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Compere the contrarse

This is the USA’s Dolly Parton, the big-titted singer and talent extrordinair.

If ya got it flaunt it but Dolly can back it up because she can sing.

And she ain’t exactly dumb.

Dolly is no one’s fool.


And this is Brynne Gordon, the big titted wife of the really old nutjob and ex- Sydney footy club owner, disgraced ‘Doctor’ Geoffrey Edelstein.

She’s a no-talent, air-headed, bimbo fool.

Dolly she ain’t.

And this is the best we can offer at our night of nights, the Logies, a poor imitation of Dolly Parton?

As a saving grace I am pleased to learn that big tits Brynne is also an American.

But WTF does this say about Aussie talent?

Oh, it says ‘Alfie’ (65-year old Ray Meagher from Home & Away) is our greatest TV acting talent !!??!!

Give ….. me …. a …. fucken …. break.


  1. JM says:

    Iain, the only thing linking these two women is big tits – and Dolly’s are fake as she freely admits.

    Compare and contrast:- Dolly Parton: songwriter and entertainer, very successful and skilled in both occupations. Brynne Gordon: completely different skillset (I’ve no idea what it is, but it ain’t singing and entertaining).

    Now that’s out of the way and since you don’t have open threads let me go completely off topic:- you use the Daily Mail as your source often, so I thought you’d be interested in this set of warning stickers for readers of that paper:

    “Contains faked moral outrage and made up hysteria”

    “Believing this paper will harm your child’s society”

    “Contains one-sided reporting and thinly veiled racism”

    “Believing this paper harms you and others around you”

    “Contains emotional editorial disguised as news articles”

    “Get help to stop racism, call 020 7346 6727”

    “Emotive language used to create false outrage”

    “Misrepresents statistics to further racist agenda”

    “Contains racist stereotypes to make you angry”

    “Contains emotive language to make you angry”

    Perhaps you could attach one of these images to every post you base on a Daily Mail story?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    This post was written by Socky so its clear that by addressing your criticism of this piece to the wrong author and that you have missed the point of its satire.
    As for you “open thread” suggestion its utter bollocks, In the first instance I only occasionally uses Daily Mail pieces as a source and secondly I disagree with all of the labels that you propose.
    I do however notice that you have avoided any comment on “Hide the decline” in either of the posts that feature it, Hmm I wonder if that could be because you have no good answer….

  3. SockPuppet says:

    It’s about compering the contrarse between our no talented types at our no talent Logies for no talent tv actors versus real talent that they try to imitate. Gordon was trying to look like Parton but shes failed but that didn’t stop her being all over the cover of the papers.

    As for what she does I think she gives Edelstein head.

  4. SockPuppet says:

    But if youse want to make this an open thread I dont mind. You can talk about tits or twits like that Christine Devney who wants 11 y.o. girls to have sex and got herself sacked saying so on her twitter at the lougies. I bet Devney wisheas she had tits like Brynnes.

  5. SockPuppet says:

    Breaking news:

    Iain’s hero Jessica Watson is a cheat and won’t get the record.

  6. Billy Bedlam AKA Iain Lygo says:

    Why is she a cheat? Did she sail round the world with an outboard engine?

  7. SockPuppet says:

    No she didn’t “sail around the world” only the bottom half. Someone forgot to tell her the world’s thicker in the middle.

  8. Billy Bedlam AKA Iain Lygo says:

    Oh yeah I was wondering about that, I think she crossed the equator line early on then pissed off down the bottom where it is skinnier which would have took thousands of kms off her trip. But shes a typical woman so maybe she mis-read the map…

  9. JM says:

    No Iain, I didn’t bother with your “hide the decline” posts because the whole thing is puerile.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    Please check the email address that you are citing or your comments won’t get through (you keep forgetting the “1”

    Your excuse for ignoring my “hide the decline” posts is pathetic, especially in the light of your previous defence of Mann’s hockystick graph. I seem to recall you ranting on about howI don’t understand math or that I can’t read a graph.
    The fact that I was previously unaware of was that the tree ring data showed a decline whereas the instrumental data that Mann superimposed shows an increase …
    As some one else said “please explain

  11. JM says:

    Iain “please explain“

    So you think thermometers stopped working around 1960? Really? And that we should rely on tree-ring proxies altogether as a substitute? I thought you didn’t like proxies?

    This whole thing with the “hockey stick” is based on the observation that tree-ring proxies track thermometers very well up until 1960 and then depart. Tree-rings show a decline, thermometers show an increase. No-one knows why as the issues are complex.

    But the guts of it is simple:- tree-rings or mercury after 1960.

    Which is it Iain?

  12. JM says:

    Sock puppet the contrarse between our no talented types at our no talent Logies for no talent tv actors versus real talent that they try to imitate.

    My point is

    a.) Parton is talented regardless of her tits

    b.) Gordon doesn’t even claim to be talented

    You’re making a false comparison.

  13. SockPuppet says:


    a) I know.
    b) I know.

    I am using Gordon as the symbolic example of our no talent actors even though shes not one. In the US she would not be all over the papers would she? She woodnt even get an invertaytion.

  14. SockPuppet says:

    Shes the Paris Hilton of the lowgees.

    With bigger tits.

  15. JM says:

    Socky, you can’t be serious:

    In the US she would not be all over the papers would she? She woodnt even get an invertaytion.

    Paris Hilton?

  16. SockPuppet says:

    No I meant Brynne Gordon or the equivalent. I just used Paris as another symbol. A sex symbol I guess. You just dont get my Christine Deverney “EDGY” humur do ya? I’m a polemicist! Whatever that means.

  17. JM says:


    You mistook my reference (and I hadn’t seen your comment made one minute before mine when I mentioned Paris Hilton)

    You claim no-one would pay any attention to the likes of Gordon in the self-evidently gloryfied US of A, yet Paris Hilton is a counter example. A no talent socialite with a “capital complex”, lots more where she came from. From Ms Gordon we can expect less.

    True, or not true?

  18. SockPuppet says:

    JiM the Brynne Gordon equiverlant in the US would not be the main attraction at the Oscars or the Emilys and neither is Paris Hilton. It would be the actors. We do not have equiverlent actors unless you think Alfie is right up there.

  19. JM says:

    Since when was Gordon the “main attraction”? To make it concrete, show me some pre-Logies publicity that has Gordon as the primary reason (or even a secondary reason) for tuning in.

    Other than that your point seems to be somewhat dim- the Hollywood industry is larger, better funded and better serviced by PR flacks than the Australian film and TV industry, so what?

  20. SockPuppet says:

    I like the way you take me so seriously JiM. It makes me feel like Deveny, cutting edge, out there. Ta. Your quotes will go into the teste-moanials with your other ones.

  21. JM says:

    I’m not taking you seriously Socky, I’m treating your views with all the respect they deserve.

  22. SockPuppet says:

    My views are not about getting respect JiM. I’m edgy, out there, a poledancer, like Devney. We krazy kids dont care what the plebs think.

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