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Soccer ‘the beautiful game’ my arse

Theres more action in the crowd than on the field at a boring Soccer game.

Good news – and bad – comes in threes. Take Soccer.

The bad news for the supporters of the wogball game just got worse. But for us true Aussie AFL supporters – with the season soon to kick off – this is really good news … and tells us what we already knew – Soccer is shit.  

Good news/Bad news #1: Australia loses bid to host 2022 World Soccer Cup. To bloody Qatar!

Good news/Bad news #2: Australia loses Asian Soccer Cup Final. To bloody Iraq! Update & errection*, we lost to bloody Japan!

(*an errection is an ‘error correction’ – new word)

Good news/Bad news #3:  Soccer fans are the most violent says Victoria Police Superintendent

Superintendent Rod Wilson told the Herald Sun that police were reluctant to cover Melbourne Victory games after being assaulted by fans.

Supt Wilson said local soccer fans were the worst behaved because of their violence, anti-social behaviour and lighting of flares.

[…] Supt Wilson said the problems experienced at Melbourne’s soccer games were worse than any other code.

“We are concerned about the attitude of some supporters towards police, they’re certainly showing violent tendencies,” he said.

“Police are being assaulted, police are being reluctant to work the venues because of the behaviour of some elements – and I stress some elements – of the crowd.

“There is resisting arrest, there is generally just a belligerent and poor attitude towards police, and police have been assaulted by fans and there are charges pending in those cases.”

But its the cops fault according to soccer peoples:

Supporters have also rejected Supt Wilson’s allegations, saying they were the victims of over-zealous policing … Adam Tennenini, leader of Melbourne Victory supporter group the Blue and White Brigade, accused police and security staff of being heavy-handed.

“We have seen some very unsavoury incidents on behalf of the police,” he said. “Ultimately we just want what is fair, and to simply support our club.

“Football fans are not poorly behaved but will stand up for themselves when something unjust is being perpetrated upon them.

“Fans do not want to feel like they are being monitored and watched by a firm that has anti-terrorism links.”

Yeah right, the police are causing the trouble and the club employing a security firm to watch over you (like they do in AFL too) is making you paranoid and causing more violence? Give me a break Adam.

Look I do not like to state the bloody obvious but it is pretty bloody obvious to me that there are 3 main reasons why soccer crowds are the worst behaved:

1. Boredom: In what other game in the world can you have a 0 – 0 result? There is not a lot of action out there on the pitch and when and if someone kicks a goal its like “how the hell did that happen?” and the crowd goes nuts.

2. Prissy poofy rules: In soccer you can not even touch your opponent. Thats because its played by a bunch of metrosexual Beckham types who are not real men. This lack of contact and violence on the field means the supporters have to take there frustrations out on the opposition supporters. And they do.

3. Migrants: There I have said it. Lets face it, Soccer is a game that is enjoyed by violent people from violent countries. So what else would you expect? How many times have we seen Serbs & Croatian fans belting the shit out of each other? And Greeks and Macedonians? Imagine if we let the Jews & Arabs play each other – there would be war in Melbourne. They should keep there differences back in there homelamds and not bring there arguments over here. 

Stuff Soccer and bring on the AFL. There is no crowd violence at an AFL game. Unless its a Collingwood one and Collingwood loses. Then we are in big trouble.



  1. The Other Iain says:

    AFL is a quiet peaceful game with no trouble at all. Well except for players from a certain club rooting and impregnating school girls, taking pictures of their knobs and beating up Kiwis in Queenstown. But they cant win a flag so I guess thats all pent up frustration 😉

  2. SockPuppet says:

    If soccer players werre not poofs they would be proud to do what AFL players do. And Beating up Kiwis is a national service.

  3. SockPuppet says:

    Good news/Bad news #2: Australia loses Asian Soccer Cup Final. To bloody Iraq!

    Update & errection*, we lost to bloody Japan!

    (*an errection is an ‘error correction’ – new word)

  4. Indi Warrior says:

    there is only one word that describes this post Socky……….SHIT!

  5. SockPuppet says:

    I do not aim to please Indy I aim to be accurate, polioemic and cutting edge. When I get comments like yours (which will go strait to the teste-moanials) I know I have done my job. Thanks.

  6. gigdiary says:

    Why am I surprised? A leftie sticking up for soccer hooligans; is it because Socky called it as it is, or called it ‘wogball’ or because you like to see soccer fans fighting it out in Melbourne under the flags of their countries of origin?

    Not shite at all, IW, reality…

  7. gigdiary says:

    “Fans do not want to feel like they are being monitored and watched by a firm that has anti-terrorism links.”

    Huh? Is there a sub-text to this? err, why? what have you got to hide?

    Heck, Adam even I wouldn’t have brought that into the conversation, but now that you have….

  8. JM says:

    Sock: Migrants: There I have said it. Lets face it, Soccer is a game that is enjoyed by violent people from violent countries.

    What? Like England?

    Well I guess Pommy migrants are out and we’ll be offering Iain a repatriation package next week. (Might be a good idea anyway)

  9. SockPuppet says:

    The subtext to what Adam is freakin’ out over is in the HeraldSun article that I cleverly hyperlinked to GigGuy (the underlioned bit). it says:

    The Herald Sun also revealed specialist security firm Hatamoto is working with FFA to watch Victory supporters at home games.

    A FFA spokesman denied fan accusations they were spying, saying operatives wore a uniform.

    You would reckon if Adam was not a terrorist he would not be worried about “a firm that has anti-terrorism links” woulnt you? So Adam Tenninini must be a terrorist. From wogland.

  10. SockPuppet says:

    Bloody oath they are violent at the English soccer JIM. Havent you heard? They are the original hooligans.

  11. gigdiary says:

    I dunno about original soccer hooligans, Socky, I’ll leave that to the wikipedia specialists on this blog, but it puts a different spin on ‘wogball’. Maybe Britain is part of the Euro thingo after all.

    I must say I’m disappointed, although I wouldn’t have expected any better from Beckham. So what if he can kick a ball, pants a Spice Girl, but can he start a soccer riot?

    I don’t think so. Your Melbourne flag-waving, overseas nation proud, born here young blokes, intent on continuing old grievances, couldn’t give two rats about Beckham and the English. In fact, it’s funny, but the English don’t bring their inter-tribal testosterone laden conflicts to Australia.

    I guess they follow the NRL, or join the darts club…

  12. SockPuppet says:

    Well you are right and wrong GigGuy.

    the Poms dont bring there rivalries over here but back home, they are the worst soccer fans in the world. Dont you remember the time they burnt the stand down and dozens were fried? dont you remember them crushing people to death in Europe? The poms are generally a piss poor weak nation but take out ther anger at the soccer.

    There – I have said it again. So call me a bigot. I dont care.

  13. gigdiary says:

    Well, see Socky, if you lived in Britain today with all the islam gulags and ghettos, far worse than Enoch Powell and Alf Garnett ever imagined, wouldn’t you want somewhere to express your angst? On the supposed sports field? At least they don’t bring it with them when they emigrate, like, you know who…

  14. SockPuppet says:

    Well GigGuy the Poms soccer violence goes back a long way. Long before they got muslimised. So I dont think you can blame it on that. I blame it on there pasty skins, pisspoor Olympic performances and Ashes cricket failures. Well until now.

  15. gigdiary says:

    I appreciate your caveat…

  16. SockPuppet says:

    I do not wear a caveat Gigguy. I wear a cravat.

  17. Joel says:

    what a clown. Pretty easy to quote 1 (yes 1 person) persons opinion. How about writing a blog about the 100 or so people that get ejected from the cricket every boxing day test, fact if you bother to check.

    Or the countless parents involved in running battles at local football, or Nathan Jones father being beaten to a pulp coming home from a Demons game. How about the 3 rape charges being brought against St Kilda players in the last 5 years. Or the Wayne Carey episode or the St Kilda nude photo scandel or Ricky Nixon a leading AFL football manager taking alcohol and staying the night with the same young ( underage girl) he crucified in the papers.

    Thats just a few cases …..

    And while on hooliogans. Can you please give us some examples of RECENT crowd trouble at English football games. Pity you can’t because there have been no recorded history of violence of any degree at a football ground in the last 3 years.

    You have to love blogs like this. It’s the stuff of school kids who think if you shout the loudest you must have won the arguement.

    How about this, you can clearly type so i wouldn’t put it past you to read. Try it sometime. Maybe that way you won’t be caught out being the ignorant rambling fool you seem to be.

    Good day, leep up the rubbish work.

  18. Joel says:


    There’s something you forgot to leave out in this BALANCED debate.

    Kids …. what to do with them.

  19. SockPuppet says:

    Here is my responses to your unpleasant offensiveness “Joel”.

    1. Gosh Joel do you think thats just “one persons opinion” or do you think Supt Wilson might just have a lot of knowledge about this subject amd might just be telling the truth? Of course not, the cops would be lying wouldnt they?

    2. If I wanted to write about cricket crowds behaviour I would. This is about football codes called soccer & AFL.

    3. Parents who get abusive at kids footy games are arseholes. So are the ones who do it at soccer, netball, tennis and even hockey. What is your friggin’ point? Do you think its only at Aussie Rules games that has abusive arsehole parents? Its not.

    4. The incident about Nathan Jones was a rare one. Been to a footy match lately? Seen much violence there? You would be more likely to get punched down at the supermarket.

    5. There was only one player charged with rape and he was Andrew Lovett (the Aborigine from Essendon) and he did not even play for St Kilda who had only just drafted him when he was charged with rape. They sacked him strait away.

    6. Wayne Carey f*cked his team mates wife. That was not nice but that is not violence. This is about violence at the game among the crowds – cant you read?

    7. Players getting photoed with their c*cks out is dumb but … see above.

    8. What has a player manager trying to get a root got to do with this? I will say it again: This is about violence among the crowds.

    9. No violence at English soccer for 3 years? Good. They have a long way to go to make up for there past. And all the deaths.

    Joel – you are the one who has proved himself a fool.

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