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Meet Iain’s niece Laura Hall, Britain’s party girl extrordinair


I do not know if 20-year old Laura Hall, the first first person ever to be banned from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England and Wales, is related to Iain or not but someone needs to speak up in defence of this fun-seeking party girl who should be a hero not a villiain.

I will make my points in pictures:

Point 1:

What is wrong with this?

Yes shes drinking straight from the bottle but so do blokes.

And her steely gaze proves shes not the slightest bit drunk.

No case to answer here. 


Point 2:

I am not sure what that orange & brown stuff on her naked upper torso is but I am sure it was carefully applied and is NOT vomit.

Laura is a careful, considerate party girl and even goes to the trouble of bringing her own glass.

Note the eyes – she is not drunk here either.


Point 3:

Okay, Laura looks a bit tipsy here and like she’s gone into I-wanna-root animal mode.

But she is just exotic dancing and no, she is not about to pee in her glass. 

Laura is now banned from entering any pub, club, bottle shop or bar for the next two years and also banned from buying alcohol at any other establishment or shop, carrying it in an unsealed container or drinking it in a public place.

But that is only in the UK.

Laura is welcome to my home town any day.

She can stay in the caravan.

With me.



  1. Iain Hall says:

    Well I am happy to say that Laura is no relation Socky but will suggest that party girls of her ilk do not age that well and if you are going to make your move that you do it sooner rather than later because you could end up waking up next to this and that may encourage you to book yourself in to the bacon factory to just to escape a fate worse than death …

  2. PKD says:

    Laura is welcome to my home town any day.
    She can stay in the caravan.

    Well she certainly sounds like trailer trash!!!

  3. SockPuppet says:

    I know it’s a big step up in class to invite Laura into ‘THE VAN’ pkd.

    But I think shes worth a second chance.

  4. MK says:

    “Her ban comes as a study found that female binge-drinking had almost doubled in the past decade in the UK.”

    So to curb the problem of binge-drinking, the nanny state has to step in and start banning people. I can see women’s rights groups are going to have a field day with this one and why not, seems like discrimination to me. Not to mention human rights groups, she can’t even walk into a pub for one beer or just food.

    i wonder who is going to police this ban and ensure that she doesn’t enter any of the banned establishments. nanny state madness i tell you.

    It’s really amusing to watch the nanny-staters and the nanny-state screw themselves in such ways.

  5. Billy Bedlam AKA Iain Lygo says:

    I’m no fan of the nanny state but if someone can’t have a social drink without getting legless, starting fights, getting their kit off or causing general mayhem, then by all means they should be banned from pubs. WA has similar laws and I think the first person banned over there was a woman too. Anyway this Laura chick can stay at home and get her mates to bring her booze, it’s hardly stopping her from drinking, just keeping her out of other people’s way.

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