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A damn fine explanation of why “integrating” Islamic immigrants is so difficult.

This way of starting with a short leash is actually very normal in our Western way of raising children. We start with strict expectations concerning school, doing homework, and behaving properly. Then, as children get older and more mature they will receive more freedom from their parents. When they are 21 years old they are expected to have learned enough to be able to handle life and are free to choose whatever education, partner, religion, life style that they want.

In Muslim culture it is different – especially for the boys. They have lots of freedom in their early lives and as they get older more and more cultural/religious restrictions and expectations appear to support the family structure. By the time they are 20 years old, their parents often have already chosen their future wives or husbands. Other choices are also less free: the expectation, for instance, to either achieve high status in education or to work in the little family run shop, to support the family’s reputation by attending Friday prayers in the local Mosque. The “education pyramid” is standing upside down in the West; less freedom in the beginning, more self responsibility as one gets older. In Muslim culture the pyramid stands with its wide end down; few expectations to follow civilized behavior as a boy, and less freedom as one grows more competent, to support one’s own family and religion.


by Nicolai Sennels click for full article

I don’t have much to add to this beyond inviting readers to check out the source piece and to give a very big hat tip to Kae’s bloodnut blog
Cheers Comrades



  1. kae says:

    I’m surprised you hadn’t seen it yet. It is a very interesting explanation of the psychology of the blame/victim/honour/death cult adherents and why they will not integrate with wester Judeo/Christian based secular societies.

    I see now that Indi Warrior came over from your blog to mine to leave some profound words, as did another likeminded anonymous commenter who called me xenophobic.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well as Much as I wished that I had seen it sooner the good fortune for me finding it is all down to you Kae 🙂
    What is most notable about IW & friend is that they don’t even try to engage with the substance of the argument either because they don’t understand it or that it so self evidently true that they have no legitimate response, which leaves them with precisely nothing of substance to say on the subject. So what you get is the inanities evident in your comemnts.

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