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The right tool for the job? Or the Age misses the point.


All religions seem to need their inspired and and inspiring devotees, Those individuals who have through their own example led the faithful and reinforce the beliefs of those in doubt. Why else do they strive so hard for their beliefs? Oh its easy to scoff as so many of our friends from the left are keen to do yet how many of them would cheerfully stand in a line in red square to file past the mortal remains of Lenin? perhaps they have made a point of visiting that  grave in London where the bones of Karl Marx lay mouldering.    Or even wet their pants at the thought of spending time in the company a “great profit” of their faith like Tim Flannery or Al Gore?

Saint or demon, it all depends upon what you believe and what gives you comfort. As a life long atheist I am endlessly fascinated by the nature of belief, I almost obsessively listen to the religion programs on Radio National, I have many friends for whom faith in the deity is the sun around which their lives orbit. I suppose that is why I see the religiosity of the “climate change” argument and the fundamentalism of its devotees.

Jo Chandler, rabid about climate change

Jo Chandler appears to be one of The Age’s  more rabid Climate Change writers  who has been very quick to claim AGW as the cause of more recent  recent natural disasters like the extensive flooding in Pakistan and to plug  the views of David Suzuki and help promote his latest Misanthropic tome and his current tour to Australia from his native Canada ,well he is a Warminista Profit after all, strangely if you read through all of the  pieces listed under her name on the Age website you will find lots of Socialism and lots  “we are all doomed because of the  climate that is being wrecked by humanity* ” stuff along with the usual lefty feminist stuff about childbirth  mortality rates in the third world. In fact you could be forgiven for thinking that this writer has done alright out of natural disasters managing to get her employer to pay for some pretty neat junkets to Africa and even to Antarctica. Surprisingly  given her rather obvious disdain for Christianity she was given the task (or did she ask?) of writing a piece about the canonisation of Mary MacKillop. and what she gives us is a thinly veiled suggestion that its all about the religious tourism dollar.

They browse the narrative of her life, believers, sceptics and scoffers alike emerging intrigued and awed at her journey – from a pauper’s birth on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, to Rome, where she obtained authority for her radical vision of free education and self-government for her sisters, and now finally to sainthood, via Penola. She travelled so far against the tide of patriarchy and power. She was compelled by the noblest of missions, and by all accounts achieved it all with grace, generosity and good humour. Mere mortals cannot help but ask – how did she do it?

At this point, visitors wanting to really grasp her spirit might be disappointed that she is still, at least in a material sense, so elusive. There is little left of the harsh, pioneer reality she lived in. Penola is flush on the fruit of nearby vines. Old buildings endure but the asphalt on the pilgrim’s trail is so new it is barely set. The less pious might console themselves with gastronomic nourishment, and drop into the tapas bar for a plate of Mary McScallops ($20). Or indulge in some venal retail therapy at the store around the corner where Nun-Chucks (”Repent Or Else”) are selling like hotcakes.

Jo Chandler

The thing is I can’t help but think that despite her conclusion to this piece which tries to claim MacKillop as some kind of socialist saint what she has delivered to her readers is precisely the same sort of piece that she writes in her “travel” pieces. The articles that she puts together in payment for a family holiday to Vietnam   with her children or even the junket** she managed to arrange for her unnamed husband:

The Bay of Fires guided walk is run by Anthology, the company that also runs the Cradle Mountain guided trek. The excuse I’ve employed to get here, to pull on hiking boots and scratch that itch, is the beloved’s dreaded milestone birthday – halfway to 100 but emphatically not middle aged.

What better present for a bloke with prematurely dodgy hips, a visceral loathing of sand and a deep suspicion of group itineraries than a long walk on an endless beach in the company of strangers? I’d have to go along, of course. I keep it as a birthday surprise until the plane lifts off for Launceston. He’s plainly speechless with delight.

He recovers somewhat when we arrive at the handsome Quamby Estate, on the first night of a four-night itinerary. The grand 180-year-old homestead is plonked in a postcard bucolic scene of rolling hills.

Jo Chandler

It is precisely this inherent contradiction between the  socialist aspirations of our urban lefties and their love and delight in the expensive  “high life” that I find so amusing and which makes the epithet “latte sipper” or “Chardonnay socialist” so apt.   It is also why Chandler is such a poor choice to write about an event like the creation of this country’s first Saint. She clearly has no real appreciation of what this event means to people of the Catholic  Faith because if she did she would not be cynically treating it like one of her touristy “places to visit” pieces or trying to present  the woman’s life and that of her followers  as a  version of a socialist utopians.To appreciate MacKillop you have to understand that there was a faith agenda for the woman and her followers that owes much more to Jesus Christ than it does to Karl Marx,  there is certainly no acknowledgement of that in Chandlers piece but it is the fundamental reason that Mary MacKillop is being made a saint today and you would have to think  that a major news paper like the Age should have done better in its choice of author on this topic. Jo Chandler certainly seems to be a tool but she is just not the right one for this job.

Cheers Comrades

*a paraphrase of Chandler’s position on AGW
** strangely for a lefty Chandler seems to be awful keen on a “free lunch” and it is not uncommon to find a quiet little disclaimer at the end of her pieces pointing out just who picked up the tab, for instance when you seeJo Chandler travelled courtesy of Tourism Tasmania.” it suggests to me that the bits in the article about her arranging something special for her “belovedis actually a bit of bullshit.. An even more worrying example of her propensity for chowing down into the trough of promotional freebies comes in her piece about a gas project in New Guinea where the disclaimer at the end says:Jo Chandler travelled from Port Moresby to the PNG LNG sites with assistance from Oil Search. Oh dear how  can she reconcile her Warminista pretensions and accepting the largess of an oil and gas  company?



  1. Tessa Dick says:

    Good article!
    Are you spelling “prophet” as “profit” on purpose? If so, it’s a good thing.
    It certainly does cause some cognitive dissonance when I see the rich lifestyle of these advocates for the poor.

    Do the warministas know that Afghanistan has always had major floods?
    “Precipitation generally fluctuates greatly during the course of the year in all parts of the country. Surprise rainstorms often transform the episodically flowing rivers and streams from puddles to torrents; unwary invading armies have been trapped in such flooding more than once in Afghanistan’s history. Nomadic and seminomadic Afghans have also succumbed to the sudden flooding of their camps”

    I call myself a Christian, even though I don’t go to church. On the other hand, I do not believe in global warming, and I do not worship any human or human artifact. And I absolutely refuse to worship in the hallowed halls of science, where you have to wait for the old farts to die off before you can get a new and exciting idea accepted.

    People are dying in Africa and other places around the world because of tribal warfare, not because of global warming or the intervention (or lack thereof) by first world nations.


  2. Iain Hall says:

    My spelling of Profit is absolutely deliberate Tessa because it seems to me that the likes of Al Gore and our own Tim Flannery are in the “climate change ” game because there is money to be made by doing so.
    and I think your final point is a very good one the lack of good governance in places like Africa are an insurmountable reason why the people there will continue to suffer no matter how much money and good intentions are pumped into that continent.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Amusingly Chandler’s latest post reveals the reason that she was happy to go on this Junket:

    It’s uncertain what Mary would have made of those members of the congregation who had smuggled in glasses of local Coonawarra red to sustain themselves through the service, and who couldn’t attempt a rough mouthing of the Nicene Creed. But there were many secular devotees of her remarkable achievements in the congregation, and many long-lapsed Catholics.

    We all know the way that Journos like a drink or three but some one should have explained to Chandler that taking the wine at a service was meant to be part of communion not an excuse for a piss up.

  4. SockPuppet says:

    I guess Jeremy won’t be calling Jo a “c*nt”. Funny about that.

  5. Craigy says:

    This post is absolute quality Iain, the ideas expressed are so so true. Let me tell a quick story.

    But first, I agree with Tessa, science is a load of crap. How could we possibly improve our lot with those fake elitists (who claim that 10 years study followed by another 10 doing research, with a team of twenty other scientists, with specialist training) trying to tell us that things are changing and we are to blame. Charlatans…. shysters….. What would they know!

    When I was recently at Lenin’s tomb trying to hide my erection, I ran into this truly decent young member of the ‘National Front’, so I asked him, are you a latte sipping lefty scientist, thinking that with the bald head and Man U tee shirt he most likely wasn’t. “No” he said, so I asked him, “is climate change real” and he told me “No” again.

    That’s it, I thought, I must get myself over to Germany, to the birth place of the Guru of the right – one A. Hitler. I was onto something, and if those lefty scientists are all on the take and just chasing a ‘profit’ by spinning this great lie, then the complete answer to the AGW question must be found closer to the birth place of the modern right, who are the last bastion of decency and truth.

    On getting to Germany (and then visiting the home of some of the other great heroes of the right like Augustus Pinochet) I was shocked to find that these great men had never written about AGW.

    I was confused and didn’t know which way to go. Scientists are clearly all leftist crooks, and the inspiration for those on the right like Hitler was, died before they could tell us the truth behind AGW and all the lies.

    Anyway a while later, I was about to donate some money to the Pakistan relief appeal following the floods, and was in that ex-socialist bank (which bank?) when I bumped into the only truthful, decent journalist in the country, and modern inspiration for ‘real’ Australians (from the right) Andrew Bolt.

    Andrew told me that Pakistan is full of evil leftist Muslims (or something like that) and that, although he is an atheist, the floods were God’s revenge on them and even Mary McKillop wouldn’t go to the aid of evil leftists who love Islam and follow lefty ‘science’.

    This made total sense to me. Leftists may try and tell you that science has been of benefit to man kind, but clearly God, Mary Mckillop, Hitler and Pinochet know more. And for the final truth and reality we have the brilliant thinker and thoroughly decent rightist Andrew Bolt to inform us – no need to travel anywhere.

    Oh and I forgot, Jeremy Sears is a poofta loving, child killer – cop that you, you, you… barrister!

  6. Iain Hall says:

    What are you smoking Craigy?

  7. Craigy says:

    Same stuff you are, except my post make more sense than yours.

    Te He….. 🙂

  8. Tessa Dick says:

    I actually enjoyed reading Craigy’s comment. [bangs head against wall]
    — The thing is, I love science, and I studied science at a real college with real professors and real textbooks. What the warministas are doing is not science. It is religion. And, as a Christian, I hate religion.

  9. SockPuppet says:

    Nice rant Craygee. Although I got a bit lost after you said “Let me tell a quick story.” I think Iains post is more about how he thinks The Age journo Jo Chaindler is a bit of a tool.

  10. Craigy says:

    That Iain needs a pigs head called ‘sockpuppet’ to answer for him says it all really.

    Tessa, I agree with you, these guys from the Australian Acadamy of Science are just latte sipping socialist lefties who are only in it for a quick buck.


    Now, I wasn’t able to find any ‘real’ information on my world trip, and Andrew Bolt hasn’t written any of his scientific blog posts on this lately, so can you PLEASE point me to a KKK or Hitler youth site that can give me the real details on this massive fraud? I have looked at all the Climate Scientists working in this field and they are all warmanistas. God help us……..Mary……Mary…….!!!

  11. Iain Hall says:

    Spot On Socky!
    I reckon that as tools go that Chandler is rather like a very worn out hand saw, the teeth are blunt the blade is rusty and nobody bothers to use one any more since they invented electric circular saws.But she still thinks that she is the sharpest implement in the toolbox.
    I think that you have only skimmed my post rather than reading it with any care because to be honest its not about the veracity of the “science” of AGW as much as it is about the nature of belief and the way that it is treated by this Lefty Journalist.
    Tell me honestly did you read any of the pieces I linked to?

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    Scott Bridges seems to be more in agreement with your take on this, Iain, and wants other aetheists to “stop hating Catholics & believers”. His Drum article is getting a lot of comments too, including mine – “Saint Scott – holier than all other aetheists”:


    Maybe Scott’s lecturing referring to people like Bridgidiot Gread who has had this to say about Mary:

    So, who do you have to root to become a saint?

    “Mary Mary Mary!” “Oi Oi Oi!” Coool… canonisation pilgrimages are like Gallipoli backpacker tours.


  13. Iain Hall says:

    Yes you are right about Scott’s piece and as for Greado’s tweets what do you expect from someone who is so full of hate ?

  14. Craigy says:

    Magic Mary. I wonder if they will have stubby holders at St Pats…….Oi Oi Oi!

    Hey – I’ll be on the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday!

  15. Iain Hall says:


    Hey – I’ll be on the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday!

    Really? how long for?

  16. Craigy says:

    couple of weeks….i’m gonna be a Grandad!

  17. Iain Hall says:

    Maybe we can meet up for that latte 🙂
    Oh congrats on (almost) being a granddad BTW 🙂

  18. Craigy says:

    I’ll email….and thanks.

  19. Ray Dixon says:

    Craigy & Iain to meet for a latte? This is like a meeting of great minds. Left meets right, east meets west (or is that north meets south?)

    We want to see a photo of this momentous occassion guys – with the two of you shaking hands.

  20. Sax says:

    Ah, detente, ain’t it grand ?

  21. Iain Hall says:

    Don’t know about the Photo, well maybe, but the hand shake would definitely be on 😉

  22. Craigy says:

    It would be fun, just have to see how we go with family……

    For the record, I argue the best I can when talking politics. You might think I get hot under the collar and upset, but it really is just entertainment and as Iain said, a chance to speak your mind.

    I wouldn’t have come here for so long if I didn’t think Iain was a basically good bloke, even if it sounds like I think some of his views stink at times. I am not so up-myself as to think myself superior to Iain in any way. We all learn for each other and I have no reason to hate anyone here.

    Cheers all.

  23. Ray Dixon says:

    Photos … or it didn’t happen.

  24. Iain Hall says:

    I s’pose so 🙄

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