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The Chaser boys chastened

There are times that I have found the Chaser boys very funny, but like all of those who do satire their shtick is just not always funny I am rather amused though by the developing outrage from the usual suspects that Clarence house should dare to say that they will not allow any footage of the wedding to be used by comedians or satirists.

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Personally I think that its is in extremely poor taste to take the piss out of anyone’s wedding be they the most lowly street people  to the likes William and Kate everyone deserves to be treated with respect on the day that they make one of our most solemn commitments. If the Chaser boys want to take the piss then they are free to stage a re-enactment of the event but to expect the use of the official footage just so that they can mock the event is seriously misconceived. I would love to know if the chaser boys would be happy to have their own wedding video subjected to the sort of mocking commentary that they were planning for the Royal wedding? No? well if its good enough for ordinary people not to have their wedding mocked then it should be good enough not to mock a Royal wedding.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    The fuss being made over the royal wedding bores me to tears, but I don’t have a problem with this decision to impose a media ban on the Chasers because:

    a) It’s their event and their property. They’re not the first celebrities to restrict media access to a wedding. In fact a lot of celebrities only allow coverage by those outlets who have paid for the exclusive rights (which is really crass commercialism but still their right)

    b) The Chasers are not funny and are just plain ignorant and insulting. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of under-grad, humourless, pseudo intellectual, private schoolboy type prats.

    And Morrow’s pathetic letter just proves what an immature idiot he really is.

  2. damage says:

    I have to say that I agree with Ray here.
    It’s a private family matter. The royals clearly see the public interest in the private family matter and have therefore allowed the media “restricted” access to it. They do after all have respect and an obligation to their subjects.
    That said, it is clear that the chaser have a history of showing a lack of respect for their subjects. They now claim that they were only going to mock the circus. Yeh right! Were the Chaser involved in a skit that mocked terminally ill children because they are only going to live for a few more months before passing away and it is not worth spending money on lavish gifts for them?
    If you would do that to terminally ill children then what fun would you have with the royal family?

  3. damage says:

    I was also interested in this comment elsewhere.

    ” So bloody what! It’s being broadcast on every other bloody channel. Call their bluff! Go in much harder! Have some bloody balls!”

    Is the learned writer advising the ABC to steal footage? We all realise it is his want to steal other people’s work, but advising the ABC to do so appears a little extreme.

  4. Sax says:

    The unrelenting search for a laugh by these boneheads, only ever succeeds with those as benign as they are. Having watched a couple of their attempts, I just sit there, shake my head, blame it on the generation gap, when I don’t find their humour funny ? It can’t be just me, these guys are just not funny ! Being young, and extremely arrogant, I guess they just don’t get it ?
    Find an excuse to put them in the slammer for the day.

  5. Ray, you’ve got it completely wrong. This is not like other weddings and the royals have no right to restrict access to footage of it.

    Remember that the Queen is our official head of state. And when she dies her retarded son will take her place. Just as we will be his “subjects” (reluctantly, of course) shouldn’t he also be subject to our scrutiny, some of which is sure to be satirical? You conservatives are fond of saying that “you can’t have it both ways”. Well, doesn’t this apply here?

    I mean, why is it okay for him to reign over us, yet we can’t make fun of him? Really, if you believe in freedom of speech like you say you do then you should be very angry about this undeniably totalitarian decree.

    Also, the Chaser boys are not unfunny bores as you claim. They are simply the most insightful, brilliant and hilarious comedians working today.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    You’re right, Derek.

  7. Sax says:

    You know what guys ?
    I don’t think bonny PC will take the throne. I don’t think he wants it, or he knows the people don’t like him. Looking at how the media are concentrating on William, my guess is they will skip a generation, and he will be the next monarch. If PC were to be king, he, I think would be already.

    Also, the Chaser boys are not unfunny bores as you claim. They are simply the most insightful, brilliant and hilarious comedians working today.

    WTF ? Wow, talking about the generation gap at work.
    Sorry mate, I just don’t get them at all, and I thought I was pretty broad minded.

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