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Swings are clearly stronger than roundabouts for the government in the latest polling

There are certainly times when you get something and it turns out to be rather more toxic than you thought it would be as I am sure the Labor MPs have been discovering of late.

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This morning they will be beginning a new week with the knowledge that they are even more on the nose with the electorate than they were before. They may try to take comfort from the continuing popularity of Malcolm Turnbull but that is very small beer indeed compared to the disarray that Labor finds itself in at present. With the Carbon tax top of the list of things people hate about Labor a sensible PM would just admit that it ain’t going to fly with the people and drop the bloody thing calling the bluff of the independents and the loopy Greens because it just has to be better for brand Labor to demonstrate that it still has its balls rather than continue dancing to their tune just to stay in the lodge.

Lets face it The Greens and Andrew Wilkie have to realise that if they bring down Gillard that their influence of government will be over and they will not get any opportunity  to influence government for a very long time indeed, they will have killed the Labor party stone dead by insisting that they introduce a Carbon tax. Speaking of which has anybody noticed that Poor old Greg Combet is looking rather haggard of late? He has been given the task of selling the detested Carbon Tax and his funereal demeanour says it all, he is like a bacon seller in a mosque, and he knows it.

The one bright spot for the  government is that the idea of limiting the amount of money that gamblers can throw down the ever hungry maw of poker machines is overwhelmingly popular, heck even I think that the Pokies are evil and I am proud to say that I have never wasted a single cent playing those vile machines, That said I wonder if the Wilkie scheme will actually achieve its aim and think that there is merit in the suggestion that there be some real world testing (as suggested on the Insiders ) in a few towns to see if the technology works and it has any impact on the way that people use the machines. Sadly the truly problem gamblers, like any addict, will find a way to gamble no matter what barriers are put in place to discourage them. Personally I think a far better solution to problem gamblers is to create disincentives for  the owners of the machines who so love the poor deluded gambling  fools. Things like making the recovery of money stolen and gambled away easier (or even just possible ) would be a very good start. How many times have we read about people who steal to sustain a gambling habit?  Just why gambling venues can not be made to return stolen money has always perplexed me. After-all any other sort of stolen property can be recovered and its recipients charged with receiving stolen goods so why can’t that be the case when a gambler steals to gamble? The result would have to be club  owners being more vigilant for those who are obviously betting beyond their means  and creating a sort of self regulation. Wilkie may be acting from the best intentions here but I just don’t think that his solution will do that much about what is a terrible problem.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Sax says:

    Labor are finding out just what a can of worms they have opened, trying to get this carbon scheme off the ground. The further they progress, the ‘more on the nose’ the public is sensing it is going to be. All the libs have to do, is sit, wait, keep their mouths shut, and watch, as the inevitable Labor self-implosion arrives, and takes hold.

    Abbott has won no friends with his indecisiveness, so all Turnbuckle has to do, is sit and wait until Abbott implodes as well ?

    As for the pokey situation, the solution has been around for years, but the clubs are that greedy, as are the governments that scoop the cream of these little technological misery machines ? Simple really. When someone comes in to gamble, they are issued with a card, like a cash card. They deposit a maximum into that card in cash, it gets converted to credits on the card, they then take the card around the venue until it runs out, then that’s it ? S*it, not hard ? They won’t do it though. The clubs need the massive profits just to survive, and usually, the clubs have an enormous pull in the communities they are situated, including the pollies that represent those communties, that hold their functions in these clubs (at a discounted rate ?). They justify their greed, by stating that all profits go to local clubs, charities etc. Funny how, in a lot of cases, the clubs that have these machines, with their greed, have caused the need for these charities in the first place ?

  2. Sax says:

    Just fresh off the news ?
    Latest polls out, and guess what ? Labor’s vote the lowest in 15 years ?
    Hmm, what did say about self implosion ?

  3. Iain Hall says:

    I know that the Polls keep showing a preference for Turnbull but I can’t help wondering if that is because a larger number of ALP supporters are choosing him over Abbott when asked. While many of that demographic do like Malcolm I don’t think it matters because everyone knows that he has done his dash and he won’t be back in the top job any time soon. As for Abbott imploding I don’t think that is at all likely.

  4. Sax says:

    I was talking about Labor imploding. Old Ruddy must be sitting back, enjoying a coldy, with a smile ? Payback is a bitch ain’t it ?

    As for the polls, we all know that the questions are framed to be closed questions That means that they are framed to get a result. i.e. one might be,
    given the choice, who would you vote for Turnbull or Abbott ?
    Same as all poll questions. Either a yes or no answer, or a short one word answer. That is why no one should ever trust these polls. They are rigged to hell ?

  5. Sax says:

    Yikes ! What happened. Who stole the white ?
    Ahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg ?

  6. Iain Hall says:

    I thought that moving back to the old digs might be a good opportunity to do a little redecorating 😉

    And I’m experimenting a bit with a different look for the blog 🙂

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    Weird comment formatting too, Iain. It looks like my comment was yours.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    I like it Ray 😉
    The comemnts are attributed at the bottom rather than the top is all which seems OK

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s, er, colourful, Iain.

    Anyway, I’ve got the answer for Julia Gillard. It’s simple really – just apply the carbon tax to the pokies, and all other forms of gambling.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Colourful is Good Ray 😀

    There is a big tax take from the Pokies already Ray that goes to the states I somehow think that they will be like the NRA if the Feds try to put they grubby paws anywhere near that cash…

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    If we want people to stop smoking, we put the price up. We want people to use less electricity too, so we put the price up. This is the mentality of our economic & social-engineering geniuses at work. The mental giants of our country. So, if we want to stop problem gambling the obvious answer is … put the price up. Can’t beat that logic.

  12. Sax says:

    Ray a question, Iain too if you like ?

    Do you honestly think this Carbon Tax will ever be a goer now ? Especially since the release of the latest Labor opinion polls ? Doesn’t the procrastination tell us that they are looking for an honorable backdown strategy ?

  13. Iain Hall says:

    From what I can gather Gillard was actuality one of those who convinced Rudd to drop the CPRS when they could not get it through the Senate and here pre election promise clearly showed that had she got a mandate from the people in her own right then she would have kept that promise and let the whole “carbon pollution” idea fade into history but as it stands she has painted herself into such a tight corner I think she must be working on a crash or crash through strategy but it is not working for her and the more the Labor talking heads try the scare tactics the more stupid they look and the more they make it impossible to back down.
    This idea to make conventional energy more expensive so that alternatives would be more competitive, what the social engineering geniuses did not count on is the rapid increase in world energy prices due to a number of factors like the rapid industrialisation in China and India and various wars and police actions that have seen things like petrol become nearly 50% more expensive in the course of the last year. So as I see it the price signals are happening even without the tax and the useless money churn that it would create.

  14. Sax says:

    I like your methodology Iain. Energy prices will become soon out of reach, especially for the poor, retired, as well as other fixed income recipients. Hell, it’s happening now ?
    The only alternative ? Generate your own. We do it here. Saves us a bloody fortune. But, we couldn’t go any other way. We are under “Tassy Rule” (there u go, for all those that wondered where I was, a hint 😉 ), and the state government owns the energy generation. Not privatised like the rest of Oz. Under those circumstances, with a low population, a guaranteed market for its hydro energy on the mainland, the electricity industry is a major provider of the state’s income stream. Therefore, if people begin to install wind generators, as well as solar panels, which apparently is happening faster than they can build the bloody things, what happens to the state’s coffers ? They dry up !

    The only scenario I can see for certain, is that if they put up electricity and other power supplies by the amount they are talking about, one of two things will happen. The majority of the people will sit in the dark, or there will be a pre election revolt of the likes we have never seen in Oz before. Personally, I think both are inevitable. The state governments, in charge of this industry, smacking at the lips with the thought of all the money that would be available to them, will not be able to help themselves.

  15. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes, Gillard has gone the “crash or crash through” way with the carbon tax. And I honestly don’t think she cares if she loses in 2013. So what? She’ll have served a full term plus a few months and go down in history as our first female PM. She’ll then retire on $millions. She is just going through the motions to stave off any revolt from the Greens & Independents.

    What a rotten choice we’ve got right now – Gillard or Abbott. I’m with the majority here who clearly would rather see a Rudd v Turnbull contest. They’re both real leaders.

  16. Sax says:

    You’re probably right Ray. Be interesting though, how both the parties are going to spin it ?

    This country has quickly gone to the c*apper, and I don’t believe the world financial crisis has had squat to do with it. Be interesting how they can spin that with a straight face as well. (both parties)

    You’re correct again, in that it won’t be much of a choice. I can’t see Abbott leading them to an election, he just ain’t got it.

  17. Sax says:

    2013 huh ?
    If you believe the Aztecs, with their 5000 year old calender ending in 2012, that’s all she wrote folks.
    No more elections ? It won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things anyway will it ?

  18. Ray Dixon says:

    If the Aztecs are right then the carbon tax is really a waste of time. Let’s drop all taxes and just live the high life for the next 18 months then. Suits me.

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Speaking of Aztecs I am reminded of this post from 2009 which offers an alternative reason for climate change…

  20. Sax says:

    Between Ray’s high life, and Iain’s ritualistic sacrifice of virgins, sounds like a pretty good way to go ?

  21. Iain Hall says:

    No lets not waste a such scarce resource I suggest that we sacrifice latte sippers instead for two reasons, firstly there are too many of them at present and secondly they are so commuted to doing something for Gaia that they should go willingly to the altar stone…

  22. Sax says:

    Latte sippers, or politicians ?
    As long as it isn’t my 14yo scotch ?

  23. Sax says:

    what are you doing up so early anyhoo ? I have an excuse, we are going to spend the morning chasing the dry line over this wonderful continent of ours ? Ah, your tax dollar at work

  24. Iain Hall says:

    I get up before the sun every morning courtesy of my long-standing back injury which makes morning sloth untenable

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