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On the SockPuppet page that Iain has created here (look up to the top under the mast and click on it or look on the first line and click on the link … the one that’s underlyned) there is a space for all the nice things people have said to and about me in and about my cuttingedge polioemic posts.

It is blank.

But thats only because I dunno how to get into it.

You see Iain has gone away to the beach and taken the keys so until hes back I will list here the TESTE-MOANIALS my followers have made over the past 6 or so months since Iain hired me and lured me away from The Age with the promise of big bucks.

Here are your TESTES:

Do not be tempted to scroll down straightaway (with the arrows) to the last and best one.

It is worth the wait:

I have indented the quotes below (moved them in from the margin):

This is them:


Please try harder.
Billy Bedlam AKA Iain XXXX

I just think you are being a bit of a wowzer Socky

Socky Go back to school

I’m not taking you seriously Socky, I’m treating your views with all the respect they deserve

what is the point of this vile crap?

dont know why i’m even bothering again but here goes

ure a wannabe … even a 3 yo could work out ure a lier. GET A LIFE!!!

Well Mr.Sock Puppet, have you tried ringing 3AW and crying into Neil Mitchell’ s ear?

Do you understand the phrase “hundreds of thousands” or are you innumerate?

is this just voyuerism on your behalf???

perhaps Socky could enlighten us and get away from the locker room

Normally I would agree with the sentiments in this post, buuuuuut

Is this post meant to be funny? If so, it didn’t work.
Joel Bryan

Speak for yourself.

Hah. This post is ironic, right?

if you want to be a sook and take it the wrong way, thats your call…

why talk about porn stars and big dicks?

I don’t know what you’re on about Sock

I will defend your right to your opinion

As you can see I am building an impressive aray of ackolades.

But my favorite and most treasured teste-monial comes from someone who knows about the internet, twitter and social mediaring the most and more than anyone else in Australia:

It is this one:

On the next line:


You’re hilarious, Socky, keep it up mate.

It makes it, um, you know, all worth while I suppose.



  1. PKD says:

    I guess I will refer you to my 1st quote you’ve listed up there SP! 😉

  2. SockPuppet says:

    Voyeurism? There is no sex in this post PKD (but wait for the next one!)

    BTW, I did not have anything to do with that masthead where Iain has made me look like a french poof.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    No Socky
    I have made you look like a sofisticasted Intulectual 🙂
    I have also added your Teste-moanials to your profile page!!!

  4. SockPuppet says:

    So you’ve made me look like a “Social Meeja Expert” Iain?

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Well I reckon that you are just as qualified as the Doctor on Social Meeja Its just that he is in love with it and you aren’t

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