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The story of an O, or Belinda Neal. will she be missed?

The next time Belinda Neal asks a waitress “do you know who I am?” the waitress can have a very good laugh indeed.

Will she be missed?

CONTROVERSAL Labor MP Belinda Neal has lost a pre-selection vote to contest her seat of Robertson on the NSW Central Coast at the next federal election.

University lecturer and local resident Debora O’Neill thumped the incumbent by an unofficial vote of 98 to 67.

With any political office comes a necessity for personal humility and it is no surprise that this most arrogant and objectionable woman has been given the arse from preselection in the seat of Robertson. I do find it mildly amusing that here replacement is an “O’Neill”, nice to see that the hot bed of nepotism that is the ALP is sort of keeping it in the family.
Cheers Comrades


  1. The ALP preselectors made the right choice. Robertson is a very marginal seat, so even a 1-2% swing against the incumbent would more than likely have cost Labor the seat.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Oh I agree Leon I just find it funny that they have replaces a Neal with an O*Neill

    *literally means “out of “

  3. I saw her on Australian story about a year ago, and branch members were describing how she conducts herself in branch meetings and the ALP generally. The way she deals with people seemed to be rather rude, belligerent and domineering, which means that many branch members would probably have also voted against her out of personal dislike.

    I wonder if she has learned her lesson. I doubt it though.

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