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The only way that they can even dream of propagating the faith is with the point of a bayonet on the barrel of a Green gun

Everybody Dance Now!!!!!

I have been saying for ages that there is a very large measure of totalitarian imperialism in the imagination and intentions  of followers of the Green Religion and I found it revealing that a piece in today’s Age would be so frank about advocating the use of force to make sure that the requirements of the  climate change catechism are met  by those of countries who don’t want to fall into the right rhythmically approved climate dance.

If we are to make peace with the climate, we must first win the struggle against the carbon-industrial complex and its proxy wars (over climate science and renewable baseload electricity). We only deserve to win if we are prepared to enforce climate security through trade sanctions or, ultimately, force itself. We need a powerful international environment court to remove the social licence to pollute. The climate polluter that undermines clean technology is the Napoleon of our era.

A coalition for climate protection will be able to take action without waiting endlessly for an impossible 100 per cent consensus.

Our best and brightest economists will be able to redesign trade law to fairly reward those inside and penalise those outside the treaty, in the most economically efficient way possible.

Nothing short of this will generate momentum towards zero emissions in the developed world and low emissions in the developing world and China. An enforceable regime of climate law will, like 19th-century treaties of Vienna, require an alliance based around at least some great powers. But staying with a non-binding treaty model means we are all unhappy and the planet is doomed. Good diplomacy is, as always, about taking what you can get.

Dan Cass was the Australian Conservation Foundation’s official observer at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. He is a lobbyist.


There is a certain desperation among the Profit$ of the faithful because the credulity of the public is in such serious decline that the only way that they can even dream of propagating the faith is with the point of a bayonet on the barrel of a Green gun. Hmm does anyone remember that Lenin said once  “all power comes from the barrel of a gun”? well its seems that those purveyors of this ideology are at last being honest enough to say in public what has been obvious for a very long time; if you can’t convince people that what you say is true then they will just have to be forced to believe it or else!

Cheers Comrades

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  1. mumbles says:

    I happened to be working in Rio at the time of the first warming festival, and apart from crowding the bar at my waterhole with sfarai suits and loafers and other assorted tropical gear, these elitist world savers couldn’t find a 100 cruzeiros (about thruppence ha’penny) to give to the car minders outside the pub.

    They continue to give substance to the view that this vast sentimentality involved in saving the world actually commodotises the act and in turn leads to those being saved treated as lesser beings pitied and tolerated by the elite the saviours who ‘understand the situation’ and who can then rationalise most forms of inhumaity as being necessary for the cause.
    Didn’t like them then. Still don’t.

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