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Register to vote as soon as you are entitled to do so

Each evening it becomes more and more clear that Socky may be right on the money with his prediction for an election on August 28. So with that in mind I read yet another piece talking about the number of people who are not yet enrolled to vote even though they are entitled to do so.

Queensland’s 390,000 lost voters have power to swing federal election

THE outcome of the imminent federal election could turn on 390,000 “missing” Queensland voters.

A record number of people in the state have so far failed to register to vote – the equivalent of four entire electorates – the highest in the nation.

Nationally, about 1.4 million Australians are estimated to be invisible to election officials.

The problem is most acute in Queensland because of strong interstate migration and a high number of young voters now eligible for their first election.

Call me simple if you want but I can’t see why we can’t make being on the electoral rolls something that happens automatically once an Aussie turns eighteen. In an  age when the government knows so much about all of our lives why can’t we take advantage of that and use either tax records, social security, or even driving licence applications as a jumping off point to get everyone on the rolls?

Personally I intend to make getting my children on the rolls part of the rites of passage for each of them when they turn eighteen and frankly I think it is something that every parent should do on the   day that their little lovelies become adults in the eyes of the law.

Democracy demands it Comrades


  1. Lin says:

    Hey Iain! You’re getting a bit authoritarian in your dotage aren’t you? Marching your 18-year-olds to the office to be registered to vote! Where’s the democracy in that?
    In any case I keep wondering about that 390k people. For various reasons I think that it is just some dumb public servant counting the addresses that they have for unregistered people and multiplying by 2.5 (adults per address) and then rounding the number up to the next 10,000 and calling that a reliable estimate that gets converted to a fixed number by the media.
    I have to ask, how many of those people are not Australian citizens yet (for whatever reason)? How many of those people are long-time adult non-conformists who have refused to register (for a great number of serious reasons as well as the layabout ones). And then there is the great number of empty residences that are probably counted too.
    If you consider that 12% of the population of the state is between 15 and 20 years you come up with a figure that the 18’s consist of about 96,000 people in a population of four million. How does that convert to 390k eighteen-year-olds not on the electoral roll? Even if you double my number it is only half of theirs!
    Ba Humbug! Don’t believe figures bandied about like this. Take account of the Aussie residents that are just not willing, or able, to register.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Not so authoritarian at all (more of an anarchist actually) but I do think that we a damn lucky to live in a country where we have a good democracy and I really think that rather than waiting until the first election after someone qualifies to register to vote runs the risk that it will be left to late’ Which is why I advocate that doing on someone’s eighteenth birthday.
    I take on board all that you say about the figures being rather rubbery to be honest I paid the numbers just about no attention in writing this piece.

  3. MK says:

    We should not be forced to vote.

    That said i need to tell those bureaucratic parasites at the nanny state that i’ve moved, i know they’ll be most upset that i didn’t tell them already, so i’m letting them stew on it.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Well you better take the issue of voluntary voting up with your precious rightards too, who also make voting compulsory.

  5. PKD says:

    I’m sure when MK’s dream of the far right in power comes true, that voting won’t be mandatory anymore…you can rest easy then MK!

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