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“Wired up wangs” or “The trick is to separate the genuine from the opportunistic liars “


If you are a man who like this does that mean you are straight?

We all know just how much homosexuality is despised by Islamic countries and how the punishment is death under sharia law. It is also well known that in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia that the death penalty has been imposed for the crime of being Gay. So it is of course not unusual for Muslim homosexuals to cite their sexuality as a reason to seek political asylum in western countries. And you know what I even agree that this is a valid reason to do so. However it is not beyond imagination to think that some people will  claim to be homosexual just to get asylum when in fact they are not that way inclined at all. With this in mind I was rather shocked to discover that there are objections to the practice in Czech republic of putting a claimants sexuality to the test:

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Are real homosexuals demeaned by those who pretend to be Gay to get asylum?

The EU has told Czech Republic to stop its controversial practice of trying to determine whether asylum seekers are gay by showing them blue movies to gauge their ‘sexual arousal’ levels.

Those subjected to what Czechs referred to as the ‘porno exam’ were men claiming asylum on the grounds they would be in danger in their homelands due to their sexuality.

If any of the applicants got aroused at the sight of men and women having sex they were automatically denied asylum rights.

A Prague interior minister spokesman said the tests had been valuable in determining whether men were really gay or not but the EU said they were clearly a breach of the human rights charter of the bloc.

The men were shown both ‘straight’ and gay porno films by Czech officials. Sensors were attached to the private parts, linked up to a computer, to test whether they were stimulated or not.


Why precisely is it wrong to test a claim of being homosexual in this or any other manner?

Or is this going to be another one of those instances when “self indentation” and an entirely subjective claim is incontestable even when so much turns on it? I support the notion of offering homosexuals from Muslim countries asylum but I don’t support the idea of giving asylum to those who pretend to be Gay until they get permanent residency or citizenship in a western country. The trick is to separate the genuine from the opportunistic liars here.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    If a straight bloke is pretending to be gay and his application for residency depends on it, he’s certainly not going to get aroused by being forced to look at a porno movie, no matter how horny it might be. Despite wideheld beliefs it is possible for blokes to keep it under control… well, now & then.

    What if he doesn’t get aroused by either the straight or gay porn, what then? What’s the next ‘test’? Do they make him have actual gay sex in front of a few immigration officials? Or do they look through his wardrobe and ask him a few key questions like, “what’s your favourite colour?” or “who’s your favourite band?”

    I don’t know the answer. Maybe an interview by a trained psychologist who would know how to pick up any inconsistencies in his responses. If he gets through that then maybe he should get a temporary residency subject to review every three months over a year or so to determine if he’s living a gay or hetero lifestyle.

    Btw, Iain, your blog is looking like it could be used as one of the tests lately.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Btw, Iain, your blog is looking like it could be used as one of the tests lately.

    Well I think that we can both agree that just accepting claims of “homosexual discrimination” at face value won’t be a solution.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    I think there have been cases where Australian authorities and/or courts have ruled on this too, Iain. But I don’t think it involved attaching a wire to anyone’s Mr Johnson.

  4. gigdiary says:

    Totally ridiculous test. While they’re at it, they may as well wire the poor bloke up to another ‘infallible’ test, the lie detector. Or they could use the wire to administer some shock treatment; that’d get the ‘gayness’ out of them. No hang on, that’s not right, to save their lives, they need to put it back in. Crazy. 😦

    This isn’t just a breach of the human rights charter, it’s plain stupidity. Hopefully the test is based on a negative reaction. As Ray says, what if they don’t get aroused by either video? Does that qualify or disqualify the persecuted refugee? I reckon performance anxiety could play a part in this. Your life is on the line and you’re gonna get horny over a cheap video? Knowing you’re being monitored?

    Following this faulty Czech logic, why not vet for terrorists at the same time? Does the wire show you happy when watching the video of the 9/11 attacks? or outraged?

    Somehow, I don’t reckon this method of refugee selection will be brought to Australia.

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