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The Black saturday royal Commision is over

It must be – the fat lady has ‘sung’

If you click on this photo you can make ms Nixon even larger, but not real life size.

The airwaves and broad tabloid sheets are full of scaving critercisms of fat Christine Nixon the person supposedly in charge of the black satyrday bushfires emergency crisis leaving the crisis centre at 6 o’clock to “have a meal with 2 friends at a North Melbourne bistro” knowing full well that people were dying and that fires were bearing down on more towns without checking to see if anyone had been warned.

But I am not going to join in that chorus of condemnation of the big lady with the big job and the big fat pay cheque of $380,000 per year. No, I will defend her.

It is a little known fact that Nixon is a raging diabetic (as if it isn’t half obvious from the photos of her girth) and she cannot go more than 3 hours without a Hungry Jacks whopper to pump up her sugar and fat levels. Yes she “had to eat” and that is why she was also late in getting to the crisis centre 3 hours after she knew the state was burning.

Lay off the fat lady. Let her eat.

(PS: The royal commissin is not really sponsored by Hungry Jacks. I clevely photoshopped the logo into the picture)


  1. bingbing says:

    Pizza Hut delivers.

  2. SockPuppet says:

    Not enough sugar.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    or Booze 😉

  4. Len says:

    What difference does it make where she is/was ?
    The state was still going to burn, whether she was at the crisis centre or not. The local CFA’s and metro firies were the ones, out putting their lives on the line, trying to put the buggers out. Bet all the tea in China, they didn’t give a fat rats whether their illustrious leader, was in a far away office, or in fact feeding her face somewhere ?

    As far as I know, whether or not the ‘warnings’ are broadcast is a local CFA decision ?

  5. SockPuppet says:

    Yeh Len, what is the point of having chiefs in control centres in charge of fires? Too many chiefs and not enough Indians makes for a bad currie eh? Your right, we did not need her to send police into towns to warm anyone. Just leave it to the local CFA boys to get the warmings on the radio and if the stupid buggers what built in the bush don’t hear it – or if its too late – then bad luck.

    (I think she had a flame-grilled burger meal BTW)

  6. Len says:

    True enuff Socky.
    The warnings are put out, by state CFA etc, but if it all hits the fan, everyone takes a trip to the local CFA depot, to get further more up to date info. Do it here. The local UHF CB goes day and night, and if anything develops, it always comes over that first. Unfortunately, we do not prepare our hide aways well enough, then frantically panic, when the fires get too close, and they then burn to the ground ?

    You get doped up greenies, picketing your place, when you do try to cut back the bush, from around the house. So it goes on. Don’t get them here anymore, they were shown how the cattle grate works, at the front gate, the last time they tried ?

    The control centres are handy though. In the thick of it, especially in large fires, efforts have to be coordinated. The few times I have been on the back of a ‘truck’, it’s quick to get caught up in it all. You put one fire out, then see another start, and lose track of what is happening in the bigger picture. The centres allocate all the resources to the largest and most dangerous situations. Don’t you agree that has to be the way to go ? Otherwise, you have trucks all over the place, instead of circling the wagons ?

  7. SockPuppet says:

    My head is spinning.

  8. Len says:

    From what Socky ?
    Can’t be from my brand of logic, can it ?

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