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Hero Worship Day in Melbourne

Friday 10 December 2010 proved once & for all that lots and lots of people are like meek little sheep flocking to worship at the feet of their heroes.



In scenes resembling the Beatlemania crowds of the 60s people gathered at Melbournes Fed Square to catch a glimpse of a rather round large & loud-mouthed middle aged black American woman whose claim to fame is running a daytime TV chat show to keep working class women stuck to their couches. Even the Labor PM & Liberal Premier turned up for a group hug. WTF? And why?


In scenes resembling the anti-Vietnam moratorium marches of the 70s (remember when we used to protest things that really mattered?) a rally that started on the steps of the State Library turned into a protest march through the CBD streets of Melbourne. And what was this about? Oh some sad-assed strange looking Australian computer hacker who is in jail on rape charges on the other side of the world.  

Now if you were one of the wikileak Assange protesters you might say that he is a freedom fighter bringing us stuff we really need to know (like what people think of Kevin Rudd) and that you are being more enlightened & progressive by protesting in his support.

And you would probably also say that the Oprah supporters on the other side of town are just average-joe non-thinking plebs worshipping false idols and being sucked in by all the media hype and faux celebrity.

You might even look down your noses at them.

Well you are just the same. Get a life peoples.



  1. PKD says:

    Oh some sad-assed strange looking Australian computer hacker who is in jail on rape charges on the other side of the world.

    Actually he’s not on a rape charge. He’s not been charged with anything, the warrant for his arrest is for the Swedes to question him over the allegations…

  2. SockPuppet says:

    Hi PK Gum. Thanks for raising your technicality point. However there are allegations of rape for not wearing a franger (which also sounds pretty weird to me).

    Not my main point though mateo. I reckon the charges are just to get him out of the loop while they sort this thing out.

    Anyway my main point is peoples rallying and saying “Free Assange” are just like the hero worshipers saying “Oprah, you are Goddess, you go girl!”

    They are all plebs who dont think for themself.

  3. SockPuppet: Why are you so prejudiced? You just assume that if you went to the rally in support of Julian Assange that you would automatically look down at all the Oprah fans across town.

    But there was actually a diverse range of views in that crowd, you know. You see, although I wasn’t corporeally in Melbourne (since I’m over here in Fremantle) I did actually astral travel to the rally, so I was definitely there in spirit. And I can assure you that I have some respect for the Australian Oprah fans.

    Yes, they are mostly working class women who are generally unaware of their own oppression. However sassy sister Oprah is an empowering role model for them, even if she is an American. So, they do deserve some support. While I wouldn’t be seen dead at such a congregation myself I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. Really I don’t.

    So you see, you’ve got it completely wrong as usual.

  4. gigdiary says:


    working class women who are generally unaware of their own oppression

    And what is that oppression, O crazy one?

  5. SockPuppet says:

    “you’ve got it completely wrong as usual”

    Bo Derek, I know it can be a hard concept to grasp but polioemicists like me who operate at the cutting edge tend to use polioemic arguments to make there points. thats what I do. Of course not everyone supporting the hacker looks down there nose @ big Oppy. But I am observing and bringing home the justaposition of one hero worshipping of a hyped up TV celeb and the other hero worshipping of a hyped up cyber cowboy freedom fighter – in the same city at the same time – which are both driven by the same thing. Plebiness. You know, people behaving like sheep. Followers not leaders. No original thought. Follow the crowd. That is my point.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Oh yes please enlighten us Derek because I would be keen to know precisely how they are oppressed…
    After all how can we address an issue if we don’t understand it .

  7. Must I explain? (Sigh.) Oh, alright…

    They are oppressed because by watching daytime television they are being constantly exposed to advertising, particularly by huge US-based multinational companies. As we all know, the AmeriKKKan military-industrial complex actually controls these companies, even though they are purported to be “private”.

    As well as the overt “I shop therefore I am” and “I’m a woman, therefore I must buy lots of shampoo and conditioner” type of brainwashing that occurs, there are also a lot of sinister subliminal ultra-nationalist and pro-war messages being transmitted. If that’s not oppression, I don’t know what is.

    This may be news to you and your appallingly uninformed ilk, Iain. But those on the more enlightened and progressive side have known these disturbing facts for a long time.

  8. Sax says:

    Talking about being “uniformed”. You can’t be married or have a partner Derek, cos if they saw what you wrote, you would be out sleeping (and whatever else), with the bloody dog, as punishment for bloody years !

    We aren’t back in the “Leave it to Beaver” years. Women have free choice. Most work, by their choice, as mortgage levels require it, and most don’t leave careers when the inevitable family comes along.

    Boy, talking about uninformed. Better put that metal pie hat back on, never know the Russians may drop the A bomb on ya ?

  9. As a feminist, I find that comment quite offensive, Sax!

    Women are told that they have free choice, and sadly many believe this, but that’s just another one of the big lies of the patriarchy.

  10. gigdiary says:

    Oh Derek, I sigh too, and worry. I worry that the un-oppressed women in your life are too afraid to use shampoo and conditioner because they may receive subliminal messages from ‘pro-war ultra-nationalists’. As for brain-washing, well at least let’s hope they are washing, because it must be pretty stinky around your neck of the woods if, after a day of tree-hugging, the women are too afraid to use soap and shampoo.

  11. SockPuppet says:

    I have banned Laura from watching Oprah shows. She doesnt mind she prefers porn anyway.

  12. Sax says:

    Wow Derek, we living on the same planet ?
    Women DO have the same choice.
    Whether or not they stick to their guns, and make that choice is ultimately up to them. Free choice is what every body, male or female, gets these days. The right was hard earned and hard won. Whether or not they stick to their morals, and enforce that equality, to those that may be a bit slow out there, is ultimately their decision.

    They, and they alone, have the ultimate choice, and only have themselves to blame when and if they choose incorrectly ?

  13. Sax, yes we are on the same planet (unfortunately). But I don’t think that you and I are in the same century, attitudinally speaking. You still seem stuck in the 19th!

    You, like so many unreconstructed testosteroids, mistakenly believe that women do actually have their own free will. What an anti-feminist statement! Everybody knows that only privileged white males have free will. And what do they do with it? They set about denying it to everyone else – that is, women and other minorities – through such disciplines as the law, literature and science.

    This appalling state of affairs is what we progressives seek to overcome. And sadly, it’s what you on the conservative right seek to maintain. But then you would do that, wouldn’t you?

  14. Sax says:

    I’m not the one with 19thc attitudes here Derek. I suggest you look back at what you have written, and it seems you are describing yourself to a ‘t’ ?

    As to your assertion about free will, what a load of uneducated dribble. People such as yourself, and your attitudes, put back not only the women’s equality movement a hundred years, but also equality for all the downtrodden in society the same.

    One only has to look, and read the story that has generated this thread, to realise that ? A young, very rich, black woman ? Ring a bell ? If things were as bad as you suggest, that couldn’t happen could it ?

    Oops, there goes that argument down the drain, perhaps time for a rethink Derek ?

  15. SockPuppet says:

    Getting back to the point has anyone wondered if the wikileak leaks are really leaks?

    Who leaked all those leaks and why would Assange get the leaks before the press?

    Isnt it more likely that the wikileak leaks were not leaked at all and that they were illegally obtained by something called hacking.

    Which is what Assange is – a computer hacker.

  16. Sax says:

    You forget the old time advertising gimmick of “controlled” leakage ?
    One has to ascertain whether or not, the leak is in fact intended, or accidental ?
    That is why I take very little notice of these supposed leaks ? To prove this, one only has to look at the Oprah circus that has just hit town ? To her credit though, she, in one show, will have done more good for our exposure, world wide, than a thousand years of Qantas commercials ?

  17. SockPuppet says:

    I dont think the white trailer trash who watch Big Os show in America will be coming over here sax.


    I am freakin’ out over here.

  18. Iain Hall says:

    Oh I like the Wallpaper Socky it is symbolic of how the internet feeds on itself don’t you think?

  19. Ray Dixon says:

    Has Oprah left yet? I can hardly wait for the plane loads of lower class Americans to arrive here in droves. Oh, but they’ll have to be subsidised by someone so they can afford the airfare. What a sham the whole thing is.

  20. Sax says:

    Who cares who subsidises it Ray, show me the money ?

  21. gigdiary says:

    Iain, in agreement with the Sock, please stop that infernal mind-bending, internet eating itself, whatever it is, background…

    I find myself making comments that don’t make sense 🙂

  22. gigdiary says:

    Thank goodness the room has stopped spinning! I feel like the driver pulled over by the cops.

    ‘Driver, you’re drunk!’

    ‘Thank God for that, I thought the steering had gone’

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