorry.

    Now that Ray is Ray it’s just a little confusing.

  8. mumbles says:

    Ray without protecting Overland, and I know him as a good person, I sympathise that he certainly had the job ahead of him in cleaning the damage from Christine’s reign, but I think it was always the case that he would resign if the report(s) went against him as an honorable person.. I must wonder how many CEO’s have to deal with having the main contender for their job being installed as their deputy and a conservative (???) government considering him as the new corruption czar while listening to the union brief against the Chief Commissioner and more particularly A POM who insists on his title of Sir Ken who, as I read it, has so far broken every rule on honesty and loyalty and (for Craigy) he is the only one telling us how much corruption he would have found and the good works he would have done.

    We Victorians should get very SMART and install someone with stability and a low profile in touch with the rank and file for the balance of Overlands Term. The term to be extensible based on results, lets hold the position accountable in the first instance and only then give a longer term. This would mean for this term no outsiders and DEFINITELY NOT Ken Jones. He is as bad as the rest of them, releasing information for his own gain and advancement. The next resignation to help this force get back on its feet should be the Police Association Davies and his bully followers.

    Perhaps I’m biased but perhaps not if I am agreeing with Ray


  9. damage says:

    My bad sorry.BTW Craigy – looking forward to that bottle of Red.

  10. Leon Bertrand says:


    All public servants are under a duty to be politically impartial. It’s in the APS ethics, and a requirement that all public servants should comply with.

    By releasing dodgy stats on the eve of an election in order to help the Labor Party, Overland demonstrated a lack of political impartiality.

    His resignation is the right outcome in the circumstances, and a warning to other public servants to want to enter the political arena in their professional capacities.

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    I accept Overland’s explanation, Leon, that he was not acting out of any political motivation. Obviously those on the Liberals’ side would suggest he was. I’m not looking at this politically though – I’m saying that I believe that man.

  12. Sax says:

    Well, that is a certainty now folks. This is not Iain Hall.
    He has reminded us all, time and time again, never come up, and post on a spelling mistake !
    Sh*t Ray, when are you going to admit to this charade, you are attempting to perpertrate here ?

  13. Iain Hall says:

    The only comments posted here in my name have been posted by me.

  14. Sax says:

    My direct email inquiry has remained unanswered for nearly a week.

  15. Ray Dixon says:

    Are you alright, Sax? Seriously, putting all animosity aside, you sound like you’re unravelling a bit. I’m sorry if all this has gotten to you, but no one (me included) wishes you any ill will. Let’s move on, eh?

  16. Sax says:

    Yep, I’m fine. I’m not the one unravelling. All of your behaviour is now beginning to come back, and bite you on the ar*e. Enjoy it.
    Too late to move on. You have said that at least three times, and come back, after having a sulk, and then sprayed me, or some other poor ba*tard.
    What’s the matter, don’t like some of your own medicine ?
    Enjoy your notoritey.
    My jobs done.

  17. Ray Dixon says:

    Okay Sax. It’s just when you say something like this: “Well, that is a certainty now folks. This is not Iain Hall.”, it kind of puts all your other accusations into perspective. Good night.

  18. Sax says:

    Read my comment at 2110. I think that says it all.
    Anway, I have to get ready for a flight, and I have been giving you way more time than you deserve. So have fun with it.

  19. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes, I’ve read your comment @ “2110”, Sax. This one:

    Well, that is a certainty now folks. This is not Iain Hall.
    He has reminded us all, time and time again, never come up, and post on a spelling mistake !
    Sh*t Ray, when are you going to admit to this charade, you are attempting to perpertrate here ?

    It says you believe I am impersonating Iain Hall on his own blog. It speaks for itself. Everyone can see that it does indeed “say it all”.

  20. Sax says:

    The spelling mistake comment you/Ian (sic) made @1436 ?

    pwned again ! 😉
    I have work to do, this thing is on screen dump, so go for your life.

  21. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes, I know that’s what you were referring to. Everyone knows.

    Now, this is all off topic and weird. And it’s keeping me out of bed. For the last time, good night.

  22. Iain Hall says:


    My direct email inquiry has remained unanswered for nearly a week.

    The last email that I received from you was on the 5th of June and it was nothing more than a tip off about a story of a mysterious object on Mars

    so there are two possibilities here either you have sent the emails that you claim I am “ignoring” to the wrong address or they never existed ….
    frankly I want to believe the former rather than the later
    Resend and I will listen to what you have to say

  23. Leon Bertrand says:

    Let’s talk about the issues raised in the posts rather than each other.

    The continual descent into the personal on the comment threads of this blog should stop. How many people stumbling upon this blog for the first time would think its a good place to make comments themselves?

  24. Iain Hall says:

    Fair Call Leon and one that I’m going to take up

  25. Ray Dixon says:

    Agreed, Leon. I reckon the problem is that certain people have not been pulled up enough and they know they can just keep it up.

  26. Iain Hall says:

    Executive decision folks:
    Any off topic comments about the “SP” issue in any thread other than “Well we needed the bacon” will be deleted without further notice
    Cheers Comrades

  27. Craigy says:

    what was the bottle of red for damage….i forget……

  28. damage says:

    It was to stop you having to agree with everything I ever post inperpetuity when JG gets the axe.

    It was 6 months from the 21st of May. If I lose I will drop off a bottle to RMIT on Nov 21 (or near as I cam to that).

    But it’s definately looking like I’ll be picking one up well prior to that date.

    Howes is doing numbers, Rudd’s denying he’ll challenge, polls are down in the dunny and yesterday they lost 2 votes on the floor of the house – one a sensure motion – there are Greek banks on more solid ground that our Juliar.

    I like merlot BTW.

  29. Craigy says:

    Oh yeah, okay we will see….BTW if you are going to come to my work place, please let me know first so I can direct you – because it’s a big place!

    Mine is Shriaz…..Cheers.

  30. Sax says:

    Gillard is a failure guys ?
    But, apart from KayRudd, who is labor’s saviour ?
    Can’t see one myself. I think Ruddy is being cagey. I think he is still waiting for that golden parachute, plumb diplo post, to probably Shanghai ? Al la Andrew Peakock ?

  31. Steve says:

    Good cop, bad cop, gone cop…………..I never liked him, good ridens!

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