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The bestiality pic


We have all heard – and vomited over – the news  that a photo of Canberra Raiders NRL player Joel Monaghan getting what appears to be a head job from a dog has circulated the Internet. Its real sick stuff and even if it was “simulation” as he claims (yeah, right) it is just as bad.

Having sex with innocent animals is a serious offence (except under Canberra laws it seems ~ believe it or not he will not be charged). I reckon it parallels pedophilia.

Even for collecting photos of naked children you will go to jail especially if it involves sex acts. And if you republish those photos on the Internet it is worse and is called “distributing child porn”.

Now I have had the unfortunate experience of actually clicking on a link and seeing the unedited photo of a dog giving the meat head head. The dog is a labrador and if that is simulation someone forgot to tell “Fido”. 

So where did I see this photo? What sort of sick f*ck would think it is funny or worse still kinky to distribute this shit? Well I will not actually link to it electronically but this is the website address:


Just put a www. or http:// in front and go and have a look if you like. WARNING – not recommended if you are at work.

As you will see the unedited photo of man/dog sex appears to have been posted to the Twitter account of @chaslicc (http://twitter.com/chaslicc) with the o-so-not-witty comment “Yo Joel Monaghan that’s messed Up bro!”. Ha ha.

Chaslicc is the Twitter account of none other than The Chasers unfunny funny man Chas Licciardello. Lets hope he did not retweet it.

Maybe there needs to be a law about posting photos of people having sex with dogs and other animals that is called “distributing bestiality”.

So the sickos who post this crap are put away.



  1. Elijah says:

    It’s pretty simple. Animals are incapable of giving consent.

  2. Wally Dag says:

    Monaghan now states…It’s not all my fault….the bitch led me on……infact she was begging for it….

  3. Toaf says:

    Umm, Sooky. I think the pic was posted TO Chas by another account, not BY him. I suggest you check.

  4. SockPuppet says:

    Well I have edited the post so as not to make that implarcaton now T. Thank you. It has been suggested elsewhere that he retweeted it but your right that we should be more careful.

  5. Scott Wilson says:

    Will be interesting to see if he is charged if pic proven to be authentic as Bestiality in Australia is illegal.
    Or will this be another Willie Mason (proven cocaine use but no police charges laid)
    If my employer proved drug use it would be reported to police!!
    If it is proven and he not charged it will just prove that celeb sportsdpeople are above the law when compared to the “common man”

  6. SockPuppet says:

    According to reports bestiality is NOT illegal in the A.C.T. It is in other States but for some reason if you live or work in Canberra you are allowed to have sex with dogs and other animals and MPs.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for writing a post about this rather disgusting story Socky, There is absolutely no excuse for this sort of be behaviour drunk or not this is just too despicable for words. In another age he would have been strung up, come to think of it that’s not such a bad idea….

  8. Sax says:

    A.C.T. huh ?
    Why doesn’t that surprise me ?

  9. SockPuppet says:

    Its a dirty topic but it needed to be said Iain. Not a lot of diffrence between bestiality and pedophillia is there? And posting pics about it is like posting child porn. The laws need to change although I guess you could say that those posting the pic have exposed this meathead for the sickshit he is – and exposed him in more ways than one way.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    I’ve been out today Socky (lunch with my brother) and he was asking why I had not written about this story but I said that as you are the Sandpit’s “sporting expert” that you would step into the breach and you have done precisely that.

  11. spacebetweenpages says:

    The big question is this: what will the bloke heading up the NRL do? Does he know that he is responsible for the image of the game? The NRL would be better served if it had a cardboard cutout of some figure as its supremo rather than the lackwit who pretends he is the head sherang. Do something to earn your dollars you lackwit.

  12. Silo says:

    “Maybe there needs to be a law about posting photos of people having sex with dogs and other animals that is called “distributing bestiality””

    So what’s the difference between posting the pic and publishing the address of where to find it?

    People want ducks.

  13. SockPuppet says:

    For the benefit of you Silo and any other mentally defishent people I will attempt to illustrate the difference:

    If I tell people there is a picture of child porn on silo.pervert.com it is okay to do that and I have not broken any laws because I have not linked to the picture of child porn effectively repeating it.

    That is “the difference”.

    Would you like me to explain that again?

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