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Stig vs Stag

Are other petrol heads as disappointed with the way that Channel Nine has stuffed up Top Gear since they gurzumped SBS  for the Aussie rights to the show? the ads are more intrusive and well, there are more of them than before. On top of that they keep insisting that the episodes that they are showing are “new” when they have all been shown before on SBS. Frankly I can’t stand to watch it much these days. Getting the DVD’s is a better option.

I do however enjoy a good piss take and you can’t go past these two ads making the show a template for some clever marketing.

Very funny Comrades


  1. PKD says:

    I never saw the shown 1st time round so I am quite enjoying them – though the ads are bloody annoying.

    As for the Stig, I am quite looking forward to racing the virtual Stig once GT5 is released with the Top Gear airfield track!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    But did the vids crack you up?
    I think that they have the Top gear guys to a tee 😆

  3. Top Gear says:

    cool and always funny…… ;)))

  4. PKD says:

    Yeah, the plutonium droppings was a good one, I’ll admit that!

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