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Close one

As it gets towards the pointy end of the quest for the big accolade of the year It is the closely finished matches that will excite fans:

The Saints, dominant in the first half before staggering over the line, now stand only a preliminary final win away from a shot at grand final redemption.

It is the smallest things that can win or lose matches, as Geelong fans will attest given the cruel umpiring decision. Or Ling’s previous shot from outside the boundary line that clipped the post when it would have reduced the margin to three points.


If the first term was about St Kilda’s talls, the second, for the most part, was about one short man. Rarely have St Kilda played in matches more important then last night and Stephen Milne delivered. After moving into the middle late in the first term to gain some touches, he set the Saints alight with three successive goals as they extended their lead to the main break.

Personally it does nowt for me, But to those who love this game and/or the winning team it must have been a goodnight.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain Hall writes an AFL Footy post!?! My God, the world is changing.

    Thanks for making it about St Kilda. It was indeed a “close one” and Geelong fans would be fuming at the disallowed late goal, but the free to the Saints was definitely there. St Kilda were the better side all night and it would have been equally – no, more – tragic had Geelong stolen it at the end.

    Now all I need is for my other ‘team’ to fall over the line by the same margin of 4 points seats. You know, Gillard 77 Rabbott 73.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    writing about an AFL Game is one thing, but fortunately I did not have to watch the game to do so 😉

    As for your other team I’m hoping that having had one win that the laws of Karma would mean that you are denied the second….

    Hari Om

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