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Silver-tail socialists lack the desire and ability to truly do the right thing

One has to wonder just what motivates those ah hmm “straight” lefties who so vociferous advocate  “gay marriage” in this country when they wilfully ignore the plight of homosexuals in Africa and the Islamic world who face a far more serious problem than not being able to characterise their relationships as marriage. They face brutality and death. This is something that our friends from the left have a great deal of trouble with because they are so afraid of criticising any the despotic or theocratic regimes that are de rigueur in much of the “developing” world


Thor goes on to describes how:

‘Upon arriving in Norway, she was approached by several members of one of Oslo’s gay and lesbian organizations who urged her not to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum because they disagreed with our inclusion of several speakers who were outspoken critics of left-wing dictatorships. Sadly, some people in Oslo believe that only those on the left call themselves human rights defenders [but] their double standard usually will manifest itself when they ignore the crimes of the governments they favour.’

I am researching a book on free speech and am coming across stories like Jacqueline’s all the time. The Liberal-left is making a habit of snubbing people from the poor world or Europeans of immigrant descent, who believe in liberalism, and gay and women rights, and have every right to expect its support. Usually radical Islam is at the heart of the hypocrisy. When dissident Muslim liberals are threatened by ultra-reactionary theocrats, leftists will not defend them because they’re frightened of being accused of “Islamophobia” or of being a “neo-con,” or because their political leaders want to appease the brutish “community leaders” they hope can deliver the ethnic bloc vote on polling day.

Don’t think that those on the receiving end of liberal double standards don’t notice what is being done to them. Right wingers accuse the left of “political correctness”. But when it comes to the oppression of people with brown skins by people with brown skins, the Left is nowhere near politically correct enough.

The best and bravest people I have spoken to are on the move. They are rejecting the establishment left with a contempt, which is justifiable in the circumstances. Many are turning towards the democratic Right seeing it as the best protection against neo-Nazism on one hand and Islamism on the other – not that there is much of a difference between the two.I am not sure the Right is ready to receive their support.

You see real lefties who really do care about the fate of humanity should not give any group faction, government, or religion a free pass for their abhorrent ideology or political practice just because that group, faction, government, or religion  is an “oppressed minority”  if there is any evil within group faction, government, or religion a true progressive has an obligation to at least say something about that evil sadly they don’t because so many silver-tail socialists lack  the desire and  ability to truly do the right thing  and any real moral backbone to stand for any real moral principles.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Toaf says:

    Hall, which lefties are ignoring the persecution of gays in other parts of the world? The underlying tone of your post would suggest you are going after your favourite little Mancrush, Jeremy, yet he has certainly expressed a very strong position about gay rights in the developing world. Perhaps you selectively ignore his posts on Iran.

    If not him (as I am sure you will now “argue”), then who? Straw men are de rigueur in much of the Wingnutosphere.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    If I wanted to cite Jezza then I would actually do so by naming him. I am talking about lefties not unlike your own good self who is very big on writing Oh those poor suffering brown skinned people type posts and tweets but I have never seen you actually critical of they way that homosexuals are treated with the very countries that you seek sympathy for or ever seen you criticise the attitude of Muslims to homosexuality. Nick Cohen is himself a lefty but one who is, unlike so many of those that you champion, actually worthy of respect
    There is also a certain irony in your closing generalising about more conservative writers

  3. Charlie Milburn says:

    Interesting that Jeremy’s Joffa hass appeared when Jeremy was not mentioned?

  4. Toaf says:

    So name them.

    (The irony is that you don’t get irony.)

  5. Iain Hall says:

    There you go again Damian Doyle without a hint of Irony you are suggesting that I name the lefties that I have been thinking off when it is precisely because I dared name some of them that you and your pals hate me so much . Pardon me while I get up from the floor at the humour of it all. Now I could name heaps of them but I choose not to but I would dearly like to know what you get out of running interference for that mob? especially as I think that you are a basically decent fellow (even if you have a bit too much heart and not enough head on many issues )

  6. Toaf says:

    Iain: Welcome to my Cesspit. This is my strawman of the day.

    Toaf: Err, that’s a strawman. Please qualify your generalised accusations with evidence.

    Iain: Look over there, a squirrel!

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Damian Doyle does an evasive little dance 🙄

  8. Toaf says:

    Impressive, Iain. You win. No wonder you’re one of Australia’s most respected bloggers. Seek help, dude. Seriously.

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