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Madeleine Madden’s vid, aimed at the wrong people?

It has long been my belief that after a certain point members of any disadvantaged group have to accept responsibility for the own future, they have to embrace education and disavow nihilism.Thanks to our friends from the left many of our indigenous Australians are not as educated and  clearly articulate like 13 year old, Madeleine Madden is in this vid.

So as well intentioned as I think this video is I think that it is aimed at the wrong people. A well groomed and well educated young woman like Madeleine Madden would have no problem getting any position that she sought. While I think that there is still some residual distrust of ingenious people in the wider community there is also an awful lot of good will out there. So perhaps the young Madeleine Madden needs to tell her own people that getting and education and embracing the mainstream culture is more of a key to the future than continuing the culture of self pity and complaint that is  fostered by their latte sipping so called friends.

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Hat tip to Auntie for this story


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  2. Jonathan Stormont says:

    I am a new Australian. Can you explain this comment?
    “residual distrust of ingenious people in the wider community”
    What did the indigenous do in the past to cause residual mistrust in the wider community?

  3. Iain Hall says:

    The history of the relations between the indigenous people and the Europeans who came here a couple of hundred years ago is not all sweetness and light Jon. There are still some people who have shall we say a “less than enlightened” attitude to our aboriginal people which is what I am alluding to with that comment.
    Welcome to my blog BTW 😉

  4. Rob Nevins says:

    How good was that!! Madeleine has the personality to promote generation one.
    Very touching.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    welcome to my blog Rob, sadly I think that you have missed the point of my post. 🙄

  6. Aletha Penrith says:

    I know Maddy, she is a brilliant young girl and a talented actress. Her grandfather Allan Madden has worked with Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council for years. He always opened community events with a welcome to country, and acknowledgment of history. In his words I respond to this plea for equality “Always was always will be Aboriginal Land”

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to the sandpit Aletha
    You say “Always was always will be Aboriginal Land” which surely has to be in contradiction to a “plea for equality “

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