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Nice to wake up to

The Australian Newspaper has done  another one of its polls and guess what Brother Number One and his government have lost the lead in two party preferred terms.

Which person in this picture is a clown? A most appropriate image on the day when Newspoll results show that the Australian people are less than happy with our dear Brother Number One (picture source the Australian)

Mr Rudd’s previous standing as being seen to be “decisive and strong” also fell significantly, and for the first time since the election Labor lost its lead over allcomers as the preferred party to handle climate change.

For the first time in Mr Rudd’s prime ministership, an opposition leader is seen clearly as being stronger and more decisive than Mr Rudd, and Tony Abbott is considered almost equal with the Prime Minister in his grasp of major policy issues.

After weeks of dramatic policy reversals and broken promises, culminating last week in Mr Rudd’s decision to put off his Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme until at least 2013, the government’s primary vote has plunged eight percentage points to just 35 per cent. The Coalition’s primary support has risen three points to 43 per cent.

Most of Labor’s lost vote appears to have gone to “others and independents” rather than to the Coalition or the Greens.

According to the latest Newspoll, taken last weekend exclusively for The Australian and polling almost 1200 voters, the extraordinary shifts in the primary vote mean the two-party-preferred support for Labor has dropped to 49 per cent while the Coalition’s has risen from 46 to 51 per cent. The ALP won the last election with a two-party-preferred vote of 52.7 to 47.3 per cent. A swath of seats would fall in an election with a swing of just 1 per cent either way, and the Coalition needs to win about seven seats to win the election.

That membership of the One Term Club is looking more and more like a sure thing, but of course you can never be certain of these things with  someone as dedicated to staying in office as our dear Brother Number One. He will try almost anything, as the recent announcements on tax show. That little bit of business was just more slight of hand intended to show his left wing supporters that he is still with the program of attacking the rich to give to the “poor”. He clearly hopes that the tax issue will join the health reforms as generators of a very large smoke screen to hide the fact that he has been doing some incredible political gymnastics of late.
In England the election is tomorrow and I very much look forward to seeing a change of government there after 13 years of Labour government but it seems to me that in this country being on the nose with the electorate has taken a great deal less time…
Cheers Comrades


  1. Leon Bertrand says:

    Rudd behind in the polls: the day I thought would never come (at least in his first term).

    It does seem that people are finally beginning to notice that while Rudd is very good at talking tough, promising to do stuff and spin, his government delivers very little. On issues such as health, ETS, tax reform, economic consevativism etc the PM has been all talk and very little action in comparison.

    Mind you., I still think that Rudd will in the election, as many swinging voters will be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and another chance, but will be more skeptical of Rudd’s promises and monitor his performance far more catiously.

    Even Whitlam got a second term….

  2. Leon Bertrand says:

    If anyone wants to see just how much Rudd has underperformed, they should read this article I typed up for OLO last year: http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=9516

  3. Iain Hall says:

    I remember the Whitlam years Leon and unlike Rudd he did not do things that alienated the core support of his true believers and he had far more charisma. Rudd seems to be banking on residual hatred for John Howard and Distrust of Tony Abbott but they are hurdles that that are getting lower each time Rudd tries to do a bait and switch.
    One term for Rudd is actually more likely than his reelection IMHO

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    One term for Rudd is actually more likely than his reelection IMHO

    Iain, your over-joyous statement may well come back to haunt you. The best thing about this opinion poll is that it gets your hopes up.

  5. gigdiary says:

    In the short term, are the Libs ready for government? Tony’s a good fella and all, but three years of him will give us Labor Lite back after one term. Now that Big Mal has shown his cards, the ones he was holding all the time, I think it’s best the Libs stay in the wilderness a bit longer. Purge themselves of the deadwood in their ranks. Let Rudd languish through another term; sure he’ll make some inroads, but given his performance so far, there’ll be enough stuff-ups to ensure the Libs an easy run at the target when Mal takes the helm.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Is any opposition ever really ready for government Gig Diary?
    I would think a that a better question is can they rise to the occasion?
    I tend to think that they can and I really think that Turnbull will never get another chance at sitting in the big chair and that although he is obviously a talented bloke his position on an ETS is not going to do him any favours.

  7. Husky Jim says:

    I heard the rumour (on the radio so hardly a secret rumour) that KRudd was at a party hosted by 3AW personality Niel Mitchell where he was so rude to some of the women attending, that the host had to admonish him and then appologise to the ladies.
    Mitchell has not acknowledged this occured, but he has been asked by a reporter from the HS about it and one imagines will continue to be asked till he confirms or denies.

    Mitchell has since been VERY critical of Rudd. The “I told Bush….” incident was witnessed by the editors of several papers and the media have recently changed their tac on Rudd. The worm is turning.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    The change in attitude to Rudd has been quite stunning hasn’t it Jim?
    He has gone from media darling to the dung heap and Its all his own work!
    which is why I think that the image in todays OZ that I have here is so apt
    Riddle which person in this photo is a clown?
    Hint he is the one without greasepaint 😆

  9. gigdiary says:

    Iain, Krudd Labor thought they were ready for government. After twenty three years, Whitlam thought he was ready. I’m suggesting that the Libs don’t blow their load too soon, if they don’t want a one-term incumbency.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    I see where you are coming from GD and I think Rudd is a perfect example a Pollie who has blown his load too soon and one who did not learn from the mistakes of the Whitlam government. Like Gough Rudd had some ideas that sounded good and grand and like Gough it has been the bad follow through that has done him the most harm.

    A long incumbency can make any government unpopular but it does at least build a pool of people who have some idea about how to run things. the other side of that coin is that oppositions end up being filled with those whose understanding of government that is entirely theoretical and that is the situation with the current government they have been horribly incompetent in just about every program that they have instigated as they ahev discovered the sad fact that theory does cut it.

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