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Marathon man

I have to say that I have the greatest admiration for anyone who can physically do what Tony Abbott did yesterday:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott starts the cycling leg of the Ironman Australia competition in Port Macquarie. Picture: Nathan Edwards Source: The Daily Telegraph

Experts say Mr Abbott is likely to wake feeling mentally strong today after the gruelling effort of yesterday’s Port Macquarie Ironman.

The 52-year-old Opposition Leader crossed the finish line of the 226km Port Macquarie Ironman race in 13 hours 57 minutes and 1 second. His split times were: swim 1:27:21, bike 6:43:06; and run 5:28:02.

I bet that the minions of the Labor Party are wondering just how they can counter the positive message that Tony’s performance gives to the sports mad voters who respect the ability to run, swim or to throw things more than any of that namby pamby intellectual stuff….

Respect Comrades,
much respect.


  1. Pkd says:

    Sure, because people kept voting Howard in cause he jogged every day.
    Never mind Tampa, the Iraq war or high interest rates – the man can JaoG.
    Quick vote him in!

  2. Pkd says:

    Jog that should read – stupid iPhone keyboard…

  3. MK says:

    The left will always find something to smear him with Iain, i read an article in the SMH that did just that last night.

  4. As far as the SMH is concerned, if Keneally cycles, it is a good thing. If Abbott cycles, it is a bad thing. If a leftist politician spends weeks and weeks promoting a charity like Earth Hour, it is a good thing. If Abbott spends the same amount of time at a charitable event, it is a bad thing.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    I am hopeless on any two wheeler without an engine BOAB! But I have a great deal of respect for someone who is as committed to staying fit as Tony is. What looked really ludicrous was the image of a tubby Wayne Swan sitting on a surfboard that I saw on the box the other night….

  6. Vernon says:

    Hmmm… I know a died-in-the-wool latte sipper (as you would refer to him) who regularly does triathlons and motocross. Would you consider him worthy of respect also?

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to my Blog Vernon,
    Just because i constantly take the piss out of the Latte sippers does not mean that I hate or disrespect them at a personal level, but I do think that many leftist political positions are just plain wrong.
    I have a strong sense of fair play and a belief that blogging is an online sport so I may play hard but I don’t need or desire to hate those I play with.

  8. Vernon says:

    Fair enough, Iain.

    I missed seeing Wayne Swan on the surfboard. I’m really struggling to picture that one. 😀

  9. Iain Hall says:

    I really recommend that you don’t try too hard Vernon it was horror movie stuff 😉

  10. Len says:

    Consider this guys ?
    Think back,…….
    Buckets in bike shorts ?
    Hooley dooley, now there would be a look ?

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s Abbott’s prospects at the election later this year that are the real ‘Horror Movie’, Iain. He’ll get a pasting. Something about not having any policies (except those in his book, you know, the ones he hasn’t got party approval for!)

  12. Iain Hall says:

    How good are you at tipping the footy Ray?
    How many times have you been right out of the lat ten seasons?
    There is what we say to others hoping it to be true in the lead up to an election and there is what we really expect to happen.
    Now I really expect that it will be a very tight race this time round and my team may even get over the line. Now I may be wrong But I know one thing for sure Rudd is no shoe in at the next poll and anyone who claims that he is is talking about what they wish for and not what they honestly think will happen.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    Tipping election results is a lot easier than tipping the footy. To start with there are only 2 players/teams, not 22 players and 16 teams. It’s a two-horse-race and I’ll go with the form guide thanks. Abbott is about a 10 to one shot in my opinion.

  14. Iain Hall says:

    Well I would say that it is not a simple as that at all Ray . With a general election there are just so may more variables and we don’t even know who has the ball or where the goal posts will be.

  15. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd has the ball and he’s not about to drop it. And the goal posts are are clearly marked.

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