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The top contender

Those of us who are concerned about the issue of the endless stream of unauthorised arrivals of asylum seekers  illegal immigrants have long known that the most attractive carrot that draws them here is the easy route to getting permanent residency and the right to sponsor their family members once that get that desired migration outcome. I am not alone in being disgusted to discover that even those who have been convicted of the destruction of commonwealth property have thus far not been “bad enough” for the minister to refuse them a visa on “character grounds”.   The fact that the Labor government has finally decided to “Toughen up” and change the law so that any offence will be enough to refuse residency is a good start. But the obvious question that comes to mind is why the hell has it taken the partial  destruction of  not one but two detention centres for them to act?

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said that if the laws were passed they would come into force from today and cover any troublemakers convicted over acts of violence and riots at Broadmeadows, Villawood and Christmas Island.

As protests continued at four detention centres around the country yesterday, Mr Bowen said: “These changes send a clear message to anyone considering engaging in unacceptable behaviour in immigration detention that this will only increase their chances of not being granted a visa.

“The Government believes the powers under the Migration Act can be strengthened to create a more significant disincentive for this sort of destructive behaviour.

This will apply to all people in immigration detention: onshore and offshore arrivals, asylum seekers, or otherwise,” he said.

Under the Migration Act, Mr Bowen already has the power to refuse visas, but it is easy for him to do so only where a person has a substantial criminal record, or where someone has been sentenced to jail for a year or more.

The changes will mean that, if a convicted criminal faces persecution in their own country, they will most probably be granted only a provisional visa, which does not permit refugees to bring their families to Australia.

Once the threat in their home country is over, they can be sent back.

Along with the ridiculous reluctance to forcefully  deport those who have failed in their claim for asylum (they and their country of origin has to agree that they be deported 🙄  ) the lack of any meaningful sanction for unacceptable behaviour while their claims are being determined is the underlying cause of the unrest in the detention centres at present. Further I find the naivete of the protests from asylum seeker activists almost breathtaking. If ever there was an issue where a protest is beyond futile it is this one . They certainly will get a chorus of “right on ” from the Uber-left loopy Greens but Labor have no wriggle room to give even the tiniest part of a millimetre to their noisy demands lest they lose even more of their base vote. And the general public are just not prepared to believe the narrative that “asylum seekers” are the “worthy of our concern  victims of  oppression” narrative since both Christmas Island  and Villawood have burned.

So in true Labor party tradition what we can see here is an example of policy over reach followed by a  ridiculous denial of the negative consequences  of their changes and then finally a partial restoration of that which they changed.

Is it any wonder that the Gillard government is the top  contender for the “Worst Labor government of all time?

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