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#Slutwalk,#fashion, personal responsibility and safety on the streets after dark

Lets  consider just how earnest but confused the organisers of those little pieces of street theatre actually are shall we?

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John Lydon says:

You never listen to word that I said
You only seen me
For the clothes that I wear
Or did the interest go so much deeper
It must have been
The colour of my hair.


When it comes to women who are sexually assaulted after going out getting pissed and then staggering around our cities (the sort of scenario that the Canadian policeman who inspired all of this feminist outrage was talking about)  well then   I think that think that the Mountie was wrong, it is not the way that a woman is dressed that makes her vulnerable in that situation it is being pissed and isolated that does it. In the animal kingdom most predators are total opportunists and to honest I think that the same thing applies to those men who would  take advantage of drunken women in the wee small hours in our cities. Now its all well and good to emphasise e that the all women should be safe on the streets after dark but it is most imprudent to assume that wishing for something is going to make it so. As individuals we all have to take responsibility for our own safety as we go about our work or as we seek our pleasures and this applies equally to men and women who go out on the town.

I’m going to upset a few people here but I think that there are a lot of women who are confused when it comes to the message that they send to the world with their public image. Human beings are after all like so many animals they communicate  to their fellows in the way that they present themselves to the world. In fact there are lots of birds and animals that put huge amounts of effort into display to demonstrate that they are available and worthy of mating. In many of these species it is often the males who are the dedicated followers of fashion but in our society it is generally women who put on the the display, they are told that they are validated by  how attractive they look and there is a huge industry that exists to make their validation happen.

There is however a sort of schizophrenic aspect to the feminists who wan to insist that women should have the right to make overtly sexual displays and at the same time they denounce we poor humble blokes for noticing  the size of the breasts, a well shaped bottom that is emphasised by particular items of clothing , or even just  what we may find hits all the right notes of our personal  tune. You can’t have it both ways. If you make a personal display that emphasises your sexuality then don’t be surprised if men notice you for that  reason and make judgements accordingly. That is just the way that we are biologically programmed to respond to sexual display.  By the same token though it is NEVER acceptable for anyone to assume that a sexual display means that there is some sort of implicit  general consent to sexual activity. The thing is no matter what the current fashions happen to be men and women make judgements about their sexual availability and they may even seek to do more than just look. The problem lays I think in the way that we are constantly told that we have to maintain a sexual display. I say we here to be inclusive of both men and women because the fashion industry has long realised that  men and women can be induced into parting with large amounts of cash to maintain a sexual display as a matter of course even when the need is less than urgent once that pair bond has been already been established.

We are all in the thrall of a fashion industry that tells us that we are only validated by having the newest and “most beautiful plumage” that money can buy. Frankly I think that it would do the cause of women (and men) far more good if those young idealistic feminists  who are running the Slutwalk street theatre  were to turn their attentions to the fashion industry in general and consider just who the players that lead and dictate what is socially acceptable in terms of personal  presentation. If history teaches us anything about the nature of “Fashion” it is that it seems to bounce between being very overt to very modest in the amount of flesh that is on display and as the industry has managed to make the obsolescence cycle shorter and shorter to boost sales I think that it has got to the stage where there is absolutely no good sense at all, and even less appreciation of just what messages any particular type individual display makes to the world.

So my message for Slutwalkers everywhere is this; wear whatever you like, display as little or as much flesh as you please that is your right, with you 110% on you having the right to do as you please, but it is unrealistic to think that having a “right” to personal safety will ever guarantee your safety,  because there is no way that we will ever have a society without some (hopefully very few)  nasty people and  violent crime. I am reminded of the advice that a good friend once gave me on the occasion of my first  ever visit to Sydney as a young man ” always walk the streets with a sense of purpose and as if you own them, even if you are lost, them and you will have no trouble”  There is a message in that advice for young women*  too.

And a final quote from that song to ponder:

Public Image you got what you wanted
The Public Image belongs to me
It’s my entrance
My own creation
My grand finale
My goodbye


Cheers Comrades

* although I tend to think that teetering on 4 inch heels in a short dress while pissed makes this rather difficult.


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I wrote about this too, Iain, but I couldn’t be bothered putting as much effort into it as you have. Basically, I don’t take this “SlutWalk” charade very seriously and I think it might do more harm than good. If it’s about empowering women to dress provocatively (and I can’t think of any other outcome) then all that will do is play into the hands of any sickos who think that “sluts are asking for it”. That’s the way they think and no faux protest is going to stop them being rapists & animals. Only the law can achieve that.

    (Or did you write so much about this to divert attention away from today’s real topic – the split in the Liberal Party? Great stuff. Go Malcolm)

  2. Iain Hall says:

    There is no split Ray 😉

  3. Sax says:

    Greetings from a wet Japan.
    This subject has been the source of angst for, well since forever.

    There is a certain responsibility that one must wear, whenever we go into the night. Both men, as well as women these days. Women cannot expect their won’t be trouble, when they dress like the local hooker. That doesn’t mean, that they are asking for it , far from it, but a little common sense please. Our cities are not safe places anymore. Not that they were anyway, but a girl has to dress using a little common sense. I realise they have to get noticed, at all costs, but a lot of times they go way over the top, and wonder then why they sometimes get into trouble ? They also have to realise that the sex hormones in a young male, far outweigh those of their female counterparts. That is by no means an excuse, but just the way it is. They often forget that little point as well ?
    We had a few light ales last night, at the Mac Bar here in Hiroshima, and it was interesting, whilst walking there, to note just how conservative the Japanese girls dress, at least for public display. Inside the venue, hell, that was different story, anything goes. But, outside on the streets, very conservative. I am sure they have problems, the same as we do, but I never saw any.

    My opinion for what it’s worth ? Slutwalk and organisations like it, over the long run, do more harm actually for their cause than good ?

  4. Angel says:

    Ray is correct in that no good will come of this.

    I am quite embarrassed that other females would do this in public. Why dress slutty? The adjective that often is used with slut is “dirty”. Wear trashy clothes, pierce your face, cover your visable parts with tramp stamps, cover your face in goth makeup, get trashed. Dirty slut look is not provocative. This cannot be appealing to the other sex either I am assuming.

    I prefer to dress sexy. Showing cleavage, thighs, even midriffs is not slutty when size appropriate clothing is used and the overall look is clean and attractive.

    Lace, “FM” Boots and fishnet stockings, have a place but should be confined to roleplaying, not nightouts.

    No wonder these feminists are so sexually frustrated. They do not know how to dress or how to pick up.

    For the man involved, again Ray is correct, “Only the law can achieve that.” The courts need to toughen up in all punishments and I assume the Canadian officer is talking from previous experience cause the court may not back you up.

    Why are the feminists fighting against his statement which actually makes sense to me but ignore when moslem leaders call us meat for showing any flesh. I would often be called meat by them but will not wear the label “slut”

  5. Clint Zane Barton Trow Sykes Eric says:

    You people are so weird. Iain uses the phrase “we all have to take responsibility….” and then doesn’t follow this thru at all. I mean how about men take responsibility for not raping? No? Men are really that stupid are they? They have no free will at all? Just like in the animal kingdom…really stupid stuff here, just disgusting stuff, real bottom dweller rubbish.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    In our society only the tiniest minority of our men ever even think about committing the crime of rape so I would argue that the vast majority of men clearly DO take responsibility for not raping and it seems that no matter how hard our educators and law enforcers try to jump upon those few offenders that do exist we are probably always going to have some instances of this truly horrid crime.
    You seem to be deliberately misreading my argument here, I am not in anyway suggesting that every man is a rapist waiting for an opportunity to violate. Instead I am suggesting that those who have already decided that they want to violate women will take advantage of opportunities that present themselves when they think that they can commit the crime and get away with it.
    These individuals are not called sexual predators for nothing.
    I suspect that you are one of those people who think that having a “right” to personal safety (which I think that is reasonable expectation in our society) means that no one has to take responsibly to avoid high risk behaviour.
    Just couple of questions for you:
    Do you lock your house before going to sleep at night?
    Do you lock your car and take the keys with you when you park in the city?
    If you answer yes to both questions then why aren’t you insisting that other people should be taking responsibility for not stealing?

  7. Barton Sykes Zane Clint Eric Trow says:

    Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!

    1. Don’t put drugs in people’s drinks in order to control their behavior.

    2. When you see someone walking by themselves, leave them alone!

    3. If you pull over to help someone with car problems, remember not to assault them!

    4. NEVER open an unlocked door or window uninvited.

    5. If you are in an elevator and someone else gets in, DON’T ASSAULT THEM!

    6. Remember, people go to laundry to do their laundry, do not attempt to molest someone who is alone in a laundry room.

    7. USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM! If you are not able to stop yourself from assaulting people, ask a friend to stay with you while you are in public.

    8. Always be honest with people! Don’t pretend to be a caring friend in order to gain the trust of someone you want to assault. Consider telling them you plan to assault them. If you don’t communicate your intentions, the other person may take that as a sign that you do not plan to rape them.

    9. Don’t forget: you can’t have sex with someone unless they are awake!

    10. Carry a whistle! If you are worried you might assault someone “on accident”you can hand it to the person you are with, so they can blow it if you do.

    From: http://feministlawprofessors.com/?p=12965

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Do you realise just how stupid you are making yourself look with this crap Zane?

  9. Angel says:

    This feminist site you quote Zane also declares the badminton uniform for females as sexist. Sluts one day then covering us up the next. It really is crap.

  10. Barton Sykes Zane Clint Eric Trow says:

    But Angel…this site that we are on now also thinks that Andrew Bolt is a reasonable human being!!!!! It really is crap.

  11. gigdiary says:

    The Bolt Report, what a great show. Here’s last Sunday’s ratings compared to that leftie rubbish, the Insiders:

    The Bolt Report: 279,000 (up 12,000).
    Insiders (ABC1 and ABC24) : 225,000

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    Barton Sykes Zane Clint Eric Trow, not everyone who comments here thinks that Bolt is okay. Likewise not everyone agrees with Iain’s opinions. Your broadsides at this site and those who comment here ( ie. “You people are so weird … really stupid stuff here, just disgusting stuff, real bottom dweller rubbish”) says more about you than anyone else. If you don’t like the blog and if you don’t like participating here, well, piss off.

  13. Richard Ryan says:

    Andrew Bolt! The ABC Insider, they say he got 800 bucks per show—-also know as Melbourne’s village idiot, in some circles, like Sarah Palin, he likes to promote himself.

  14. Angel says:

    You left one off your “Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Worklist”

    * Become a feminist

  15. Iain Hall says:

    Just to add to Ray’s comment Zane I am actually one of the few bloggers of any political persuasion who actively welcomes comments that disagree with me and the things that I write here.
    Now if you are not up to debating the issues I’ll go easy on you 😉

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