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Proof that vegetarians are evil and “International eat a vegetarian day”

Mine is just a modern day modest proposal , click the picture for one prepared earlier

I have said before  at this blog that vegetarians are evil, they want to pretend that there is something wrong with eating the flesh of animals but I say if we were not meant to eat animals then why are they made out of such  delicious meat?

What it boils down to is that there are some people who are  sanctimonious twits who not only decide that they want to live on lentils and beans but that the rest of us should be forced to do likewise. Now it seems that they have held out the possibility of eating the flesh of that most ubiquitous animal  on the planet with out ever intending to deliver:

VEGETARIAN activists in Germany’s Berlin have caused a stir with an advertising campaign for a new restaurant seeking human meat “donors” and “open-minded” surgeons.

“The Vegetarian Federation wanted with this striking human meat campaign to draw attention to the millions of people who suffer from the consumption of meat,” it said overnight after revealing the hoax.

When it comes to meat animals  herbivores tend to have the best tasting flesh so perhaps the most apt justice for the perpetrators of this outrage is that we carnivores should consider taking some inspiration from the so called “joke”and have  an “International eat a vegetarian day” with the right rituals and cleansing ceremonies I am sure that we can render even the most evil vegetarian fit for consumption, heck we can even arrange for them to be  Halal or Kosher because humane killing is just not warranted when it comes to dealing with a true evil like vegetarianism …

We could even take inspiration from the live cattle trade and export live vegetarians to places of hunger and need like Pakistan where they could do something more than moan about climate change and the evils of western society they could literally feed the hungry. One vegetarian, properly prepared  could feed many starving villagers if we also throw in some of rice and a few spices .

I’m sure that Socky would approve

Cheers Comrades


  1. Craigy says:

    Fifth Sailor: Listen … chaps … there’s one last chance. I’m done for, I’ve got a gammy leg, I’m going fast, I’ll never get through … but … some of you might … so you’d better eat me.
    First Sailor: Eat you, sir?
    Fifth Sailor: Yes. Eat me.
    Second Sailor: Uuuuggghhh! With a gammy leg?
    Fifth Sailor: You don’t have to eat the leg, Thompson, there’s still plenty of good meat … look at that arm.
    Third Sailor: It’s not just the leg, sir.
    Fifth Sailor: What do you mean?
    Third Sailor: Well, sir … it’s just that …
    Fifth Sailor: Why don’t you want to eat me?
    Third Sailor: I’d rather eat Johnson, sir. (he points at fourth sailor)
    Second Sailor: Oh, so would I, sir.
    Fifth Sailor: I see.
    Fourth Sailor: Well, that’s settled then. Everyone eats me.
    First Sailor: Well … I … er …
    Third Sailor: What, sir?
    First Sailor: No, no, you go ahead, I won’t …
    Fourth Sailor: Nonsense, nonsense, sir, you’re starving. Tuck in!
    First Sailor: No, no, it’s not just that …
    Second Sailor: What’s the matter with Johnson, sir?
    First Sailor: Well, he’s not kosher.
    Third Sailor: That depends how we kill him, sir.
    First Sailor: Yes, yes, I see that … well to be quite frank, I like my meat a little more lean. I’d rather eat Hodges.
    Second Sailor: (cheerfully) Oh well … all right.
    Third Sailor: No, I’d still prefer Johnson.
    Fifth Sailor: I wish you’d all stop bickering and eat me.

    😆 😆

  2. Iain Hall says:

    But which of the Sailors are vegetarians Craigy?

  3. Craigy says:

    It’s probably Johnson, as he isn’t Kosher…..The Captain wouldn’t be a vego, he wants to be eaten to much…..reminds me of that cow at the ‘restaurant at the end of the universe’…

    Thank you Monty Python…..

    Undertaker: Where is she?
    Man: She’s in this sack.
    Undertaker: Can I have a look? She looks quite young.
    Man: Yes, yes, she was.

    Increasing protests from audience

    Undertaker: (calling) Fred!
    Fred’s voice: Yeah?
    Undertaker: I think we’ve got an eater.
    Man: What?

    Another undertaker pokes his head round the door

    Fred: Right, I’ll get the oven on. (goes off)
    Man: Er, excuse me, um, are you suggesting eating my mother?
    Undertaker: Er … Yeah. Not raw. Cooked.
    Man: What?
    Undertaker: Yes, roasted with a few french fries, broccoli, horseradish sauce …
    Man: Well, I do feel a bit peckish.
    Voice From Audience: Disgraceful! Boo! (etc.)
    Undertaker: Great!
    Man: Can we have some parsnips?
    Undertaker: (calling) Fred – get some parsnips.
    Man: I really don’t think I should.
    Undertaker: Look, tell you what, we’ll eat her, if you feel a bit guilty about it after, we can dig a grave and you can throw up in it.

    Mum must have been a Vego, or they would have done what was first suggested and just bury her, burn her, or dump her.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    I’m reminded of the very early Python sketch where John Cleese comes into someone’s house demanding their liver because the man had signed an organ donor’s card…

  5. Craigy says:

    Yes, they set the benchmark for all that has come since….Cheers.

  6. SockPuppet says:

    “I’m sure that Socky would approve”

    Approve of what Iain? Eating people? I am not a cannibal. BTW by the look of the Chandler Age article you have linked to those starving people in Pakistan don’t eat people either. They are eating dogs! :


  7. Iain Hall says:

    But don’t forget that the pythons owe a very big debt to the Goons
    Ying tong tiddle eye po 😉

  8. Iain Hall says:

    I would have thought that those who eat long pig are unlikely to be eating the shorter variety which should meet with your approval 😉

  9. SockPuppet says:

    I will let you into a secret Iain. My afartar is not really me. I am a human. I live in a caravan. @ BlueGums. I’m bloody worried about these predicted floods though – remember last time? I was washed away. Stuff Pakistan what about Patterson bloody Lakes?

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Oh Yeah there is that 🙄
    But I don’t think that the Indus river flows anywhere near Paterson lakes though Socky

  11. gigdiary says:

    Seeing as Sockpuppet brought up Afganistan, I read a wonderful letter today in the SMH…not about them eating dogs…. but about the asylum seekers breaking out of detention in our north.

    ‘Would someone tell these Afghan men that Australians are dying in Afghanistan for their cause, and ask why they aren’t back in their homeland fighting for freedom?’

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    GD, that’s like suggesting the Jews should have stayed in Europe and fought the Nazis.

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