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No sex please, we’re NSW police


“Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?” 

Would you say no?

This poor girl just wanted a root, so she joined the police force where she thought she might find some real men who would give her one or two (hundred).

What is wrong with that? What is wrong with NSW coppers, are they all gay?

This story speaks for itself  and I am almost speechless that this girl was knocked back again & again. Then they sacked her!

She should try Melbourne where there are lots of desperate men who would not say no to a head job in a dunny. 

A POLICE officer who was sacked after begging colleagues for sex has lost her unfair dismissal claim.

Within days of being posted Jessica Parfrey propositioned her supervisor to have an affair because “everyone knows you’re supposed to fall in love with your buddy”.

A month later, after he turned her down, she told him: “Can’t we just f***? I am a 19-year-old girl, what is wrong with you?”

The Industrial Relations Commission in Sydney heard that Ms Parfrey also offered an officer oral sex in a pub toilet and carpark and later propositioned another, saying: “I know you want me.”

Both men refused.

She tried to call another colleague 12 times, left six text messages and then offered to help him study for his police exams by stripping off an item of clothing for every question he got correct. He refused.

Ms Parfrey was sacked from the police in September 2007, five months into her probation.

Nothing more to say.



  1. SockPuppet says:

    Do not all rush in at once with your comments on this ground-breaking peace. Take your time, I understand you would be as gobsmakked as I am that this girl could not get a root in the NSW police force.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well Socky she doesn’t appeal to me personally But you would think that if she was that desperate for a leg over that she should not have too much trouble. However i think that the right decision has been made here after all if a bloke had behaved in a similar manner he would have been quite rightly dismissed.
    The point surely has to be that no matter what your sexual proclivities are that you should not shit where you eat. It is however a sad reflection of our “sex as a contact sport” modern society that a young woman should display such a total lack of restraint or professional behavior.

  3. bingbing says:

    Agreed, Iain. Had she been a bloke…

    Equal opportunity, gender equality, whatever you want to call it, cuts both ways.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    precisely Mr B

  5. SockPuppet says:

    While you 2 are having fun saying “if it’s good enough for the goose …” stop and think about this one: Any guy who complains about being propositioned is ………. (fill in the blanks).

  6. Iain Hall says:

    are you saying that most blokes would welcome a co worker putting the hard word on them?

  7. hc says:

    Come on Iain – give the girl a break. She was 19.

  8. SockPuppet says:

    I’m saying some real men would say yes and some real men would say no. But no real man would complain to management and get her sacked.

  9. Iain Hall says:


    give the girl a break. She was 19.

    I just don’t believe that once someone has exceeded the age of majority that we should continue to make excuses for their bad behavior because of their age,

    I actually get where you are coming from but if we expect women to be treated equally under teh laws about sexual harassment then we have to be prepared to hold them to account when the behave in a manner that would get a man the sack. But what i can see from the girls story the problem with this girl was that she was to stupid to take “no” for an answer on many occasions. If any of these litany of complaints about here behavior had been a one off then I would say fine let it through to the keeper but she just kept being a pest about it and it is the persistence that justoifies “dobbing” her in and her subsequent behavior IMHO.

  10. SockPuppet says:

    I dunno if its equal Iain. Women are usually smaller than men and more vulnerable so is where is the threat to a real man? These coppers must not have been real men if they felt threatened by this little girl. Yeah she was a “pest” but was she intimadating them? Did they feel at risk? Or were the coppers midgets? So many questions so few answers.

  11. Iain Hall says:

    The threat is all about disturbing the chain of command, the possibility of blackmail, gaining unfair advantage in the way that rosters or promotions are decided. sexual activity in the workplace is rightfully disapproved off.

    But when it comes down to it there are many men who are otherwise really tough and macho who are very much intimidated by sexually assertive women or by women who try don’t follow the usual seduction script that they are used to.

  12. SockPuppet says:

    I can see that the coppers might have been worryed about getting caught up in a net if they rooted her (or took the head-job-in-a-dunny offer) but they said no so why dob her in? If she worked for a rugby team (with real men) the players would have said yes and she’d be gang-banged. They would not have sacked her Iain.

  13. Iain Hall says:

    As many of the coppers are ex rugby players I’m sure that they would have rooted her if they could have been sure that she could be a bit more discreet about it. It seems to me that she was totally indifferent to discretion and that no one wants to root any sheila who would kiss and tell, especially if such a root would mean that they are betraying thier significant other.
    This young woman would just bee seen as being too risky and too stupid to keep her knickers on

  14. Myrddin Seren says:

    Bunny Boiler –

    Obviously her male co-workers had read about the potential legal ramifications of ‘screwing the crew’ ( hem, hem ), and the older ones have probably squirmed through ‘Fatal Attraction’ at least once so as to recognise the risk of an obsessive.

    They probably are asking how the heck she made it through the pysch exams to get in in the first place, and likely the security risks if she transferred these obsessions to criminal elements she is bound to encounter.

    Actually pretty sad and she needs help before re-entering the workforce in any capacity. I feel her parents’ pain.

  15. hc says:

    Didn’t you do totally dumb-assed things when you were 19 Iain? She wanted a root or a bit of company – so what?

  16. SockPuppet says:

    When I was 19 I “wanted a root or a bit of company” too. I still do. Does anyone know Jessica’s phone number?

  17. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Harry
    I may have done the odd stupid thing when I was 19, but I was not doing the same stupid thing over and over again. What I am saying is that it is reasonable for us , as individuals and as a society to forgive stupidity and inappropriate behavior once ore even twice but if that behavior is relentless as ths young woman’s actions appear to have been how much forgiveness should we give?
    Her obsession with getting some leg over action was actually compromising her ability to perform her job and distracting the her fellow coppers from their primary task of keeping the peace and catching crooks.

    You could try directory assistance for her number and if she does contact this humble blog I will pass her details onto you straight away , after all with your flash new digs, what sex crazed ex copper could resist the chance to get a bit of pork sausage* inside them?
    * I am of course referring to your excellent barbecuing prowess 😉

  18. SockPuppet says:

    I think the queue would be pretty long by now Iain. She might have lost her job but there would be no shortage of takers for the head-job-in-a-dunny next time she goes to the pub.

  19. Iain Hall says:

    true enough Socky, there aren’t many blokes who don’t enjoy getting it polished…

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