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A tax trifecta on the go juice for your wheels

The Greens know that they have Joolia by the short and curlies and now with the announcement of a Carbon tax it is so bloody evident that no one should doubt it:

THE Greens have pushed petrol to the front line in the war over a carbon tax, insisting prices should rise at the bowser as part of the plan to combat pollution.

As alarm grew within Labor ranks about the backlash against Julia Gillard for breaking her election promise not to introduce a carbon tax, Greens deputy leader Christine Milne turned petrol into a flashpoint for Labor by insisting the transport sector should be included in any carbon pricing regime.

Including transport in the carbon tax regime, which is due to start on July 1 next year, is expected to raise petrol prices at a time when rising oil prices — sparked by the instability in the Middle East — are already driving prices higher and adding to cost of living concerns.

Tony Abbott said the carbon tax meant people would pay $300 more a year on their electricity bills and 6.5c a litre extra for petrol, which would add about $3 to the cost of a tank of petrol.

That would make a tax trifecta on the go juice for your wheels. There is already the excise on petrol The GST on the sale and now they are proposing a carbon tax on top of that! Oh and don’t forget that the GST will rise as well once the carbon tax is imposed (just to add insult to Injury) because GST is imposed on the sale price.

But this even more revealing about just what part of the government dog is doing the wagging :

Senator Christine Milne – Climate price agreement 24 Feb 2011

Senator Milne said the climate change committee behind the carbon plan had been the Greens idea and the party had ownership of the scheme “because it’s the one we put on the table ourselves”.

She said while negotiations on the details of the carbon price package had yet to begin, the point of putting a price signal on carbon into the economy was to “drive changes in behaviour”.

“That is why we think transport should be in, and we think the price signal in transport should start to drive that transformation,” she said, adding that funds from the carbon tax could be used to improve public transport in Sydney and Melbourne, the fast train proposed for the eastern states and electric cars.

The thought of having this Climate change zealot anywhere near the levers of power is a truly horrifying prospect and we should all be worried that Gillard lacks the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this OTT zealotry. Ah but that is the result of Joolia wanting power at any price and her hope that she will still have the glory of government

Viva la revolution Comrades!




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