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Christmas cards the Greens smart way

I learned this trick from the Greens. This year I am going to save money and think of the environment too. I have decided not to send Christmas cards to my huge list and instead I have mailed letters to my huge list that says:

Dear Friend/family member/distant relative who I dont even like,

Do you like saving money & trees? I do. That is why this year you wont be getting my usual Christmas card. No, I will send you one by email so that if YOU want to waste money and trees then YOU can print it out and stick it on your mantle … if you must.

BtW where is your Xmas card to me?

Cheers – The Sock.

And this is what they will get:

Merry Christmas from me and the girls.


  1. Iain Hall says:

    Socky I have just one thing to say and that is why couldn’t the photographer say “hands up”?

  2. SockPuppet says:

    Because I sent one to my 80yearold aunty and she would have a stroke and die and leave me her fortune and so ……. Oh. I am stupid.

  3. gigdiary says:

    I don’t see Laura in that photo, Socky…are you two still an item?

  4. Indi Warrior says:

    Scrooge is alive and well and living right here.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Indi don’t be so hard on yourself 😉

  6. Well SockPuppet, I am certainly deeply offended by this, but not surprised in the least.

    Not only is your flippant treatment of the subject of the environment deeply worrying, but you manage to be extremely sexist as well. With such phallocentric lookism on open display, I would very surprised to learn that you had any female friends at all.

    Not only is that picture deeply sexist. It’s racist as well. I mean, all of the women who are sadly participating in their own oppression in that distressing tableau are caucasian. Where are the women of colour, hmmm?

    Appalling. Just appalling.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    You misunderstand Socky’s purpose here. What he is seeking to do is celebrate the Goddess herself in not one but many aspects of her beauty.
    In this post feminist world we are not only allowed to acknowledge and celebrate our sexuality we are positively encouraged to do so maybe this is more to your liking :

  8. SockPuppet says:

    GigGuy The photo is from the BlueGums Christmas pissup. Laura passed out before the shot was taken. shes lying on the floor at the front. They are her legs. Shes naked.

    Bo Derek There is a black girl @ BlueGums(Cathy) but she was in a threesome at the time. With Norm & Mustafa. Thats how she pays the rent.

    Iain There are no poofs @ BlueGums. But Norm has slept with a few blokes in lew of rent.

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