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Informed consent

One has to wonder how our latte sipping friends can be so indifferent to the spread of Halal slaughter by stealth which is evident in this story from the UK

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There is much to worry about in this story, and as our own experiences in this country show its not hard for something like halal to become the default choice based upon the faulty assumption that “most people don’t care” crap peddled by the PC crowd who are so keen to defer to the Islamic faith. In my opinion it should be a criminal offence to serve halal (or any other meat from ritually slaughtered animals) with out clearly informing consumers precisely what they are eating.

Its called informed consent Comrades


  1. Indi Warrior says:

    oh dear that mate of yours the delusional Christian crusader is well….. delusional.
    no facts, no evidence, just ranting on and on.
    bet he is a member of the BNP.

  2. Craigy says:

    I don’t have a problem with Halal or Kosher or whatever way people like their meat prepared. And I agree with your call that food be labelled with information that consumers request so they can make informed choice.

    My choice is to eat meat that is healthy for me, as most meat in moderation is. My favourite choice is to eat a thick, well aged part of a cow’s backside, cooked quickly off a hot barbeque….. Fresh killed chicken and fish is also yummy. Yes, an animal has to die…. So what, shit happens.

    There is much to worry about in this story

    Nah…its a beat up……What’s to worry about? Halal won’t stop a lamb chop tasting great on a sunny afternoon with a cold beer….(I’m serious).

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    So where is this “halal slaughter by stealth” going on, Iain? And how are we likely to accidentally eat halal meat? At a sausage sizzle?

    You see, I reckon that if any of the meat at our supermarkets (which is where most people buy it these days) were halal, it would be labelled as such. Of course it would, otherwise muslims wouldn’t buy it. The fact that we don’t (yet) have special halal labelling of our meat in most suprermarkets suggests it’s not a “major problem” either.

    Btw, if you buy a sausage at a sausage sizzle and it turns out to be halal, that’s the risk you take. I’m sure the slaughter method won’t kill you. But the salmonella you might get from the lack of proper handling by the servers might!

  4. SockPuppet says:

    As long as they dont starting eating pork I do not care how terrorists kill there cows.

  5. The Other Iain says:

    I was quite shocked when I clicked through to Iains “source” and discovered that it was the Daily Mail! Imagine that, the DM doing an anti-Muslim story!

    Jews kill their cattle in a very similar fashion and not much is said about that. Actually the Nazis used to make a big issue of kosher slaughter too. They made a propaganda film about it, to suggest the Jews were cruel and trying to put everyone under some kind of mystic spell. (Cue Iain referencing Godwins Law.)

    Strange that you worry about buying a sausage that has had a magic spell cast over it. But you’re OK with religious schools, god in the curriculum (the white God presumably, not Allah) and the “divine elegance of numbers”.

  6. Henry2 says:

    Hmm, I dont think Ray and the other Iain know much. Ive worked in an export meat abbattoir and I understand Hal Lal. The identification that the meat wasn’t Hal Lal went on the carcase if the meat wasn’t killed correctly. A very rare occourrence.
    And its not just a magic spell. The Aussie way is to break the beasts neck to kill it quickly. Hal Lal prohibits that.


  7. Craigy says:

    They also label meat as ‘Grain fed’, ‘Angus’ or ‘Marbled’ Henry. ‘Organic’ meat is labeled as is ‘free range’ and ‘biodynamic’……Not to mention ‘Kosher’. So what’s your point again?

  8. Luzu says:

    The point is that htere is no regime in place telling consumers whether meat has been killed humanely or is halal/kosher. Animal cruelty is made a big deal of in this country and a lot of effort has been put into processing animals for consumption in a humane manner. I do not want to eat either halal or kosher, just as I choose to buy free range eggs because I cannot bear the thought of 18 chooks crammed into a tiny cage for the whole of their miserable lives.

    Ray, your comment that if it were kosher/halal, then it would be labelled as such is just naive. Coles themselves have admitted that their meat is slaughtered in accordance with halal procedures but not labelled as such because of compliance costs. I quote:
    “Thank you for your email regarding the meat sold at Coles.

    Australian beef, chicken and lamb processors often prepare their product to halal specifications to ensure their product is available to a wide domestic customer base, as well as for the export market. As this is the case, like most retailers, much of the beef, chicken and lamb sold in our stores is prepared to halal specifications.

    We wish to assure you that the halal process does not in any way impact the quality of the meat. Although Coles’ beef, chicken and lamb is prepared halal, we do not label it as halal, as this would involve additional certification and cost.

    Feedback from our customers is very important to the ongoing development and success of our business. Your feedback and concerns in regards to this matter have certainly been noted, and will assist us in future reviews of our meat category.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. ”

    So, Coles meat is halal. It’s just not labelled as such. Where is our choice as consumers?

  9. Luzu says:

    I should mention that I googled “Coles selling halal meat” and chose the site about halfway down the page. The quote comes from a response made by Coles to a customer inquiry, who then posted it in the comments.

  10. Ray Dixon says:

    You’ll have to do better than that to convnce me of the athenticity of the email text you quote, Luzu. How about providing the actual link? That’d be a good start. All I could find from your search term was a bunch of wingnut anti-muslim hate sites.

  11. Craigy says:

    If you have ever been in a ‘normal’ abattoir I don’t think you would be that concerned about Halal or Kosher slaughter methods Luzu.

    The people trying to paint these methods as being much crueller clearly have not seen an animal killed in the ‘normal’ way.

    I appreciate that the RSPCA don’t think that bleeding an animal to death is okay but killing any animals in a production line is never going to be all sweetness and light.

    I think this issue is just a beat-up excuse to attack a group of people who do things differently to us, without really looking at how we do things.

    And with all the bleating about how animals are killed for food, what about how a Lioness kills or an Eagle, they eat there prey while it is still alive! Oh the shock and horror, we must stop all animals killing each other for food, it’s clearly cruel. Let’s have a chat to the Lioness about the benefits of eating Tofu, I’m sure she will understand.

  12. The Other Iain says:

    I find it funny when xenophobic wingnuts hide behind fake concerns about ‘animal cruelty’ so they can rant and rave about halal meat. Of course they never say anything about kosher meat, or even the slaughtering techniques used by franchises like Inghams, who supply KFC, e.g. chickens hung upside and passed by a huge spinning blade (very friggin humane that is.) Just another beat up issue to punch away at Islam.

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