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No virgins for Ahmed Luqman Talib


While I am considering the way that the Fairfax press writes its news stories I offer another example from Paul McGeoh where he reports about and Australian citizen who was among the “activists” on that ship stormed by the Israeli navy.

Screen shot of the piece from the Age Click for source.

The whole piece is focused upon the way that this “activist was treated by the IDF and not one word of it explains just how this young “devout Muslim ” was in harms way in the first place because I want to know if this chap was wielding an Iron bar, a piece of pipe or even a knife. Instead of any background of just how Ahmed Luqman Talib happened to be in harms way we get a piece that is intended to evoke sympathy for someone who is being portrayed as some sort of noble victim rather than a willing combatant who got shot.

I just wonder if Ahmed Luqman Talib had made a video before he set out on this voyage…

What else would you expect from the Fairfax press???
Cheers Comrades



  1. Rossini says:

    It’s obvious that the commando unit needs more target practice.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Rossini you would think that they could have at least knee-capped him rather than Just hitting him in the thy 🙄

  3. PKD says:

    If you’re that keen on becoming an Israeli govt mouthpiece Iain, perhaps you should convert to Judaism and go for citizenship?

    Or 2nd option, next time you’re on holiday there just give them your passport for an extra 5 minutes at the airport.
    That’d help them out next time they need to do an assassination on a faked passport…

  4. Iain Hall says:

    I have never in my life travelled in an air plane and I have zero desire to holiday overseas, in fact I don’t even have a passport
    But the fact is I have not taken up the topic of Israel and the Palestine that often at my blog.

  5. Rossini says:

    What the!!!! PKD r u the latest mouthpiece for the drop kicks of the world. No wonder drop kicks get a foot hold in our society…when supposedly inteligent people give them air space

  6. JM says:

    “in harms way”

    Now there’s a phrase to conjure with. Normally applied by the US to their servicemen and women who they have consciously and after deliberation dispatched to a war zone to further some national interest.

    Rather unusual to apply to unarmed civilians who voluntarily protest an outrageous act of war like the Gaza blockade wouldn’t you say?

    Perhaps Iain means that anyone who opposes Israel should expect to risk being shot out of hand?

    Oh wait, it appears you can’t even stay in a Dubai hotel these days without risking an Mossad assassination squad knocking on your door.

    Nice bunch of people you’re so keen on backing there in your unusual unquestioning fashion Iain. Personally I’d recommend a bit of quiet reflection and moderation of your views.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want to come across as an extremist.

  7. boy on a bike says:

    How do uni students with pregnant wives manage to pull together the cash for an overseas jaunt like this during uni time?

  8. Iain Hall says:

    His story does not make sense BOAB, firstly we have the footage showing that those who were killed and injured were the ones that resisted the boarding party and this chap insists that he was not part of that so just what was he doing when he was shot? and the question you raise is another biggie

  9. peripateticwayfarer says:

    @IAIN – you may have a point there mate but you’re covered up by the minor detail and oblivious to the greater picture. Even if what you said were true no knife or iron bar will be a match for live ammo! The fact remains that Gaza is under siege, the least we can do is to support those who are making an effort to bring them stuff which both you and I take for granted.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Firstly welcome to my blog.
    At close quarters and if someone is uncaring about their own survival then Iron bars and knives can be most effective and lethal against firearms.The “no match” you suggest is illusory.

    Secondly as long as Hamas is launching rockets into Israel from Gaza and as long as they refuse to admit the right II Israel to exist and call fro its destruction then the blockade is legitimate and should remain.
    In any case it seems that Egypt has decided to open its border with Gaza so the point is rather moot.

  11. peripateticwayfarer says:

    To care about ones survival when another people cannot even comprehend what survival means is a tad bit selfish. Try the match between the Hamas fired rockets and the missiles/phosphorous bombs and stink bombs that Israel has been using time and again on the Palestinians.
    By expecting Egypt to open up its borders and not doing so themselves, Israel is simply mirroring the politics which you alleged on Hamas. People are dying as we talk, it’s sad that petty politics has overshadowed our human inclinations of caring for another.

  12. Iain Hall says:


    To care about ones survival when another people cannot even comprehend what survival means is a tad bit selfish. Try the match between the Hamas fired rockets and the missiles/phosphorous bombs and stink bombs that Israel has been using time and again on the Palestinians.

    Sorry mate but its still gets down to the methodology of war employed by the various Palestinian groups over the years and as long as they chose to target civilians in Israel and abroad to further their agenda then they invalidate their own cause by doing so in my eyes. as fro the rockets from Gaza compared to Israel’s modern weapons the reality is simple. If you are a dog next to a Lion then don’t keep nipping at the lion’s heels or you will be smashed and severely injured and rightly so too.

    I am rather sure that Israel would much rather that Egypt kept its border closed to make the blockade more effective but lets be realistic here if supplies are coming in through Egypt then claims about the people being starved will be clearly nonsense. and there is no reason for Israel to allow those who would kill them into Israel nor to allow Palestinians from other places to transit through their country to go to Gaza either

  13. Priyath says:

    I think first of all somebody should dig up some Armenian graves and ask who shot them.

  14. Ismail Luqman says:

    @Ian, Hamas has not sent any rockets in since the Gaza massacre by the Israelis… & if the activists had guns with them they would have had every right to shoot the soldiers… they attacked by boats before even they attacked by their helis.. THEY WERE IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS, NOT EVEN THE BOUNDARIES SET BY THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT!!! this is a complete act of piracy…

  15. Iain Hall says:

    Ismail Luqman
    Firstly welcome to may blog
    I would gather from your name that you are in some way related to the Ahmed of this post’s title?

    Anyway I think that you have a completely ridiculous understanding of international law. An act of piracy can not in fact be committed by a state or its military. Nor do I think that you can on one hand denounce the use of arms by the IDF when you are trying to defend the violence of those aboard the ship in question.
    Those on the flotilla were spoiling for a fight and that was precisely what they got so I have no sympathy at all for them at all.
    If you truly want peace in the middle east then it is beholden upon you to denounce the violence directed against civilians by the Jihadists that is done in the name of the Palestinian people.

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